Error E25 in the dishwasher Bosch (Bosch) - causes, repairs

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Was the Bosch dishwasher showing the E25 error on the display? This indicates that the system is clogged. How to find and fix the breakdown with your own hands, learn below.

Most often, when a malfunction occurs, the dishwasher outputs an error code. The control board monitors the operation of the units, therefore, as soon as one of them fails, the display shows the fault icons.

Content of the material:

  • 1The meaning and causes of the error
  • 2How to restore the work of PMM Bosch

The meaning and causes of the error

Code E 25 informs the user that there is a clog in the dishwasher system. Verbatim transcript sounds like this: problems with the drain pump or blockage of the drain pipe.

For each dishwasher, an instruction is attached where the exact value of all faults of this model is indicated.

The problem with the pump can be connected with the impeller locking, which is caused by foreign objects that get into the drain during washing:

  • bones;
  • peel from fruits, vegetables;
  • pieces of napkins;
  • toothpicks;
  • shards of dishes.
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Even if you carefully clean the plates of food residues, fatty filter clogging may occur. When the dishwasher is not cleaned properly, the grease from the appliances accumulates in the drain system. As a result, it clogs the drainage filter, hoses, nipples.

How to fix the problem yourself? We need to clean the car.

How to restore the work of PMM Bosch

Before you start repair, eliminate the system failure. In this case, the technique mistakenly displays an error on the screen. To reset the icons, proceed as follows:

  • unplug the PMM from the network;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • please try restarting.

If the code lights up again, then it's a malfunction. What do we have to do? First of all, turn off the machine from communications, shut off the water supply. Then:

  • Disconnect the drain hose from the PMM housing and lower it into the tank to drain the remaining water from the hopper.
  • Excess foam in the chamber remove sponge.
  • Pull out the bottom basket for the dishes.
  • Having access to the drain filter, unscrew it, as well as the metal mesh that is located behind it.

  • Clean the filter under pressure from the tap. The mesh can be cleaned with an old toothbrush using a cleansing gel.
  • Just behind the filter is a drain pump.
  • Unscrew the fixing screws, pull the flap to the side and up.
  • After removing the pump cover, check the impeller.

  • To do this, wear gloves and remove foreign objects.

If the situation can not be corrected, then it is necessary to clean the drain hose and the branch pipe, which are attached to the circulation pump.

  • Take out all the baskets from the bunker.
  • Remove five screws from the pallet. They attach the pump assembly.
  • Turn the PMM on the back.
  • Remove the bottom cover by unscrewing the bolts around the perimeter.
  • In front of you is a circulation unit.
  • Disconnect the hose end from the assembly. Rinse it with water, you can use a small brush to clean it.

  • Do the same with the nozzle. It can be additionally fastened with clamps. If they are plastic, they will have to cut them off and install new ones. If metal, then it is sufficient to loosen the fasteners.

To avoid such problems with clogging, read our publication"How to clean the dishwasher". Experts recommend:

  1. It is good to clean the dishes of the leftovers before laying them in the chamber.
  2. After each washing cycle, clean the drain filter.
  3. Once every six months, clean the dishwasher thoroughly, both physically and chemically. At the same time, all parts and bunkers are cleaned manually, and then idling is started using special cleaning means. So the car gets rid of blockages, scum.

As soon as you notice an error on the display - do not delay, start inspecting the equipment. If you can not detect a failure yourself, contact the service center. For more information about troubleshooting, see the video:

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