Philips Vacuum Cleaners: Overview

Philips Vacuum Cleaners are modern home helpers set up for the professional cleaning of your home. Problems associated with the negative effect of dust on the human body are solved by introducing the latest developments. Upgraded technologies are aimed at comfortable maintenance of cleanliness.

Philips Vacuum Cleaners - Reliable Home Assistants

As a result of scientific research, it was found that the estimated amount of dust in a city apartment can reach 30 kg in a year if you ignore the cleaning of the room. In a confined space, our respiratory system transmits about 50 ml of dusty particles. They are everywhere: in the air, on the floor and furniture, on clothes and shoes.

The composition of house dust mainly contains:

  • very fine textile and paper fibers;
  • pollen;
  • dead animal scales;
  • particles formed by smoke and soot;
  • spores of fungi and mold;
  • various microbes;
  • mineral and natural particles.

If you do not pay due attention to thorough cleaning, the harmful effects of omnipresent dust particles provoke indisposition, decrease immunity, complicate existing diseases and cause new ones. In order to maximize your health, it is important to choose the vacuum cleaner correctly.

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    • 2.1 Vacuum Cleaner Philips FC8802 / 01: apt to be able to manages
    • 3.5 Comparative characteristics
  • 4 required vacuum is chosen simply
  • Vacuum cleaners with dust bags

    Philips Vacuum cleaners with dust bag perfectly cope with the main function. For them, disposable garbage bags FC 8022 are available, suitable for all models. Removable accessories are much more convenient and hygienic.

    Disposable S-bag® bag with

    hygienic extraction system. Philips FC9176 / 01 vacuum cleaner.

    The Philips FC9176 / 01 vacuum cleaner with dust bag has control buttons on the handle that allows you to change power or pause. Equipped with a highly efficient filtration system that absorbs up to 99.95% of particles that cause allergies.

    The suction power is 500W. The

    has the highest suction power, just like all Philips Performer vacuum cleaners. It allows you to effortlessly clean the most contaminated surfaces. At the maximum level, the noise level is low( pets are not afraid), at the minimum level - fairly quiet.

    Philips FC9176 / 01 vacuum cleaner with the highest power level

    cord and nozzles

    Convenient long cord does not require additional extensions. It allows you to comfortably move the unit from one room to another. The original TriActive main attachment provides a thorough cleaning in the corners and difficult areas around the furniture. Additional 3 nozzles: for parquet, crevice and small.

    Video Review of the Philips FC9176 / 01 Vacuum Cleaner

    Recommendations for Acquiring

    The Philips FC9176 / 01 model is primarily recommended for people who carefully monitor their health and allergies. Reliable German vacuum cleaners with detailed quality characteristics are presented on the website of the Shopping Live online store. Organizing quality life is easy, ordering exclusive products directly from home.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaners

    Philips Robot Vacuum Cleaners are independent dust cleaners designed to free you from household chores. With a daily half-hour cleaning during the month, 15 hours of precious time is released. The modern device is designed for dry cleaning of flat surfaces in hard-to-reach areas: under the furniture and in the corners. Perfectly copes with the task on the tiled and wooden floor, as well as linoleum and parquet.

    Robot Devices - The New Generation of Philips Vacuum Cleaners

    The Philips FC8802 / 01 Vacuum Cleaner: Compact and Maneuverability

    The Philips FC8802 / 01 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can “climb” under beds, sofas and wardrobes - its height is only 5 cm. Charging is enough to 1h work. Built-in sensors help to “circumvent” obstacles. For careful cleaning involved spiral movement and movement in a straight line.

    The compact Philips Robot FC8802 / 01 vacuum cleaner makes your hands free

    According to customer surveys, it is more reliable to order the Philips FC8802 / 01 vacuum cleaner robot at the Live Shopping online store: https: // watch? V = -e6SQWGmyy0, where German vacuum cleaners of impeccable quality are presented. Without unnecessary time and expense, you become the owner of a modern gadget.

    Cyclonic vacuum cleaners

    Cyclonic vacuum cleaners are the generation following the classic cleaning devices. They do not have a bag for collecting garbage and dust. Centrifugal force creates a cyclonic vortex separating the dirt from the air flow, which, after passing through the motor unit and the filter returns to the room. As a result, the garbage enters the removable container.

    Philips FC9713 / 01 Vacuum Cleaner

    The Philips FC9713 / 01 Vacuum Cleaner is an unwieldy model of modern design. Classic garbage bags replaced with reusable capacity. Using PowerCyclone 6 technology effectively separates air and dust.

    Functional nozzles

    Cleaning becomes even more effective thanks to the functional nozzles. They allow cleaning upholstered furniture and hard-to-reach places. With the TriActive nozzle, large debris and dust is captured along the walls and in the corners. Wool and hair from carpets are effectively cleaned with a SuperTurbo brush.

    Philips FC9713 / 01 Vacuum Cleaner with Durable

    Dust Collector

    Dust Collector Container

    The container is easily emptied of collected garbage thanks to an improved design. Smooth edges allow you to reset the collected dirt in one smooth motion.

    Recommendations of experts

    Buying bags for garbage - additional costs to maintain cleanliness. Help not to spend money on consumables and is designed for a vacuum cleaner Philips FC9713 / 01.It is suitable for those who like innovative devices that do not take up much space. Effective nozzles allow you to thoroughly clean absolutely any coat of wool, which means that order is guaranteed for pet lovers. Detailed information on product features is available on the Shopping Live online store.

    Comparative characteristics of

    Features / Model Philips FC9176 / 01 Philips FC8802 / 01 Philips FC9713 / 01
    Dust collector volume, l 4 0.2 2
    ASAP, kg 6.3 1.3 D ASAP ASAS Availability TriActive + - +

    The necessary vacuum cleaner is simply selected

    The struggle for cleanliness with proper organization turns into easy work if the right vacuum cleaner is chosen. It must cope with the insidious dust as efficiently as possible: quickly and without leaving small particles. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the requirements imposed on it: cleaning carpets or smooth floors, you will take part in cleaning yourself or entrust the cleaning to a vacuum cleaner. Read more about high-quality German vacuum cleaners on Shopping Live.

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