Which is better to buy a coffee grinder

Many users prefer the mechanical devices. This is due to the reliability, durability and simplicity of design. Mechanical devices allow you to adjust the degree of grinding. Professional scale coffee requires frequent meals and coffee. For home needs need a simple device that does not have high productivity.

Hand grinder

Modern devices actuated by servo by consumption of electrical energy. There are many coffee lovers who prefer hand-held device. Some users believe in education as the best drink flavor when grinding grain hand-held device. It is equipped with millstones conical steel or cast iron. Fineness of grinding is regulated by tightening nut. To install the smaller configuration steps milling parameters has a special gear.

To his stall, use the cap. In the upper part of the vertical axis planted handle, it occurs through the physical rotation of working organ grinder. Spinning millstone inside a solid-bed cover, connected with a small container for collecting coffee.

manual coffee grinder

manual coffee grinder

Milling is carried out by loading grain into the container dome lid equipped with locking mechanism. The mine ground coffee goes down slowly. The capacity depends on the rotation rate of the handle. Powder enters the glass is emptied as required.

In a coffee grinder seen one drawback: the millstone mechanism rests on a thin sheet of duralumin dome cover. As a result, this place is wiped, and falls design.

The problem is relatively simple installation eliminates a number of goals. After conducting such resource upgrading working device increases. Breaching such improvements will require some knowledge of construction and principle of operation of the grinder mechanism.

If we take the market in junk Soviet grinder, it will resemble a miniature shell with a brass housing (military industrial enterprises operated for the benefit of the workers and peasants). In the middle of the pencil case is divided into two parts. The lower compartment serves as a container for collecting the coffee grounds. The mechanism of setting grind size is under the millstones. As a result, little old Soviet grain products converted into dust.

The mechanism of this device does not move smoothly with a slight crack. Grains backfilled under the handle mounted on the screw cap at the top of the housing. Place the unit on a table. To use the grinder in weight is difficult.

manual coffee grinder

manual coffee grinder

Products of Chinese origin have a similar construction with minor improvements. There are devices with ceramic grindstones, identical electric coffee grinder. Chinese manufacturers also produce aggregates having a shredding body of special baked clay. Some users find ceramics more hygienic than stainless steel. Strength ceramic working bodies is enough for the smooth operation of manual and electric appliances. On beverage flavor performance is not affected.

Ceramic millstone looks attractive, so is widely used in both types of coffee grinders. The market also has a fake units should therefore be authorized to purchase the device in malls. This will allow to protect the buyer from buying low-quality goods.

electric coffee grinders

Electrical grinders differ from manual units more power and performance. Their design is similar to the device of the blender. It consists of the following components:

  • Plastic or metal housing;
  • Working bodies with the drive shaft;
  • An electric motor;
  • Collecting container of ground coffee;
  • Regulator grind size and performance;
  • Power cable.

There is a perception of uneven grinding grains electrical appliances. It can only refer to the earlier models. Modern products milled product evenly. When the maximum capacity is increased noise level of the unit.

Unlike Blender called:

  • small size cup;
  • glass removable for dismantling knife;
  • low power and short cycle operation.

Household electric grinders are designed for home use. For use in coffee shops use special professional devices with high performance characteristics.

Cutlery working bodies were used in early models, from an uneven grind. This is due to fight and crumbling of the grains. Therefore, in a coffee machine and modern appliances conical grindstone set.

They are not much different from the principle of hand-held models. There is an opinion about the overheated grains during the passage of the operating cycle. This affects the aroma and taste of the drink. Coffee lovers necessarily abandon this coffee. Modern grinder equipped with millstones ceramic and steel, do not carry product overheating when grinding.

The market is also presented devices equipped with cylindrical screw and millstones. They are not widely available, but are used in industry and specialized institutions. Screw devices made low rpm to avoid overheating of the coffee beans. Cylindrical products support high-speed modes.

Screw actuator structurally reminiscent of details applied in a juicer and meat grinder. During grinding the distance to the fin of the stator is reduced, and finer grind grain. As a result, the output is a powder. The position of the screw is determined by the manufacturer.

Automatic grinder

Automatic grinder

In the market of electrical products distributed with such working bodies:

  1. Millstones.
  2. Rotary knife.

Parameters of electric grinders

To buy electric coffee grinder, you need to be guided in its technical parameters.

  1. In the first place there is power. This is an important indicator of the grinder. It shows the amount of force per unit time, is appended with a millstone grinding grains. The parameter is closely related with the diameter of the millstones. From this figure depends on the required torque value. With a large working body diameter increases performance and quantity loaded portions of the grains. household appliances problem is sufficient cooling of the engine. For small size of the device is difficult to take heat energy in full. Therefore, an increase in the size of a millstone should be accompanied by an increase in body size. Selection of coffee grinders on the value of the power can be made by visiting the online stores and official outlets. In the market there are many miniature models of 150 W, suitable for family use. Device 1 kW are suitable for users who grind grain in large quantities.
    Coffee grinder electronic type

    Coffee grinder electronic type

  2. Performance is related to the power parameters. Power indicator represents the amount of work performed per unit time regardless of the hardness of the grains. Performance shows the amount of the crushed coffee beans over time. To improve the index need to increase the size of millstones, or to replace a mechanical part on the rotary blade. It is typical for high-end models. Grinding green coffee should produce devices equipped with stab working bodies. In this case, buy a coffee grinder with millstones is unfit decision. Green coffee is used for weight loss beauties.
  3. An essential feature is the amount of electric grinders grind size settings. In the case of manual model the distance between the millstones is infinitely adjustable. When the engine is available, this approach is dangerous. If not installed, and another part will be damaged. It is important to avoid overloading the unit to avoid damage. Such faults are not covered by warranty.

About the availability of pulse mode, and what type of grinder to acquire, to solve the user. It should select a model having moderate values ​​shock loads. This affects the quality of grinding and wear resistance equipment. Quality of grinding grains depends on the moisture coffee beans. At its high performance, the particles of the product adhere to the grindstone and having overload. An exception of this is achieved by roasting the coffee beans.

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