How to choose a fryer for home use

How to choose a fryer for home use


Love crispy ruddy donuts, patties and potatoes? Then it's time to think about how to choose a deep fryer. After all, frying in it at home is much easier: the oil does not splash, the pieces are fried evenly, and the smoke is carefully filtered. Just a fairy tale! True, it does not work that way every day: after all, fried foods can hardly be called useful. But who prevents you from spoiling yourself and your family from time to time? Especially since it is so simple with a deep fryer. But how to choose it? Let's try to understand.


  • 1Basic Selection Parameters
    • 1.1Bowl for oil
    • 1.2Capacity
    • 1.3Power
    • 1.4A heating element
    • 1.5Filters
  • 2Important Add-ons
  • 3Compare the models of different manufacturers

Basic Selection Parameters

Bowl for oil

From the quality of the bowl for oil depends on how the fryer will work. Bowls are made of aluminum or stainless steel. The first option is cheaper, the second is considered more reliable. It is also desirable to choose a bowl with non-stick coating, since it is easier to cook at home with it, without worrying about pieces sticking to the walls.

Another important indicator is the volume of the bowl for oil. In babies with a volume of only, l, you can cook only one serving. But they are more economical. On a family of 3-4 people it is better to take the cup on, -2 liters, so that you can cook for everyone at the same time. In some models it is necessary to use a certain amount of oil, in others it can be reduced.

And there are fryers, which generally lacks one spoonful of oil. You might want to choose this option.


The capacity depends on the volume of the bowl. This is the number of products that a new fryer can prepare for you. It is measured in kilograms. The smallest models cope with, 5 kg at a time, the largest appliances for the home are easily fried, kg. Professional electrical appliances have even more capacity, but for a family of 3-4 people, it's enough to choose 1 kg.


The greater the volume of the bowl the device has, the higher its capacity, since the oil must be quickly heated. In fryers, this figure ranges from 800 to 2000 watts. It is better to choose a home appliance with a capacity of 1400-1800 W. Do not pursue high indicators - such a deep fryer is too expensive for you at home, where every kilowatt is on the account. On the other hand, a weak capacity will not allow a good frying of products. Choose the golden mean.

A heating element


Can be closed (plate under the lid) and open (spiral). It is better to choose a model with a closed heating element for home, since washing a flat plate is much easier than wiping a twisted spiral. However, almost all modern fryers are equipped with a closed heating element.


There are filters for smoke and odor, and there are filters for cleaning the oil during cooking. The first almost always come complete with an electrical appliance and can be single-layered or multi-layer, removable or non-removable. Naturally, it is better to choose a removable multilayer filter, as it well retains the odor and is easy to clean. But such a fryer will be much more expensive.

As for the oil filters, their manufacturers offer to buy separately. Like, this cleaning allows you to use cooking oil several times. But is it worth it?

First, with the second-third frying, the food gets a specific taste. Secondly, it is still harmful, no matter how manufacturers of electrical appliances claim otherwise. You in fact will prepare at home, instead of in any cafe.

Important Add-ons

These pleasant little things will greatly facilitate the use of the device:

  • removable parts - the more of them, the easier it is to wash the fryer;
  • The inspection window will allow to observe the process of preparation;
  • the oil draining system is a great way to facilitate cooking at home, since the deep fryer will get rid of the used oil itself;
  • the "cold bottom" function will allow to brown the pieces evenly, without overcooking them;
  • the thermal insulation of the case is useful to you if there are curious kids at home;
  • type of control is desirable to choose electronic, and not mechanical - it is easier to cook with it;
  • the timer will turn off the fryer in time and you do not have to stand over it.

Compare the models of different manufacturers

Leaders here can be considered Tefal and Philips. Also good fryers from Moulinex, Delonghi and AEG. Their devices can not be called cheap, but this is more than offset by quality. As for inexpensive models from Orion, Vitek, Sinbo and other similar manufacturers, they can be chosen only if you are not going to cook often.

To make it easier for you to understand what kind of fryer to buy, we have compiled a comparative table for you from popular models:

Characteristics Tefal FF 1024 Philips HD 6161/00 Clanronic FR 3195 Moulinex FV 1014
Volume of oil, l 1 , 4 1
Capacity, kg , , , ,
Power 840 2000 2000 900
Control Mechanical Electronic Mechanical Mechanical
Viewing window there is there is there is there is
Timer No there is there is there is
Removable bowl No there is there is there is
Anti-odor filter there is there is there is there is

We hope that now you will find a good deep fryer faster. With it you will get the most delicious potatoes, quickly roast ruddy donuts, and your loved ones will eat your dishes with pleasure. Enjoy the shopping!

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