Extractor fan in the bathroom

Combined units for these days are not uncommon, and is found in separate locations. Over a toilet and a washstand located vent. It was possible to hear the opinion that the extractor in the bathroom works largely due to the temperature props. Unpleasant smell in the bathroom from the toilet does not reach (in the bathroom because of the warmer coil). In many homes, hot tube, except the notorious coil, are within reach of the toilet, there is no thermal backup. Consider how to connect the hood to the bathroom.

Principles of operation of ventilation in the winter

Due to the difference of air pressure will not go up. See:

  • Ventshahty worth of concrete pipe.
  • It goes through the roof branching system disposed in the attic.
  • pressure difference is available, but the weight is compensated inside the air tube.

This happens in the atmosphere. In winter, room temperature bath is higher in comparison with the street, the air is less dense. As a result of the heavy weight of the window trying to get into the house through cracks in windows and doors. As the air bubble on the ocean floor - trying to link up the surrounding water, begins to understand the air upward.

Extractor fan in the bathroom

From street crushes flow frantically looking output. Turbulences whirlwind rushes through the rooms, there is a kitchen and a bathroom, where the only exits are located. The pressure difference balances the mass of gas inside the warm air exits at ventkanal. Creates an imbalance, it forms the movement, through which runs ventilation. Warm air, who visited the room hotter than what would have been there, whether in the cold pipe. Therefore, the effect is amplified. Pole begins to rise upwards.

On the roof of the wind, due to the Bernoulli effect created additional pressure difference. Hoods on the roof vents are equipped with:

  1. In the case of tubes is tin metal cylinders, supplemented conical peaks. The design enhances the vacuum produced by the Bernoulli effect. Even at a wind velocity of 1 meter per second thrust turns acceptable.
  2. On stone roofs are more complex design. Meaning - get as much wind speed above the outlet orifice channel. This forms a vacuum, the thrust is greatly enhanced now due to the Bernoulli effect.

The difference in temperature in winter and on the roof of the wind - two powerful factors that forced cold working extractor in the bathroom.

Bathroom extractor fan

Principles of operation of ventilation in summer

In the summer heat on the roof, the heat in the earth, the coolness in the bathroom. How to create a craving? The wind died down, the calm, the air outside the window in the apartment does not want to enter. The pressure difference is balanced air mass in the air ducts. Temperature in the shade below the street, a reverse thrust is generated.

Note. In domestic buildings ventilation by the natural impulses. During the summer, for this slightly open windows or doors by at least 5-7 cm.

Brilliant designers do so. Represent apartment where separate bathroom, and the kitchen is adjacent to the bathroom. Ventilation openings of both buildings on a single level. Mines kitchen and lavatory separated by a thin concrete wall. Hot water is concentrated in a small area of ​​the lavatory. There are the main riser and coil loop extends to the bathroom. hot water taps and dive into the kitchen to the sink.

So, in a small square restroom heat. Here the summer, the rest of the winter apartment. The air rushes through the door to the bathroom and dressing room (connected to the ceiling ventilation slots in the wall). Ventshahta one end adjacent to "fly" the temperature rises. In the dressing room is created an excess pressure that goes through the only possible way - vent. Ventkanal heated longer, so now the thrust is generated by going outside of hot air.

Now, through a thin partition heated kitchen ventkanal, craving appears in the tract. This means that the order in the dining room. Double ventkanal works even in the heat. In cities summer disable hot water, killing a weak traction.

It turns out that a robust ventilation design with a natural impulse is not necessary, the mechanism will not make the fans run to the bathroom. The neighbors will reverse thrust, the stench will rush to them.

Hoods in the bathroom to put in such conditions it is useless. It is necessary to mount the entrance channel fan on the top floor to get the whole mechanism to work. Require qualified engineering study or just a couple of qualified professionals. It is enough to find a place where the riser is put together and install equipment there. At current prices, the value of the channel fan, divided between two floors, looks funny. Much more work will be released if there are no friends in the immediate organization. When installing the hood in the bathroom, check with neighbors on the floors of this riser is working good traction.

If the ventilation is working properly

Suppose a new house, ventilation works well. Buy hood to the bathroom, if the humidity is to play tricks. Performance is selected larger, but not too expensive. Consider the noise factor - it can severely irritate. Sometimes there is a need to start the night, and the constant noise of pressure on the ears and tired nervous system. In manufacturing it is considered harmful factor and pay extra money.

Bathroom Ventilation

Device power from the perspective of the role of the company accounts is not playing. Typical value - 10 W, it is 8 times less than a typical incandescent light bulb in the chandelier and more economical devices daylight. From the viewpoint of stable operation of power is important. Select the maximum for reasonable money, and that the equipment is not buzzing.

Inside the hood Bath induction motor it can be controlled in different ways, but usually changing the amplitude of the voltage. Other devices are expensive. Method bad fall efficiency and unprofitable modes of engine operation, but a single controller can be bought for 250 rubles or solder yourself under the scheme, with the Internet (NF246). The apparatus divides a portion of the power lost. Within a couple of Triac and a few passive radioelements.

How to put the hood in the bathroom

According to the accepted norms in the bathroom prohibited sockets 220 V. The fan is powered externally docked pair cables. The mounting elements are included, the switch may be absent, about the control mentioned above. The meaning of reducing speed - constant reverse thrust is needed to compensate for light overpressure. He will create a lower fan speed.

exhaust ventilation

It is necessary to reduce the supply voltage. Control method is suitable for all types of induction motors, regardless whether or phase squirrel-cage rotor. Useful non-return valve, air-permeable in one direction. The air from the neighbors will not be able to get to the bathroom. At the opening of the locking spring is wasted energy, but the effect is positive. You can buy the hood to the bathroom with built-in check valve. Do not have to invent anything, you need is already inside.

In a private house

Corrugated hose for drawing useful in the kitchen. Ventkanal for bathrooms kept separate. Extractor hood for the cellar is equipped with a visor on top of a conical shape and the deflector. It is available for the assembly of ventilation path. Yield drawing insulated tube with cap crowns roof. Looks beautiful, decorated by tiles and comes in the same style, but it is expensive:

  • For stylish cottage can spend - an image worth more than money. For ordinary homes easier to do it yourself. Deflector device is not hard to find on the network, the man visor DIY.

The interesting node is the passage member. Detail allow exit tube vertically at any angle of inclination of the ramp tight covering and protecting the loft of precipitation.

extract the principle of action for the bathroom

In a separate bathroom for the bathroom exhaust installed on the vent in the bathroom, but the meaning it changes little. The main purpose - to get rid of water vapor in humid climates provoke the growth of mold. And just to breathe moist air becomes heavy. Natural ventilation is absent or unable to cope with the responsibilities. In the first case we have in mind common to the upper floors of a phenomenon called reverse thrust. Air from the bathroom is not deleted, and vice versa - is pumped inside, from neighbors and from the street. If the latter option is not bad, the second most people are not happy.

Despite its apparent simplicity, there are a couple of facts that will discuss before installation. Backdraft occurs in half of the entrance or more. We have discussed the consequences of disabling the hot water in the summer, when the extended reverse thrust. Let's see how it turns out that there is a reverse thrust, which should not be in principle.

Cold air, heavy and dry, trying to get inside the apartment, there is a lower density of the gas. Nature strives for balance. Heavy air tends to take the place of light. Formed drafts in windows and doors. It is a good idea for the bathroom. In Russia, until recently created a ventilation system with a natural impulse, working without hoods. Construction and now has frequent circulation. Drafts begin to displace the warm air, and he choked on all sides, climbs the air ducts above.

Extractor fan for the bathroom

Additional role the wind on the roof. He howls in the air ducts (or a chimney, a similar sense!). Bernoulli effect: in place of fast motion of the medium discharge occurs. Wind blowing across the roof in any direction across the exit ventkanala. As a result, negative pressure is formed at the top. In the normal state at the ground pressure is higher than the roof, but the flow in ventkanal not. Said potential is balanced air mass situated in the pipe. It should create an imbalance in the wind, as the thrust appears.

To further enhance the effect of Bernoulli deflectors installed on the output air ducts. These cylinders are made of tin seen on roofs. There are stone deflectors with narrow horizontal channels, aimed to create a fast-moving stream, perpendicular to the exit ventilation. Due to construction the weakest breeze can cause a reinforcement rods.

Exhaust fan

It turns out the two pillars on which stands the ventilation system, including the bathroom arrangement:

  • The temperature difference.
  • Bernoulli effect.

The warm air flows upward through the tube, reinforced wind. But in the summer the temperature factor is broken. The air outside is warmer room, stubbornly refuses to go inside and create cravings, especially calm. It comes before the reverse thrust. To avoid this, the designers installation of risers of hot water do near air ducts. Izvily concrete moves are heated, there is a weak year forward thrust. If prevention is planned in the summer, there is a problem, how to make the hood in the bathroom.

How to get rid of reverse thrust and to ventilate the bathroom

Mounted extractor for bathrooms and toilets. Backdraft is created in our country and neighbors. Increasing the pressure on the floor, creating an airlock, further impair the operation of the system. Backdraft their neighbors skyrocket.

extractor hood ceiling

Backdraft corrected construction methods. This assessment of the situation, sometimes reworking tract in the attic area. In American films, action film, and the peace if the screen pops roof of the building, seen huge lattice from which air is knocked out. This applies to the sewage moves, and bathrooms, and gyms. In America, used ventilation with positive motivation, but the exhaust fans are on the roof, but not in the apartments, but there are also such variants.

What's happening? Air pocket is created at the top of ventkanala. There often exists a bend, about who "stumbles" a bottom-stream and goes to the upper floors. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the defect, as in America.

Exhaust fan operates at high power the entire channel and is located at the top of the mine. The pressure difference of the first and last floor increases and the air pockets do not arise. Hoods for bathrooms are simply not needed. Reverse thrust is best to discuss at the meeting house.

Of course, if the neighbors at the same time ask themselves the purpose to buy and install the hood for the bathroom, will create a backwater from the bottom, so that the system works. If the neighbors on the quiet time to buy a hood for the bathroom, the ventilation system of work is violated. People are offended when you realize the reason.

Benefits of creating obschepodezdnoy extraction systems for bathrooms

The quietest noise device. Hoods bathroom does not guarantee complete silence. Master understands the cause and tell their neighbors. Not far from the scandal because of the exhaust in the bathroom. It is better to adjust the hood once the riser. If we divide the price of equipment and works on the floors, will receive the same money, but:

  • There is no need to spoil the apartment.
  • Eliminating the need for a non-return valve.
  • specialists will work themselves.

Electric extractor for bathrooms

  • The system does not require constant monitoring. Afraid that the device will not function correctly - Put the automatic emergency stop.
  • Fans protected against overheating, enough to include two consecutive exhaust duct fans, working alternately.
  • If the device fails, the cost is purely symbolic, if divided into floors. Neighbors can independently change the failed channel fan, without paying for the work on the side.
  • People are satisfied with the work equipment.
  • To adjust the system by acquiring the special devices that control the speed of induction motors channel exhaust fans.

You see a bunch of advantages without the drawbacks. If the exhaust fan in the bathroom stops, rush into the stream pumped equipment neighbors. Protect the installation of the check valve, but the house will accumulate moisture, and the replacement of faulty equipment takes time. Channel redundant system exhaust fans in the attic is much more reliable. If an induction motor fails, the second will work to repair first.

Electric extractor for bathrooms applied to one apartment is not always the ideal way out of this situation. It is much easier and more efficient to remember that today is saving time. And when the summer underway, savings should not be at the expense of our nerves. A pair of duct fans in the attic as exhaust systems for bathrooms looks reliable solution, and the cost of service and support, are scattered on the floors, tiny.

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