3 types of drying dishwashers: how to choose the best

3 types of drying dishwashers: how to choose the best


A good dishwasher should completely rid the hostess of the need to mess around with plates and cups. Well, perhaps, let their owner to load, and then unload them after washing and drying. Speaking of the latter. In a modern dishwasher, one of three types of drying can be used:

  • condensing;
  • turbo;
  • intensive.

Each of them has its advantages, so to say which type is better is very difficult. Everything depends on what is important for you. Let's look at them in more detail.


  • 1Condensation drying
  • 2Turbosushka
  • 3Intense drying (with heat exchanger)
  • 4What is better, after all?

Condensation drying

This is the easiest and cheapest type of drying. With it, the dishes in the dishwasher are simply dried naturally. To make the process go faster, at the very end of the wash cycle, plates and cups are poured with very hot water. Steam rises and settles on the walls of the machine, the temperature of which is lower than in the cupboard for washing.

The whole process takes quite a lot of time, so this type is better to choose in case you are not going anywhere to rush. The ideal option - to include a cycle of washing in the evening, then by morning all the utensils surely will dry up. True, on the plates and cups can remain a divorce.


Here, the dishes are not just dried, but are constantly blown by hot steam. Especially for this purpose, a fan and a heater are built in the dishwasher. As a result, the drying process is much faster. However, because of the work of additional elements, extra power is wasted. One cycle of washing with a turbo-dryer will cost you much more than a cycle with condensation type.


Turbo-dryer is most often used in expensive models. This is due to the need to find a place for a special fan and protect it while the machine is running. However, in recent years, manufacturers have learned to add it to budget machines, so if you want, you can find a suitable model for the cost.

Intense drying (with heat exchanger)

Intensive drying appeared only recently. Apparently, the manufacturers took into account the advantages and disadvantages of the previous two types and decided to come up with something average. With intensive drying with a heat exchanger, the air also circulates inside the wash cabinet, speeding up the drying process of the dishes. However, this is not due to the fan, but due to the difference in pressure.

On the body of the dishwasher next to the sump there are special openings for collecting air. Since the inside of the cabinet is hot, and in the header is cold, there is a difference in pressure, due to which air circulates, blowing drying dishes.

What is better, after all?

The answer is simple: what's best for you is better. Is it important to save electricity? Choose a condensation or intensive type. Take care of the time? Buy a machine with a turbo-dryer.

When choosing, be sure to pay attention not only to the type, but also to the drying class. The letter "A" means that the dishes will be absolutely dry, without a single droplet. The letter "B" means that here and there the moisture still remains and it will have to be cleaned manually. Of course, the machine with the first class will cost more than the second.

Come to the choice consciously, and then you will only have the joy of buying!

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