Way to move a heavy wardrobe without emptying his

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Conceived permutation? Sorry! After moving the heavy furniture - employment difficult. The difficulty lies in the heavy weight design. And also the fact that when you move, you can break the case or scratch the floor. But it is not all that bad. There are ways to help facilitate this work. And you can even keep all the contents in the closet.

As no problem to move the heavy cabinet without unloading it

Handy tools from the kitchen

The content of the article

  • Handy tools from the kitchen
    • Potatoes
    • plunger
    • Caps made of nylon
    • Packaging of milk
    • greasy skin
  • Floor coverings that help move the cabinet
    • Mat
    • Linoleum
    • Old clothes
  • Lubrication, which can help
  • mechanical means
    • furniture transporter
    • Stand with wheels
    • garden Wagon

Before looking for the complex mechanisms and use physical force, it is worth to try the available tools to help get the job done.



Find virtually any kitchen.

  • It is necessary to cut into circles or potatoes cut in half.
  • Chunks of potatoes should be distributed evenly under the bottom of the cabinet.
  • After that, you can begin to carry.

Reference. Potato starch contains that perfectly lubricates the surface and prevents scratches.

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After work, enough to wash away the traces of potatoes.



This kitchen utensils will not only help in the preparation of tasty dishes, but also in the permutation. enough put a few Rolling Pin or other dense tubes under the cabinetTo move it.

Caps made of nylon


Plastic caps should be placed Under cabinet legs.

Council. The outside of the covers must be lubricated with soap or paraffin for better glide.

This method allows you to quickly cope with the task and do not damage the floor.

Packaging of milk

Milk containers inside is usually treated with paraffin. Remove the bags and put them on furniture legs. Lock bags with adhesive tape. After that you can start the movement of home furniture.

greasy skin

Help to better cope with the task. Enough to enclose them under the corners of the fatty part of the cabinet to the floor. This will ensure ease of sliding.

Minus the present embodiment is the smell, which remains in the apartment.

Floor coverings that help move the cabinet

To facilitate the process by using a special coating which is placed under furniture to reduce friction.


on the mat

Wool mat with non-slip basis of need place a pile on the floorTo increase the sliding furniture. In this case, non-slip base will not allow the cabinet to move out from the coating.


Excellent cope with the movement of large objects. Enough to slip a large piece of linoleum under the bottom of furniture. If necessary, you can attach a rope to drag and drop convenience.

Old clothes

Another way is unusual old clothes with sleeves or pants with long trousers.

Take unnecessary items with soft bristles or cloth. Place them under the furniture. Now you can drag over the sleeves or legs to the cabinet to the right place. Since the weight may be too large, it is recommended to take several things at once.

Lubrication, which can help


If you have at hand was not any unnecessary things or suitable items to help lubricating fluid to reduce friction.

  • Usual suds. It can be made of soap chips and warm water.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Paraffin or substances to which it is included.
  • Wax.
  • cleanserForming soap or foaming solution.
  • lubricant.

Presented in this list options equally well to help cope with the problem.

Carefully apply and any of these types of lubricants on the floor. It should be lubricated only one way in which you move the furniture. After Working solution should be washed off with warm water and wipe the floor dry.

mechanical means

furniture transporter

Nowadays there are a wide variety of technical means to facilitate the work. For transportation of goods, you can use different devices.

furniture transporter

The device is a modern solution to the issue reshuffle. With the help of a small jack is necessary to lift the edge of the furniture and put under it a platform with rotating wheels. This model allows you to quickly and easily roll the cabinet to the apartment.

Stand with wheels

Perfectly suited to this situation. In the case of heavy objects is better to use the sliding cradle, attached to the embedded nails. Set them at the bottom of the design, to drag it.

garden Wagon

It will help solve the problem rather with light objects. When transporting the cabinet will need a partner to hold the structure.

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