Sofa or bed what to choose: the pros and cons of sofas and beds

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Sofa or bed - what to chooseUpholstered furniture simply has to be comfortable and create conditions for a good rest. Our health and well-being directly depends on this. Therefore, buying a new thing is a serious event for which you need to prepare. When choosing furniture for sleeping, we doubt which is better to choose, a sofa or a bed? What item will provide us with the same healthy sleep that almost everyone dreams of. Let's figure it out together.

Before making a choice, pay attention to the operating parameters of the furniture. What is important to you: innovative orthopedic technologies or ergonomic space. In addition, you have to take into account the possibilities of the budget. I would like to make a purchase that does not require extra expenses.

Sofas: pros and cons

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  • Sofas: pros and cons
    • Advantages
    • disadvantages
  • Bed: pros and cons
    • Advantages
    • disadvantages
  • What to choose: sofa or bed

advantages of sofasFamiliar to many the sofa is a versatile, comfortable, multifunctional furniture. Consists of basic and additional structural elements:

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  • main frame;
  • back;
  • seat;
  • armrests;
  • linen boxes.


prosIf you are the owner of a small living space, then definitely choose a sofa.

Its advantages are the following properties.

  1. Ergonomics and zoning ability space.
  2. Large assortment of models and many additional functions.
  3. Modern mechanisms make it easy to unfold the sofa in full berth. There are models that are not inferior in size to double beds. Disassembled corner sofas have an area of ​​up to 250 cm in length and 350 cm in width.
  4. Variety of modules: from complex corner to the simplest swing.
  5. Modern vandal-proof coatings extend the life of sofas. And a huge selection of all kinds of colors allows you to choose furniture for any interior.


minusesBut sofas also have disadvantages.

  1. Any mechanism has depreciation. You may need to repair it after a while.
  2. Sofa after all will have to be assembled and disassembled every day.
  3. Many modules may not match in height, do not adjoin each other tightly. Which, naturally, is uncomfortable for the back.

IMPORTANT! The most comfortable for a full and comfortable sleep are the "accordion" and "clamshell" models.

Bed: pros and cons

bedImportant! The bed is more comfortable for a comfortable sleep and a good rest.

On beds use mattresses with orthopedic filling. They will set the optimal comfortable position for the back, correctly distribute the weight of the sleeping person. Let's look at the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of furniture, taking into account personal needs and preferences.

The beds are divided into the following types:

  • single;
  • double;
  • models of non-standard sizes.


  1. prosNo folding mechanism. Furniture does not need to be pushed apart and reassembled every day.
  2. Orthopedic qualities are possessed not only by mattresses, but also by the bottom of the bed itself.covered with lamellas. They give extra support to the mattress.
  3. You can choose the mattress yourself. At the same time, the buyer will be able to take into account his requirements for the coating, the rigidity of the base and berth, the cost of the product.
  4. The headboard and bed structure can be a decorative, functional and embellishing element of the bedroom design..
  5. Many models have large linen drawers. This helps to solve the problem of storing bed linen.


  1. Dimensions (edit) are one of the downsides of this piece of furniture. They do not go well with small apartments. The bed needs much more space, and it is desirable to have a separate room.
  2. Price. Orthopedic surfaces are quite expensive.
  3. Some beds are sold only with mattresses. But you may not like it or it may not suit you for some reason.
  4. Impossibility of easy movement of the structure itself.

IMPORTANT! The size of a standard bed is limited: 190 cm in length and 220 cm in width. The average height is from 30 to 60 cm.

What to choose: sofa or bed

what to chooseHow to use the information received and make a choice that you will not regret in the future. It depends solely on your taste and preference.

  • If space is limited, then the choice of a sofa is the most logical.. It is suitable for daily use. At the same time, when assembled, it significantly saves space.
  • With a separate bedroom, a bed would be the natural choice.. The double model is perfect for a married couple. And one and a half will be enough for one owner.
  • In the living room, it is better to prefer a sofa..
  • And to people whoever has a backache or a sore spine, it would be more correct to sleep on an orthopedic bed.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. As well as the only right or wrong choice.

Determine exactly your sleeping space requirements. Keep in mind that a bunk with an orthopedic mattress will be a bliss for your back.

Match the needs with the floor spaceme where the new piece of furniture will stand. For owners of small apartments who value coziness and comfort, a folding sofa will be a real salvation.

Many furniture salons offer to sit, or even lie down on different models. Don't give up on it! This is how you will feel your thing. Happy choice!

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