How to choose a coffee machine for home

Let's start! Coffee breaks calcium metabolism, otrekomenduem buyer to take home espresso machine. However grains contain fluorine, the desired growth, bone strength. Drink sometimes, thinking about work, visiting guests, avoiding the consumption of free time. We stop here to plant health topics of conversation, remember: with coffee useful to consume running water in addition to the already-containing beverages, grains show a diuretic effect. human organs are deprived of vital moisture. Blurted selection criteria, decide which to buy a coffee machine for the home.


Called Nespresso coffee device in the automatic mode. Process at times require human intervention: Mix foam spin horn. According to the degree of automation equipment are divided into several categories. Therefore, before purchasing define their own tastes. Contribute to training videos, the cook says, what are the drinks, the viewer gets the appetite. Useful history of the issue: the US is called an addiction, a US soldier to dilute the concentration of a true espresso. Think how important fortress.

Unlike the coffee machine from the coffee machine

We can help you buy a good espresso machine for home. Listen to a brief digression. Rare gourmet understands the subtleties of the differences between the instruments, a coffee maker and an espresso machine. Keep silent presence of professional coffee stations. Let us first discuss the question sounded. Read.

bright coffee

Coffee machine that prepares cappuccino

Coffee machine can prepare a drink in the automatic mode. Of course, the preparation of cappuccino foam require whip hand. The coffee machine can grind the grain size factor amenable to regulation. We say, because each rule is opposed to white crow exception. Some coffee machines are ashamed to grind grain, providing other services.

Inside the coffee smalyvaetsya, going cylindrical compartment, then figure on the rod is held in another mine, pressed to the brewing chamber. This pressurized water enters the boiler, in the form of steam. After the spent coffee tablet is pushed out by a special device into the built-in or external container ladies made of raw scrubs, masks, defeating cellulite.

Selection of home coffee machines

Each recommended to buy a coffee machine for home, taking into account the requests. Selection options:

  1. Availability of Corn-crusher, control freeness. It allows to receive the consistency of the beverage, the required recipe.
  2. the waste compartment is comfortable, there is no need to constantly put the urn under the coffee machine. Solution benefits the reader will present themselves.
    Cappuccino from the coffee machine

    Cappuccino coffee maker

  3. The ability to brew cappuccino is manifested by the presence of special tubing branch boiler, whence the vapor. Persistent jet churns milk, get a lot of drinks on people's recipes. The expensive coffee machines, two boiler foam prepare in parallel. Saves time cook. Some coffee machines are able to pour into a glass and drink foam. Allowing to automate the brewing cappuccino.
  4. Adjusting the amount of the resulting beverage. Do not say, whether the amount of ground beans is changing in a tablet, but the cup size does not remain unchanged, otherwise it will be over. Achieved by controlling the proportion of water to drink. More read the instructions. They say people who know: option determines whether to give coffee espresso - stronger - or US (diluted).
  5. Millstone mill makes steel, ceramic. The first are more expensive, metal is stronger, more durable. From our perspective, ceramics safer. Free iron is toxic to humans.
  6. Advanced coffee machines are designed to serve 2-5 users. Each created group settings, the person enters the personal predilections, editing information database of numbers, logical variables. Coffee machine cook every drink you want. The technique is different billing settings. Group is selected from the menu by pressing decrypted fingerprint scanner. Advanced technologies will have to pay, leave hope to buy automatic coffee machine for home inexpensively.
    Home coffee machine

    Home coffee machine

  7. Coffee machine needs time to bring units into operation. In addition to the self-cleaning is necessary to heat the boiler. A person has to wait to pull the rubber nobody likes. Handy timer. To start the coffee machine, to go do things. Over time, the beverage prepared in the automatic mode.
  8. Please note, traditionally supposed to fill the coffee warm dishes. Given the peculiarity of a beverage, produced models with a platform cup warmer.

Others - little things. Coffee machines will allow Philips to set the number of milliliters of the same cup, able to fill two containers at a time. The specific choice of the couple husband and wife. In the gray of everyday life so remarkable quality remains unclaimed buyers.

When buying look at the distance from the tray cover to the spout of coffee liqueur. Too big glasses may not fit. However, the video demonstrates the trick. the tray cover is removed, under the nose will get a little more glass. Why do we need such subtleties. Most coffee machines before work or after conducting a brief self-cleaning mode. Water going over the instructions pallet, although no one hurt to substitute a glass.

Purification tube extends whipping foam. The nozzle is immersed in the milk, there is a contamination factor. If the outside is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth, the inside will not climb. Before the production of foam instrument performs a self-cleaning, eliminating complexity.

The above properties are typical, nice to see among the options hardware self-test mode. Selection of spare parts is simplified very much. Repeatedly touching repairing coffee machines with their own hands, use our reviews on health. And it is better to avoid breakdowns, the main reason is the increased water hardness. It remains to add that in the espresso machine there is an increased risk of scale formation. The boiler liquid becomes vaporized, leaving hardness salts. It is recommended to use purified water, not mineral. Or get ready to disassemble the coffee machine for dismantling, cleaning of the boiler.

Good salt dissolves weak acetic acid solution. If the coffee machine is provided self-cleaning mode, the problem will be solved easily. Recall: appliances, operates with steam, 100% periodically passes procedure. Iron, Cleaning appliances, furniture cleaning. Use acetic acid, citric acid, soda, sodium chloride.


Most people are willing to buy cheap coffee machine for home, dropping the little things. Bit manufacturers engaged in production of similar products.

Espresso machine from Bosch

coffee maker Bosch

  • In the first place the quality of Bosch. How expensive espresso machine produces concern. In addressing the issue, visit Yandex Market, vyznat prices. No classification of cooking appliances coffee grounds given. Therefore, to find the right recommended to set "Yes" Built-in coffee grinder. Be sure to check the manufacturer's check. Coffee machines are more expensive coffee machines. Consider aspect hallmark. The cost of coffee makers Bosch begins 25 thousand. rubles.

Uncheck the Bosch line price limit limit of 10 thousand. rubles. Surfaced following manufacturers:

  • Philips HD 7761 offers a coffee machine. A certain minimum functionality described above. There is a timer start, missed an opportunity to prepare a cappuccino. To lock the draining grounds cup used in disposable filter, meaning the fact of existence presence consumables. Pay attention to this feature. Removed protection against limescale, water will have to be cleaned before use. Simple cooking appliance standard coffee. Adjust the size of the portions, the beverage strength.
  • Mystery, Tristar, Princess introduced similar models, to analyze the characteristics of which readers can now individually.

We turn to the question of the automatic decalcification of coffee machines. The term sounds so mysterious that confuse readers. hardness salts are divided into calcium and magnesium. The deposits are called, respectively. The term refers to a self-cleaning automatic decalcification, which says enough. These things means espresso machine does not have to periodically torment acetic acid cleaned manually.

Given the cost of the device, it is cheaper to buy a coffee machine for home capsule. The really expensive raw materials will be released. It is recognized capsule out more than another type of coffee, it is difficult to find in the store. True fans of the drink say: grain brewed less than two weeks after frying. To break the rules - begins to deteriorate bouquet. Subtleties of art is not interested in each will be in deciding what to choose a coffee machine for the home. The reader is referred to the previous reviews.

Considerations of the choice of office coffee machines

Office strap... knowledge workers like coffee. Drink outputs diuretic dishonesty of calcium from the body, the female half - reportedly - contributes to formation of cellulite, caffeine spurs psyche bracing. No wonder athletes drink before workouts fresh. Slimming need green coffee beans that have not been roasting. To maximize the process of labor organisms decide what to buy a coffee machine in the office, distracted each time for cooking (boiling kettle) time will not allow - the work waits!

Coffee machines

Coffee machines

Office - a place frequented by clerks with dirty hands. The keyboard is a bunch of bacteria. Without UV lamps palm office workers a little inferior to the danger of the add-in vacuum trucks. Toilet traditionally not on every floor, the buyer thinks: "Use Single office coffee machine dirty hands. No one will notice, the guards beat the thumbs with surveillance cameras, hard workers busy! "

Office - a place of philosophical ideas, quarrels, intrigues. Between steelmakers more friendly environment, performance can be clearly measured. Task planning to start implementation of sanitary requirements to ensure maximum exploitation of simple coffee machine.

Used coffee machine water

The offices made use of bottled water. It is hardly representative of the male population will be found not wearing a (dirty hands) plastic containers on the frail shoulders. Office people believe feat chore at steelmakers are loaded exclusively by men. We need a unit that can refuel bottled water, coffee, connectable to the water, is eliminated. Select the appropriate option Yandex-market, discussed aspects of the essence.

Look! Office workers love coffee, fact. Utilities, led command responsibility, arrange off water permit violations. The idea also applies to the water hardness, the limit of the salt content which is limited by sanitary standards. For two reasons - disabling and high calcium ion - falls from a consideration of coffee, feeding tap water. The bottles are purchased, so it is done. Put the filter under running water.

The problem is not relevant areas with soft water. Coffee machine is advantageous to connect to the riser. During the summer of planned works office workers suffer. As for bottled, need water lower stiffness. Checked the typical test strip firms like Bosch. One is worth a penny, order a mail, buy in the store. Make the analysis of bottled water, the level of the local stiffness inform service. The work of responsible persons - know such things, to avoid exceeding the standards.

Note. Familiar to water utilities to help solve the problem. Do laboratory analysis in the absence of other ways.

Drop the stiffness considerations - coffee overgrown deposits. Choose a model with an automatic decalcification (Yandex-market terms). Buzzword means coffee every cycle or periodically conducts self-cleaning procedure. How effective event do not undertake to say, other household devices operating with steam, washed with a solution of acetic acid.

Capsule coffee makers

capsule coffee makers

Grains, powder or capsules office coffee machines

Clip, calling to buy coffee machine Tassimo, shows that the device is able to prepare a cappuccino. Capsule model. Skim milk is obtained from one type of coffee containers - from another. Shows how the capsule briskly changing... dirty hands. Such a coffee machine for the enterprise department workers will not do. After use, the capsule will be moist, dirt additional factor which accelerates proliferation of bacteria.

We recommend purchasing the coffee machine for the powder or grains. Make yourself procedure. Do not try to buy a horn coffee machines - automatic devices. Take for grains and powder simultaneously. You see combined appliances. It is worth to buy a coffee machine for the office workers crowd will choose going to get grain, there will bring home from Nescafe tin. Coffee machines are equipped with the required type of mills. It needs a large object, which itself makes the tablet. Because fall asleep unwashed spoons, dirty hands ingredients to remove too much trouble.

Expose on Yandex-market parameters:

  1. Built-in grinder - "yes." Part of that makes grain powder. The freeness is adjusted ceramic grindstone or steel. Cheaper harmless first, second, much stronger, more durable.
    Department for coffee beans

    Tray coffee beans

  2. The type of coffee - ground or grain. Portals obmusolivat pods, be sure not to get stuck.
  3. Auto - espresso. The complete absence of hands from the beginning to the end of the process using the machine. Parameter further protect against unnecessary models. Testing the search base Yandex-market, 4% weed out proposals for the coffee machine.
  4. Cappuccino in such devices is worth. Although not want to see Do not put hands inside, difficult to provide the desired typical coffee machines. Recommended set the cappuccino - automatic. Worker puts the glass on coffee cares. Where will the milk, equipment problems. Process describes a fueling operation manual. We believe, the technique varies from model to model.

Screenings expensive coffee machines

In our case, Yandex-market to find more than a hundred coffee machines. The interval below 20 thousand. rubles issued one model Merol ME 710. Look wonderful ability coffee machines, in addition to the supply of office workers coffee and cappuccino.

Office coffee machine

Office coffee machine

The two boiler unit, one for a couple of cappuccino. Frankly, surprised: attribute expensive coffee machines. Present regulation fortress, dose setting, you will need to set the settings, touch the forbidden. Otherwise, the coffee machine certainly perverted by alien influences. In the presence of a cleaning mode that will contribute to long life! If the procedure is carried out every cycle, every day will quickly fill up the coffee machine pan, prepare the evacuation assign employee.

Hasten upset small reservoir volume - 1.6 liters. Staff of 10 people is not enough for one sitting (office feast). According to the norms of the Labor Code, coffee machine used at least 3 times per shift. It is from the schedule rest breaks for working an 8-hour day. More amused setting water hardness adjustment. According to the terminology Yandex convenience store, coffee machine option helps determine when self-cleaning pores. Consequently, the stiffness to be measured, to find out the other way.

Valuable option shall be automatically switched off. Surely one office worker walks but forget to cut down the coffee machine. System without reminders will reset. The downside is that the boiler will cool down with repeated use will need to wait. Divide employees pairs, following a friendly preferences, the selected coffee machine is able to fill in parallel two bowls. One pill! Useful quality of the coffee machine operate purposefully afford savings at least electricity.

The timer allows the use of delay. Well, when office workers can calculate in advance the time of the adoption of the drink. Buy a coffee machine with Cappuccino, let them learn to plan a schedule instead of battles Minesweeper. Raising the question baffling. Pay fees, fines, ignoring the Customs requirements.

It is unclear what the service center to apply, broken instrument. The physical meaning is not clear, buy a good model in our market. Questions asked more than residents of the northern capital, for the weekend, visiting the Finns... Let tell you where on the Kola Peninsula to take the coffee machine.

Coffee machine Panasonic NC-ZA1HTQ

Perhaps curiously, some prefer to buy a coffee machine overseas, today Let us briefly study. At the same time we read letters companions in misfortune, in English, within a large portal on household appliances. Estimated resource rating contrary to popular today in the survey will not be coffee machines with less than 9 points with 10 possible.

First place went to the coffee machine company, unpopular among Russians. localization factor does not play a role, the model exhibited Yandex-market. Search engine had indexed pages after the fall of the ruble, the price of coffee machines flaunts real corresponds to reality - 70,000 rubles. An expensive choice, even in the first approximation. coffee machines price starts 10,000 rubles, in any comparison does not go with the Panasonic NC-ZA1HTQ.

Not impressed with the size of the instrument. grain bin holds 125 grams water tank maker - 1,4 liters. Try to guess:

Coffee Machine offer four groups of settings, allowing the use of at least four people. Net of those whose tastes coincide.

Coffee machine Panasonic NC-ZA1HTQ initially marketed office device, the state - a half-dozen people, functional family too much. Constantly consume strong drink harmful. About a fingerprint scanner is no question, each group of settings selects the menu touch of a finger. Any type of coffee is prepared automatically, including cappuccino with milk foam.

Coffee machine with a compartment for milk

Coffee machine, allowing to fill milk

Composition instrument supplemented special hose. By default, there is no, so shall open the front panel, hold a revision. Milk contains capacity, where the hose is lowered. Power calves allows poluchit0 foam. Adjust the percentages of coffee, foam, milk, brewing lattes, cappuccino. Many regimes find despite Product card Yandex-market, video instruction option is available, you can safely order a glass of milk. Number ml for espresso machine beverage adjusted in wide ranges. The scoreboard is shown in figure mL, established by pressing the right amount.

Gourmet coffee machine Panasonic NC-ZA1HTQ has 5 degrees of the fortress. More than is commonly available. The coffee machine Panasonic NC-ZA1HTQ integrated self-cleaning modes:

  1. The main path is cleaned dispenser moisture main tank located in the bottom of the housing. Drips into the collection, the cover is a stand for cups. When filling the empty tank. To regulate the frequency of preventive maintenance (automatic mode), you need to enter in advance the value of the water hardness. Filling the tank. coffee machines criterion allows to evaluate the rate of deposition of boiler scale, the technique selects a schedule of cleansing.
  2. With regards to the dairy branch simply. Instead of the vessel with a house in the village put a glass of clean water. The coffee machine will make the necessary operations. No timetable, the operator follows the instructions of the device.
Coffee machine Panasonic NC-ZA1HTQ

Coffee machine Panasonic NC-ZA1HTQ

A remarkable example of the art. Container collecting coffee machine wastes in the left side of the front panel. From the above it is surprising how easy it is fed milk is difficult to pour into the water. Judge: pin follows up dispenser, the lower compartment extends. Form - the spitting image of a box, a long, uncomfortable. Despite the maximum mark, we believe it is easy to spill the water. In the presence of the auto-power shutdown mode when idle, the possibility to fill two cups, shelf heating container. We proceed to the next model. Is it worth it to buy a coffee machine for the Panasonic business. We tend to think of a tall price. But to buy coffee beans to the coffee machine is not difficult, the ability to pour two cups plus professional solutions.

Coffee Machine Krups Dolce Gusto Mini Me

Coffee machine, running in second place, it is worth less than the first order. With difficulty we put the machine to the class. A typical capsule coffee maker. Using special capsules and cream, semi-automatic, electric coffee machine prepares the latte, cappuccino. Do not need to, as usual, to take the milk into a glass, foamed. It is simply inserted in the correct order alternately capsule, ready to drink.

Automation - the only reason classifying unit cost 5000 rubles to the category of coffee machines. Modest features: regulate the temperature of the beverage, the amount of water. Enough to change the ratios of milk, coffee latte, then the device can be something.

Coffee Machine Krups Dolce Gusto Mini Me

Coffee Machine Krups Dolce Gusto Mini Me

Among the shortcomings is the typical capsule model - you need hands to take the tray, take, put the containers with ingredients. Unhygienic. As a plus, we note the capsule, drop out on their own, we need only turn the tray upside down.

The rest will present themselves: the capsules are rarely sold, are the order deprived equipment becomes a pile of trash. No mode automatic cleaning, fields, abundant hardness salts, have to address the issue of supply of bottled liquid coffee machines.

We believe the user is encouraged to try to hold their own cleaning, fill the tank with a weak solution of vinegar, is inserted inside the empty capsule. As far as the current safety, consistent with the principles of using the machine, say poosterezhemsya. In the unit a long distance between the nozzle of the dispenser and the stand, we can confidently say: most glasses will fit without problems.

Special Index User comments had been received, some people think: coffee strong shaking during operation, the cup may move. It creates a bad impression, remains in operation. It would not be the best solution to buy a coffee machine for a cafe, definitely homemade solution. Harder fans have cappuccino and latte. semi-automatic mode, will take time to get the desired order.

Coffee maker DeLonghi EN520

Coffee maker DeLonghi EN520

Coffee machine Nespresso Lattissima EN520 by DeLonghi

Next coffee machine with built-in capacity for milk costs 18 thousand. RUR Yandex-market. Reasonable price for the considered class of devices. In the preparation of capsules using the good old. There is no need to deprive body the purchased milk in standard packages.

Coffee machine with a stretch fit cafes, office. Do not think bad: positive key. Capsules are reset automatically. The hands remain clean and dry. The device latte and cappuccino are prepared automatically by 100%, making it easier to process.

Removable milk container, we believe, to get a spare - not a problem. Reviewed the conditions for the creation of the production line. Too bad that the plastic housing. Professional device made of steel, aluminum (silumin). The typical coffee machine (not coffee, the second ward), typical nursing capsules Nespresso, the tank capacity of 10 to waste applications.

To clean a special indicator. Screen informs: it is time to carry out maintenance. You may have to buy tablets for coffee machines. For details, see the instructions. Cleaning Mode users called boring. Some refused to management in the first months of operation, we believe, with the rules of operation, there is a check guarantee this does not become a problem. Before you buy a tablet for cleaning the coffee machine, read the instructions.

Some users say the coffee turns cold. Looks great, it drinks so-so. Slipped phrase: no temperature setting. We believe our readers in the store is available to check this fact, if you prefer it hot, try to buy a coffee machine for a restaurant from another manufacturer.

It is necessary to assess in advance the service. If you buy spare parts for the coffee machine is a problem, the operation period will not bring joy. Carefully fill out a check, subtract the location of the service centers, estimate the cost of parts and accessories. Three mentioned models are popular abroad. The second-order scored more than 900 reviews, most positive.

Coffee: beverage varieties

The really difficult to understand what is called information portals coffee maker, espresso machine, coffee station. Let us try today to consider a couple of models (Bork), hope to help readers select appliances. I wonder just how it works! Ordinary reviews meager, understand the essence of the subject is impossible. Omit the details, the little things and play a crucial role. Let's just say that no matter what kind of coffee machine to choose for the house, the main thing - to be able to use the acquisition.

Drip coffee maker is not designed to get a cappuccino. In the latter case, you will need milk foam, lace obtained due to the jet boiler steam gushing into a cup filled with milk. Clearly, you need to do manually. There are exceptions, where do without a boiler tank is replaced by a primitive mechanical design. The geyser coffee makers milk fills the upper part of the "hourglass" water - bottom. Heating process takes place, jet, pressurized displaced, passes through the coffee is brewed. Before that accumulates in the tablet located between the sections, waits until the pressure exceeds 15 atm. After espresso (coffee brewed in the tradition), hissing, rushes into the milk, whisk together the foam. Get more latte (with ital. latte) than cappuccino. However, much depends on the ingredients ratio.

A small coffee machine

If readers do not understand, we emphasize: before deciding how to choose a coffee machine for home, a few subtleties of making drinks you need to know. Coffee machine tool of the implementation of the correct technique:

  • Espresso. Strong drink, brewed in the tradition. 200 ml of water accounted for 30 grams of ground roasted coffee. Traditionally, arabica, although for different effects may be used, or a combination of other varieties. Espresso coffee has a foam surface. It depends on the type of coffee machines, the preparation method. From geyser jet of beverage out without pressure, the cream will be imperceptible. Carob coffee machines provided with boilers, the pressure exceeds 12 atmospheres (test 7 for comparison radiators in the off-season - 8 atm for one hour). Foam obtained excellent. Not just swill - air drink. Strong.
  • US prepared by diluting traditional espresso water. The proportions are defined taste of the consumer. It is believed the US originated in Italy, a tribute to American soldiers, avoid drinking too much strong drink. Using instant coffee, drink a faint resemblance to the US, from which the Italian radical turn away.

Coffee Machine 1 cup

  • Cappuccino is obtained when espresso filled milk foam. Layer significant. Twice or more times bulkier than taken espresso. Distinguish drink variety called macchiato. Translated as "spotted". On top of the foam, gently pour in the middle of the espresso is spot that served as the genesis of the name. Believe, be allowed to pour coffee into a foam, will take place at the bottom, get a cappuccino, there is no certainty: try. Try for yourself! Invented gourmet cappuccino art, on the surface of the foam chocolate, coffee dust drawn in intricate shapes. The drink becomes the central defendant commercials.
  • Latte in Italian means milk. Do not ask for a latte from the heirs of Latin, the term does not apply to coffee. Unlike cappuccino beverage is the amount of ingredients. Milk volume is taken twice as many than espresso foam top added. Recipe latte macchiato, which in the center spot. The upper part of whipped milk, exactly An intermediate gently infused espresso. A typical latte - trivial coffee-flavored milk. Preformed foam, is the most it. Thickness creams is about 1 cm. Before use, the contents of the glass is allowed to mix with a spoon. Avoid using plastic tubing.

Mini coffee

We are now ready to proceed with the consideration of the coffee machines.

Coffee machines: the possibility of the device

Primarily on the differences from the coffee machine. Today carob model is equipped with Cappuccino, so nobody will be surprised feature. The coffee machine can grind coffee supplied insulated container for brewing, often equipped with a special press. Connected, the options go hand in hand. In models such as drip spumatore is not trivial due to the absence of the boiler inside. Carob coffee machines (coffee) milk whisking able.

Inside the boiler or instantaneous water heater. In the latter case, there is a snake, where the liquid comes to a state of vapor. Sealed tube coffee powder. If the geyser coffee makers are not recommended ram filter in carob is better done - Quality to get a drink. The vapor pressure is higher, the more densely packed mass of coffee powder. Ingredients in some models, pre-moistened with water to the steam passes with difficulty. It called pre-brewing. A few words about the design, how the coffee machine:

Household coffee

  1. Coffee machines are carob type drip will not allow frothed milk. The difference - in the latter case, the steam is fed in portions. Water is drawn from the tank is pumped into the boiler. Back does not let liquid special valve. Pressure reaches the working, the excess is discharged.
  2. In the pre-soaking of the boiler is taken a little water. Dispenser passes a little to be enough to plug the coffee. Reached the horn. Coffee filter plug with a long handle (reminiscent of coffee Turk small size). Locks onto the thread or tube fixation occurs under the boiler outlet. Steam and water passing cork brewed beverage. Cylindrical press with a central hole is compressed tablet dryness when the water leaves.
  3. Cappuccino is designed to whisk milk. From the top of the boiler outlet is made with a tap or valve, through which is taken at the right moment steam as required. Presumably, hence the pressure is taken to put the squeeze water remaining on the tablet. Case completes the press, squeezing the last drop.
  4. Coffee beans provided with chopper built with adjustable freeness. Depending on the model of powder is used as follows:
  • The locust bean coffee machine tooling manually going to the host, press compacted representing anvil placed upside down. Usually item is removed, the magnet is held. The horn is put in place, is given by the volume portions. By the way, at the stage of grinding is set the number of cups. Of course, the restriction in the coffee machine meet, above which can not jump.
  • The droplet model of powder is poured into the filter, the steam bypass flow water heater goes here also condenses brewed. Even the pump is not needed. Between the reservoir is a check valve for the water and the instantaneous heater. Inside the water turns to steam, under its own pressure reaches the filter.

It remains to add one thing: the difference between the amount of coffee machines in the water tank, the number of servings, makes time, power, additional options. Cappuccino is often missing in the drop model, pour water as you like coffee powder is filled automatically. Are placed inside paper, nylon filters. First discarded after use, the second - to clean, used up to 60 times repeatedly. Inveterate users, over the years clean accessories, reinstalling.

It is important to understand - the principle of the coffee machines and the coffee machine is similar. Examine the first easy to understand the second. Knowing the possibilities, decide how to choose a coffee machine. Food latte, cappuccino requires spumatore. Devoid of node device becomes a coffee machine. Sometimes aggregates supplied hot water tube boiler. It helps to cook American.

We listed the main parameters of the coffee machines, add: Spanners for the office fit poorly. Equipment for private use and bars. Even sanitary reasons in effect. What shall we say then about the liquid-drop model. Suitable office employees capsule. A few words, how to choose a coffee machine for public use. And better that instant brew! The main expenditure in this case will refer capsules, people miser buy expendable materials at his own expense. That's capsule coffee is good.

Far and wide traveled all over the theme, describes the parameters coffee makers, who are not interested in the gadget for cars, a wonderful table, read the tabloids nonsense. Coffee machines are discussing today, hardly dokatyvayutsya to Russia, to grant Yandex on request non-existent. We will help readers better understand the needs. Especially motorists. Why to choose the coffee machine for home if you spend time scoring plugs.

Mobile coffee: Power car battery

More mobile coffee machine resembles hand-shaker, shake wait. Inside is placed 50 ml of water, little pressure is 16 bar. More than in any other desktop coffee machines manufacturer. That knows how to make the device. From a reservoir tank the size of the coffee machine is clear: prepare espresso. Eating capsules.

Italian brand of coffee machines Lavazza (Lavazza) to develop the market since 1895. Today 7th manufacturer of coffee products in the world, first in Italy, occupying a share of sales to 47%. Speaking, in Russian, Italian quality coffee machines. Lavazza built its own training center, founded in 1979, dedicated to the study of the problems of espresso, annually train 30 thousand. person.

Mobile coffee

Mobile coffee

Clearly, a major producer of coffee machines brooms do not knit, the car maker provides traditional espresso. Immediately the question arose of use, the capsules are many systems, not every pair between a combined without problems. After spending a short-lived research found: Lavazza has produced several systems for coffee. We list:

  1. A Modo Mio.
  2. Espresso Point.
  3. Blue.

In this type of coffee machines are used first. Learn easily legible lettering on the Mio. Coffee machines the company produces more than 25 years, modest stature of the company. This, for cars, called Espressgo. In the coffee machine worth adapter device stuck in Britain. Apparently, the power supply voltage is different from the rules prescribed by the manufacturer. The first recommendation - before buying the coffee machine, check the power settings to be able to run the baby from the home network.

With regard to the car battery (12 volts), coffee maker earned immediately without any problems. To obtain a cup of hot drink, pour into 50 ml water, plug neck of a capsule, cover. After some time, the arrow on the structure of the barometer coffee machine (yes! then seriously) stir the instrument potreschit, pobulkaet after unscrewing the flask, fill the contents of the glass.

coffee machine home

coffee machine home

Cream get a good, solid. The only comment on the coffee machine, made by the experts - drinking temperature falls short. Do not forget gizmo enjoyed by workers in secret from the head, a boring lecture, if the audience is noisy. A good prospect if you can adjust the coffee machine adapter. Not to mention the opportunity to drink coffee in traffic jams, clearing the air ionizer, pitying the poor drivers nearby. Note: occupy even an espresso machine with one hand while driving is forbidden rules of the road!

Baby espresso machines to perform simple functions, prepares an espresso. Getting US, must be diluted with water, if you buy an expensive bottle of milk, cappuccino come at a certain skill. Of course, you first have to come up with the technology, how to use the coffee machine.

And this coffee machine

What is a coffee machine in our understanding. The device, brewing coffee. On the face of the coffee machine - different kinds of devices, often form close cube. With a set of buttons, knobs, dials, displays, pipe frothing milk. What would you tell the readers about the coffee machines, bedside tables. More specifically, in the original version coffee station is integrated into the furniture section provides touch control buttons. Concerning marketing options coffee machines - the crane form of an inverted J, protruding from the worktop.

Coffee machine with different programs

Coffee maker with coffee programs

Under a stream maker drain. We believe that the drainage needs at least two reasons:

  • Suddenly, the user forgets to put a cup, a bully decides to try the unusual action principle coffee machines, deliberately leave an empty rack, coffee will flow to the destination where the bones crow took the trouble wear.
  • In coffee machines there is a self-cleaning mode, we believe, is required such as a chip invented in a complex device. During said action occurs within the boiling water, detergent. Washed hardness scale.

The composition includes a maker mills grains must be periodically refilled, the supply water is conducted from the central network. The share of staff falls to check whether the requirements of the local water. We believe this class coffee machines comprise a filter, better safe than sorry (not a tautology, saying).

The main thing - the equipment management. Coffee machine obeys smartphone, on which a special program installed. No wonder commemorated bullies, hackers piece of cake to hack a site, submit and coffee machine. December 2013: the sad fate fell refrigerators. Nice to know a way to implement protection.

The use of coffee machines with recognition subscribers IMEI - not a bad idea. The identifier is unique to each device, it is necessary to steal the phone hacking defense. Of course, protection of the coffee machine can be circumvented by the presence of a fingerprint reader entry of foreign complicates repeatedly.

Unfamiliar with Europe, in Russia street cameras without anti-vandal protection look just pathetic. Therefore, it is logical to close access to the coffee machine, the crane poking protect against bad things. Great if wanting to beat Freebies shock. In view of the development of the modern idea of ​​the equipment is not offered in coffee machines, can suffer the innocent.

With regard to mobile applications, install any gadget understands WiFi. Suitable for controlling a coffee machine iPad. It is inserted into a special slot of the wooden countertop. With its large screen, an excellent coffee machine control unit. The main thing - the name of a miracle! Topbrewer Scanomat.

Video instructions for choice

Try to follow the example, watch a video about the coffee machine in the English domain Youtube. Phrases illegible, no language skills, there the citizens have such a good mimic: donosimaya understandable information on individuals. Names googled coffee machines. If you do not want to communicate with English domains, see Russian-language equivalents.

Coffee machine Topbrewer from Scanomat

Coffee machine Topbrewer Scanomat

We believe that the method quickly gives a positive result as demonstrated by the example of the grill Weber Q140, which is respected by the West. You can purchase an espresso machine, which is a global concept - no standards - suitable for most users. Millions of men can not be wrong.

Do not provoke the feminists, in a review of something about the coffee machine, a phrase taken from a joke. It is suspected of chauvinism authors NashTehnik portal. Healthy patriotism, faith in God - no more. The reader turns the language of another question about the coffee machines search. Where to begin. Go to Google (not to Yandex) and type something like «coffee machine ratings», and you can add to this the number of years that the movie was fresh. It remains to visit Youtube, the trick is done, the right choice of coffee machines for the home guaranteed.

If you take the material portal, written mostly under the influence of The Gadget Show. Movie about the coffee machine is called Coffee Machines - The Gadget Show Series 19: Episode 2. Sensible transfer, funny guys. One tasted cup coffee machines brew car, after a pause, issued:

  • It's coffee.

From the above mean: a breath is not considered ideal. Then, seeing the look Negro mate, he added over a drink the coffee machine:

  • Yes, it's espresso.

Now it is clear: the espresso machine can brew. Watch funny joy on their faces will read only abroad, the Russians are afraid of much humor. As if something happened, so to speak, of these coffee machines. Nothing! coffee machines manufacturers respect the independence of the examination, laboratory studies assign a dominant position. Look at the car industry - discard the coffee machine. Every self-respecting manufacturer wants to ATV certainly traveled four burly men, according to the knights prepared and laid out in the network overview 1 - 4 pages. Size is determined importance of the event.

Heroes tell us what to look for when choosing what pleased caused outrage. For some areas the car went smoothly wound. After seeing the movie, you feel like personally tried the product. Advertising is the basis of a competitive industry.

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Unlike coffee makers coffee machineCoffee Makers

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