Unlike coffee makers coffee machine

The only difference from the coffee machine coffee machine in the price! First cheaper. It is easier to trace the pattern of a single vendor. Like Bork classification creates three kinds of devices:

  • coffee maker;
  • coffee maker;
  • coffee station.

The list shows the complexity of the device. Coffee station knows everything, knows how much coffee, and the coffee machine functions simply enters to make coffee (the person as an improvised).

Differences coffee makers, coffee machines, coffee stations

Bork attracts sensible regulations and other documents of a similar kind, laid out in electronic form on the website. This will undoubtedly simplify the troubleshooting process of investigation. Respecting carob coffee is not without spumatore. We believe that a clear step forward, standing inside the boiler, it is easy to take the tube to froth milk. It is logical, simple means brilliant. Tea C700 in addition to the base cup warmer. This is a luxurious option, you need to retain the consistency of cappuccino. Consistent with generally accepted standards, he did not look paste.

carob coffee

For beginners explain that cappuccino is obtained from addition of brewed coffee abundant foam portions. Cream you want to save to drink had the right to wear the assigned name. Traditionally, ceramic fed into bowls, the volume of the beverage does not exceed 150 ml. Add, coffee flowing from coffee machines, called espresso. It is known by the word "fast". The process consists in infusing grinded grains with boiling water. In contrast to the use of the Turks wait until the foam will begin to rise.

So, modern coffee gives espresso. Adopted in 200 ml of water to take 30 grams of coffee powder of roasted grains. The approximate dosage. We speak specifically, coffee, or coffee station able to grind grain. In this case, the drop model spumatore deprived, in the absence of the boiler. There is no place to take a couple of frothed milk. As a rule, a millstone for grinding equipped with adjustable purity available. In this sense, for coffee lovers cappuccino would be more useful than the C600. But have called model five settings taste and strength brew, which is provided by adjusting the water flow rate of powder through.

Coffee maker Bork C600

C600 coffee machine able to work on a timer, the water dispense, calculate the number of grains in the desired predetermined volume. This machine is above the coffee maker. Guests collect, record the program, set the timer, and interval surprise ready-made fresh coffee. There is a device with advanced options.

Coffee station differs incredible service. The machine can even control the temperature and pressure in the boiler. Exclusively devoted to lovers of coffee understand how important this is. The parameters may be adjusted manually! The station does not have a coffee S802 attritor mill, but the two boilers. Origin purposefully designed to produce hot water added to the US plus steam for foaming milk. This will more accurately define the settings. For example, water is needed, according to the recipe, 90 ° C. On top of the housing area for heating cups. In this light, we can not say that the coffee station S802 was able to do everything, and the cost - in the upper row. Explain the reasons.

Probably at the forefront put the possibility of high-quality beverage production. Grinder buy separately and adjust as necessary. This is professional equipment, aimed at meeting the taste of demanding customers, who know firsthand about the intricacies of cooking quality beverage. Based on the width of the device, it is permissible to produce immediately the two operations in parallel, not alone, but with an assistant, which further indicates soon to vocational orientation.

Coffee station S804 a little cheaper, has a conical burr grinder, but no two boilers. Consequently, it is not to adjust the water temperature and the vapor pressure in the dispenser possible. The rest is a fully functional unit, having more than 20 degrees of grinding, which is a separate advantage. As for the previous coffee station I would like to note that the service life of the mill is less than other components. Because S802 deprived of this part! Professional equipment, having a narrow specialization, breaks down often. Cheap S804 is a budget, but a professional machine that can replace two devices simultaneously.

The operating principle of coffee machines, coffee machines and coffee stations

Today, the two structures used for electrical appliances designed to ease the task of brewing quality coffee: drip and carob. In both cases, there is a filter, which is concentrated coffee powder. In the first case, the ingredient simply poured into the funnel, the second compacted. As a result, various approaches sealability:

Brewing and coffee preparation

  1. The drip coffee makers water under its own weight on a drop passes through the coffee powder, brewing the beverage. Long process, the resulting product does not differ great quality, the result depends on the fineness of grinding.
  2. The carob grinding coffee machines is poured into a steel filter with a thread and a long handle (horn). Then the device is twisted, resulting in a dense pellet. The water passes through the coffee pressed under a pressure of 12 - 15 bar. As a result, the coffee powder gives maximum nutrients and active ingredients, the drink gets a full bouquet. Loyal coffee lovers prefer carob model.

Coffee and coffee station are based on these principles. Service elements are added, such as millstone, dispensers, tubes for making cappuccino, magnetic presses (simple cylinder on the magnet inserted into the body).

The story would be incomplete without mentioning capsule coffee makers. For devices sold special cubes made of aluminum or plastic, which are pierced with a special needle, and then the water flows inside the beverage brewing. About not heard as much coffee maxims but simply unparalleled ease of handling. Some models will fold yourself into the trash cube, it remains to add a new one, if you want a second cup. The downside is the price of the equipment.

drip coffee maker

In any coffee makers heat source operates the heating element in contact with the water. Fence leading from the tap, will need to filter the liquid. In this case, part of the hardness remains beyond the reach of the heating element. However, to extend efficiency and beverage quality improvements recommended every 2 - 3 months to clean the coffee maker. Use the special tools (Descaler). Pay attention when buying that class of materials for various purposes, for example:

  1. Dishwashers and washing machines.
  2. Kettles.
  3. Vacuum cleaners, steamers.

Each class household appliances present features. Use compound according to the intended use. In our case fit Universal Cleaner scale Filtero, but far from the only option.


So, unlike the coffee machine from the coffee machine: the first class of devices is not always please the master sophisticated drinks. Popular in the world, cappuccino and latte, as they are talking about. Tube with pressurized steam allow milk froth is not in the number of coffee machines. But applied an additional set of devices, making it impossible reckoning coffee machines to coffee makers.

In our review, it is a millstone for grinding. Functional in brewing C600 trimmed, the device is not attributed to the coffee stations. Classification is carried out on opportunities. coffee machine functions beyond brewing a cup of espresso, so come up with another name.

For coffee stations are devices that are able to all espresso, cappuccino, americano, latte, African and so on. We hope, understand the difference between a coffee maker, a coffee machine and a coffee station. Said classification is present in Bork. Authors tend to trust the European producers.

Unlike coffee makers from the coffee machine in the functional: the first class of devices for brewing, the second is often inferior to the capabilities of the first, but knows how much, for example, ground roasted beans. As a result, the buyer must first learn what drinks grown varieties, how to cook, that fall at hand. Then make an intelligent choice of product. Here is an extensive classification of beverages: lungo, macchiato, romano con panna, korreto, doppio, ristretto.

A typical serving of espresso weighing 40-50 grams. Fans guessed mixed into the drink variety of spices and ingredients. This is how the varieties listed above. Dominance is determined mainly geographical dislocation.

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