How to assemble a bedroom set: preparation for assembly, the correct procedure.

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Bedroom set.Buying new furniture, especially a bedroom set, is always a pleasant and joyful event. After all, the bedroom is a place where we relax, love, meet a new day. When choosing a headset, pay attention not only to the design, but also to the quality of the material, ease of assembly and use, so that the pleasant sensations from the purchase will remain with you for many years. A properly designed bed will ensure a sound, healthy sleep and a great mood in the morning, and comfortable, functional wardrobes and dressers will solve the problem of storing the necessary things.

Preparing to assemble a headset for a bedroom

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  • Preparing to assemble a headset for a bedroom
  • How to assemble a bedroom set: the correct procedure

Headsets come in different configurations. Distinguish between the main pieces of furniture for the bedroom, without which it is difficult to do, and additional, purchased at will. Usually, the buyer decides for himself what kind of furniture he needs.

The main items of the bedroom set:

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  • bed;
  • wardrobe;
  • bedside tables.
Assembly service, you can order, or you can do it yourself.

Additional items for a bedroom set:

  • dresser;
  • dressing table or trellis;
  • armchair;
  • banquet;
  • coffee or coffee table;
  • a box or chest for bedding;
  • mirror.

Any headset is delivered to the buyer completely or partially disassembled. You can order a paid assembly service, or do it yourself. There is nothing complicated here, the main thing is to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the recommendations given below.

Let's decide on the tool that we need, there is not much of it:

  • screwdriver;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • hex wrench or screwdriver bit;
  • construction level;
  • ruler;
  • pencil.

ATTENTION! Before you start assembling the bedroom headset, decide on the location of the cabinets, bed, dressing table, etc. We place furniture where it is convenient to use it: open doors, pull out drawers. It should not interfere with movement around the room. Place the bed away from drafts.

We protect the floor from scratches and damage. You can put cardboard, film or oilcloth, an advertising banner (there are many ads on the Internet for the sale of used banners).

We lay out all the details by size and type. Elements of frames separately, shelves, doors, drawers separately. Check the number and dimensions of the parts with the manufacturer's specification, check for a complete set of fittings and fasteners. If there are not enough fasteners in the kit, send a request to the seller, and the missing quantity will be provided to you in a period of several days to several weeks. Or you can just buy fasteners at any hardware store.

How to assemble a bedroom set: the correct procedure

When the preparation is over, we proceed to the assembly. First of all, we assemble the furniture frame in accordance with the scheme specified by the manufacturer in the instructions.

We collect the closet.

ATTENTION! Collect large furniture, where it will stand, so as not to move ready-made cabinets and dressers around the room. This way you will preserve the integrity of the flooring and your strength.

First, fasten the legs and side walls to the bottom of cabinets and dressers with a screwdriver or hex wrench, then the roof or countertop. Putting the bed frame together. Usually, the holes for connecting furniture parts have already been made by the manufacturer, if they are not there, you will have to drill yourself. This can be done with a screwdriver or drill.

Assembling the bed.

IMPORTANT! When you make the holes yourself, carefully measure and mark the places where the furniture pieces are attached! Apply shelves, doors, frame elements before drilling the next hole. Otherwise, it will not be possible to assemble a bedroom set with high quality and reliability, if the discrepancies are serious, the set will not be able to be assembled at all.

We insert shelves and drawers into the assembled box. It is better to install guides for drawers and shelf mounts before installing the back wall, then you will be able to work with a tool from either side. We attach the headboard and base to the bed frame, on which the mattress will lie.

We attach the back walls to nails (fiberboard) or bolts and screws (wood, chipboard, MDF).

The next step: hanging the doors with furniture hinges. There must be round holes for the hinges in the side walls; it is very difficult to make them yourself without a special tool. We place one part of the hinge in the body, the other in the door, connect the elements. If the door is twisted after installation, does not close tightly or staggers, do not be alarmed, most hinges are released adjustable. You need to tighten the bolts a little, and the door will snap into place.

Check with a level how level the assembled furniture stands, align horizontally, adjustable legs twist to the desired height, under the unregulated ones, you can gently put a wooden or metal plate.

Finally, we attach handles and decorative elements. If the decor needs to be glued, use wood glue or good PVA.

The bedroom set is ready, you can start using it. Now, in a conversation with friends, you can proudly say: "I collected it myself!"

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