Corrugation hood: the choice of corrugated pipes for ventilation

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Many types of repair work can be done on their own. And connecting the hood to the ventilation system is one of those cases. Agree that even an inexperienced home master can cope with this crucial stage.

Especially when aluminum corrugation is used as an air duct for exhaust. This type of building material during installation does not require years of experience and special knowledge.

But you do not know where to start and how to choose the corrugated pipe? We will help you determine the type of material and cope with this type of installation work - the article discusses the types of corrugations, its features and scope of application.

The subtleties of the choice of a corrugated duct for connecting the hood are highlighted and step-by-step installation instructions are given. The material is supplemented with vivid photos of individual stages of installation of corrugations and video recommendations from experts.

The content of the article:

  • Classification and use of corrugations
    • Corrugated pipe types
    • Scope and nuances of application
  • instagram viewer
  • Guidelines for choosing the right pipe
  • Installation and installation details
  • Good reasons for pipe replacement
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Classification and use of corrugations

The corrugated pipe is presented on the building materials market in a wide variety of variants - these are colored models of small diameter made of plastic and a serious stainless steel flute. Material, size, color, price - all this for any buyer.

It is difficult for a novice home master to choose exactly what is ideal for solving the problems he has encountered.

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Corrugated pipe in the hood

The use of corrugated pipes in the organization of exhaust ventilation duct greatly simplifies and speeds up the installation work

Laying channels of any complexity

Corrugation provides the ability to lay air ducts of any complexity and length with the least number of turns and connecting nodes

Created corrugated corner

With the help of corrugations, exhaust paths are created with maximum acceptable turns, smooth corners without reducing the channel diameter

Channel with optimal aerodynamics

Thanks to the use of corrugated pipe, an exhaust hood is constructed with the highest aerodynamic characteristics exceeding the standards of rigid pipes.

The hood unit in the kitchen cabinet

Corrugation hoods are made of materials that are in excellent contact with any type of surface. It is safely laid in furniture modules.

Corrugated stainless steel knee

Metal corrugated parts are used mainly for building steel chimney pipes and the most rational device turns

Corrugated pipe joint

Aluminum and polymeric corrugated pipes are easily cut to the required size, they are securely connected to the ventilation elements with hose clamps

Formation of reliable exhaust channels

Subject to the rules of operation of the hood from the corrugated pipe will serve no less than a hard plastic or metal channel

Corrugated pipe in the hood

Corrugated pipe in the hood

Laying channels of any complexity

Laying channels of any complexity

Created corrugated corner

Created corrugated corner

Channel with optimal aerodynamics

Channel with optimal aerodynamics

The hood unit in the kitchen cabinet

The hood unit in the kitchen cabinet

Corrugated stainless steel knee

Corrugated stainless steel knee

Corrugated pipe joint

Corrugated pipe joint

Formation of reliable exhaust channels

Formation of reliable exhaust channels

Corrugated pipe types

One of the convenient and simple solutions for the kitchen is the use of corrugated pipes for connecting exhaust hoods to the ventilation system.

To buy exactly what is required, not to get lost among a large number of offers and not to overpay for the duct, you need to sort out the basic types and purpose of the corrugations.

Any color or material of corrugations

Due to inexperience, it is possible to choose the wrong type of pipe for ventilation, choosing a color or material that will harmoniously fit into the interior.

Corrugation is actively used by builders and home craftsmen as an important element in arranging communications.

Its popularity is due to high strength, a variety of sizes and materials, long service life.

Corrugated pipes of large diameter

Corrugated pipes of large diameter 3.0-3.6 m can often be seen under roads and railways. They are installed to perform the culvert function

In appearance the corrugation is rectangular and round. For the kitchen hood buy round duct.

Rectangular corrugations options

Rectangular cross-section variants of corrugations are more often used in industrial and warehouse premises.

You can often find corrugated pipes made of such materials:

  • galvanized steel;
  • stainless steel;
  • aluminum;
  • textile;
  • high and low pressure polyethylene;
  • polyvinyl chloride.

The type of material depends on the type of material and the diameter of the finished product. For the arrangement of household ventilation often buy corrugation of aluminum and stainless steel.

Plastic Corrugation

The plastic corrugation connecting the hood to the ventilation duct creates more noise than the aluminum equivalent

According to the method of manufacturing corrugated tubes are:

  • frame;
  • spiral wound.

The first type of products is a metal frame covered with aluminum foil or polymer film.

These are flexible air ducts. They have the ability to return the original appearance without deformations after stretching the full-length corrugations.

Spiral wavy corrugation

The spiral-wavy corrugation is made from stainless and galvanized steel, from aluminum. It is much more expensive than frame analogs.

The second type of duct is made of metal tapes. The finished product is half flexible - it can stretch by 2-3 times, but will not be able to return to its original state.

You will have to make an effort to give such a pipe the desired shape, and the signs of deformation will be clearly traced.

Many manufacturers offer flexible corrugations with and without thermal insulation. The first option allows you to expand the scope of use of products.

So, with the help of four-layer flexible pipes, ventilation ducts can be laid both inside and outside the premises. Yes, and the distance will not be of fundamental importance.

Heat insulated corrugated pipe

In the manufacture of insulated products used mineral wool or glass wool

Scope and nuances of application

A large variety of corrugated pipes, significantly differing in their size and type of material, eloquently testifies to the various areas of use of this building material.

Half-flexible pipes of small diameter, made of plastic and polymers, are actively used when laying electrical cable.

This can be a channel for telephone, computer, power and other wires. Most often, electricians use a corrugation with a diameter of 1.6 to 4 cm.

Half-flexible corrugation of galvanized or stainless steel has become one of the most important options in the arrangement of the heating system. In practice, this type of pipe is easier to install.

The ability to bend any segment, if necessary, without disturbing the internal diameter of the product helps to easily bend around corners and other difficult areas during installation.

Stainless Steel Corrugation

Corrugated galvanized and stainless steel is much more expensive than aluminum counterparts. But pipes made of solid material looks aesthetically

For ventilation systems, flexible types of corrugated pipes are used. The diameter most often used for household ventilation is from 10 to 15 cm. There are cases when a pipe with a diameter of 20, 30 or more cm is required. Although it is not running size, but to find the desired option is also not difficult.

As for the material of the products, the corrugation, bought by masters for arranging ventilation in the kitchen, is flexible and made of aluminum foil. Options with plastic material and stainless steel are used less frequently in everyday life.

Flexible pipe design

Such a popularity of flexible design due to the convenience of its installation. The price is quite reasonable and meets the requirements put forward to this product by buyers.

Textile ventilation ducts are used for arranging communications in industrial premises. They do not interfere with very fast air transfer in the room.

It is this feature that contributes to their use in meat processing plants, in catering and in other types of premises.

Fabric ventilation ducts

Fabric ventilation ducts are quick and easy to dismantle. They are not difficult to clean and disinfect

Plastic and plastic corrugation is used to connect plumbing, water supply to the washing machine, dishwasher and other equipment.

At arrangement of the sewerage without a corrugated pipe also not to do. Especially in difficult areas where the use of rigid construction can be difficult.

Guidelines for choosing the right pipe

A large selection of plastic ducts offered by sellers can create some difficulties when choosing the right pipe at arrangement of ventilation.

Therefore, to buy the right product, you should be guided by the following parameters:

  • diameter and length;
  • product material;
  • quality;
  • price.

The diameter must comply with the recommendations given in the instructions for the purchased model of the hood.

If you choose a larger or smaller version, then expensive equipment can at best do not cope with their functions to remove odors from the kitchen, and at worst - burn from overvoltage.

Measuring corrugations

Going to the store to buy a corrugation, you must carefully study the technical characteristics of the hood, and before buying do not hesitate to measure the product

No need to ignore the recommendations given by the manufacturer. Sometimes complete with exhaust hood is supplied duct. It's great if it fits in a specific case - the length will be sufficient and the material will suit.

Otherwise, you will have to visit the building materials market yourself and purchase a more suitable option.

Another situation where, together with the hood offer immediately buy and corrugation. Here you need to be extremely attentive, because the seller does not always care about the comfort of the client.

He may offer stale or too expensive goods. The length in this case must be measured in advance so as not to buy extra meters, relying on the seller’s experience.

 Flexible pipe for ventilation

The flexible pipe for ventilation in its original form has a length of 60-70 cm. But stretched by 3 meters. It is worth considering when buying

The length of the corrugations required to connect the hood with the ventilation duct is measured with a tape measure. Measurement should be done from the entrance to the exhaust pipe and to the entrance to the wall. The path should choose the one that is to be repeated pipe.

It should be noted that the corrugation may bend, depending on the technical parameters specified by the manufacturer. For example, 180 degrees.

The ability to bend at the right angle allows you to pave the most optimal way. Mounted pipe will be stretched. This point should be considered.

The second parameter influencing the choice is the material of the product. Sometimes the color is suitable plastic option. In this case, you need to remember the greater noise generated by the duct. If this question is not fundamental, then the range of models can be expanded.

Polyethylene transparent corrugation

Polyethylene corrugation is not used for ventilation. These products, depending on the diameter, are suitable for transporting and transferring bulk and liquid substances.

To buy did not disappoint, do not forget about the documents confirming the quality of the purchased goods. Do not hesitate to ask the seller a certificate of quality and manufacturer's warranty.

In addition to the document, you should carefully examine the corrugation - there should be no dents and suspicious scratches.

Do not be afraid to stretch the flexible pipe at full length and check it for the presence of gaps or holes - they should not be. If a corrugation of dubious quality, then it is better to refuse its purchase.

Flexible tube stretched

The flexible pipe will be installed in the ventilation system in a stretched form. Therefore, you need to carefully examine it in this state before purchasing.

Price also matters. It is good to look at similar offers from other manufacturers before purchasing in order not to overpay. Also, it will greatly help to save knowledge of the desired duct length.

When choosing, consider exactly where the corrugation will be used. If you plan to install it on the street or in the systems of forced ventilation, where there will be heating / cooling, then you should pay attention to models with thermal insulation.

It is more convenient to buy a finished product than to insulate a flexible pipe using your own resources.

In living conditions, corrugations are most often used in the device of ventilation ducts, which exhaust exhaust air from the kitchen, and in the connection of exhaust devices.

With steps air extraction devices in the kitchen using corrugated pipe introduces the following selection:

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Step 1: Drilling the duct hole

Having decided on the location of the exhaust, we find a place to put the duct on the street or in the general house ventilation

Step 2: Fitting the duct to the installation site

Corrugated duct trying on to the installation site. We look to the hole did not squeeze the pipe

Step 3: Drill Hole Holes

According to the size of the exhaust bell we mark on its wall the points of its fastening, drill holes

Step 4: Install the fastener to hang the hood

Install into the holes of the dowel, making sure that they are installed securely, twist the screws into the dowel.

Step 5: Trimming Corrugations to Real Sizes

Cut off the excess corrugated pipe, taking into account the height of the hood

Step 6: Fitting the masking bell

We attach the exhaust duct to the installation site for fitting, find out if the pipe needs fitting in length, if necessary, trim

Step 7: Entering the corrugated pipe into the bell

We introduce a trimmed and fitted corrugated pipe into the exhaust duct, achieve a snug fit along the joining line

Step 8: Exhaust Hoisting

Fix the masking exhaust device box bell on the wall, check the reliability of fastening

Step 1: Drilling the duct hole

Step 1: Drilling the duct hole

Step 2: Fitting the duct to the installation site

Step 2: Fitting the duct to the installation site

Step 3: Drill Hole Holes

Step 3: Drill Hole Holes

Step 4: Install the fastener to hang the hood

Step 4: Install the fastener to hang the hood

Step 5: Trimming Corrugations to Real Sizes

Step 5: Trimming Corrugations to Real Sizes

Step 6: Fitting the masking bell

Step 6: Fitting the masking bell

Step 7: Entering the corrugated pipe into the bell

Step 7: Entering the corrugated pipe into the bell

Step 8: Exhaust Hoisting

Step 8: Exhaust Hoisting

You may also be interested in material about varieties. plastic pipes for kitchen hood.

Installation and installation details

Process connecting corrugations to the hood and ventilation system Will be able to do the master craftsman.

To do this work, to take:

  • flexible pipe;
  • hose clamps;
  • aluminum tape;
  • grid with check valve;
  • silicone sealant;
  • Adapters from round to square.

The last point is useful in the case when the hood has a square or rectangular nozzle, and a corrugation is acquired round.

Adapters for smaller and larger diameter

There are on sale adapters for smaller and larger diameter. They should be used only when necessary, so as not to reduce the performance of exhaust equipment.

It is good to buy all necessary details together with a corrugated pipe.

This will not make a mistake with the number of necessary parts.

Accessories for duct installation

All components for future installation of the duct should be selected, after taking measurements at the place of the upcoming installation

If you need to interconnect 2 or more flexible pipes, you can use aluminum tape.

It connects well the material of metal ducts, provided it is carefully glued to the surface.

Aluminum tape

Aluminum tape can not only connect 2 corrugations to each other, but also seal a hole that has been broken through

Corrugated pipe to stretch the full length. In this state, one end must be attached to the exhaust exhaust pipe.

For mounting will use a metal pipe and sealant.

Monta corrugations

Sealant should be applied only on a dry and clean surface. Otherwise, it will not be able to securely close the joints.

Then every 1.0 meter vertically or 1.5 meters horizontally making the corrugations, you need to put additional clamps. These devices will ensure proper air duct attachment.

If there are only 0.5-0.8 meters to the vent hole, then no additional clamps will have to be installed.

Do not make sharp corners

With a large length of the ventilation duct, do not make sharp corners - each of them will reduce exhaust performance by 10%

If the entrance to the ventilation is more than 3 meters, then you need to choose a more powerful model of the hood or stretch the corrugated pipe in a straight line under the ceiling to shorten the path. Indeed, the longer the channel, the more powerful the equipment should be.

Putting additional clamps, it will remain to connect the corrugation with the ventilation hole, inserting its second end into the corresponding hole of the wall grille.

Wall grilles for ventilation

Wall grilles for ventilation come with or without a built-in non-return valve.

Lattice joints with the pipe should also be thoroughly processed using sealant. Now we have to check the quality of the installation. To do this, turn on the hood and attach a sheet of paper - if it is attracted, then everything is mounted perfectly. So you can proceed to the decor.

The decorative cover of the hood itself can be used as a decor.

Sometimes this is not enough. Then the owners connect the fantasy, selecting the most optimal option, for example, hide the pipe in the wall lockers. What is especially important for built-in hood.

The ventilation duct is hidden in a plastic box

Sometimes the vent is hidden in a plastic box. If you also install a backlight in it, no one would guess about the metal corrugation inside.

Depending on the style of the kitchen interior, the corrugated pipe can be hidden under the hanging ceiling. If the furniture in the room in the high-tech style, the metal corrugation organically fit into the big picture.

It happens that the air duct fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, being a logical continuation and not getting out of the overall composition.

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Conclusion of corrugations in general house ventilation

When a hood is installed in a block of flats, the corrugation is brought into the general house ventilation duct. Most often, just connect to the ventilation grille

Conclusion corrugated pipe in a private house

In private homes, the exhaust duct from the corrugated pipe is more sensible to lead through the ceiling and non-residential attic to the street. This scheme is better from a thermal point of view.

Masking Corrugated Pipe Box

Within the kitchen, corrugated pipe is placed at its own discretion. However, the priority is to completely disguise the duct behind a rigid duct

Partially closed corrugated box

It is not necessary to completely close the corrugated channel with the box, it can only be partially masked

Conclusion of corrugations in general house ventilation

Conclusion of corrugations in general house ventilation

Conclusion corrugated pipe in a private house

Conclusion corrugated pipe in a private house

Masking Corrugated Pipe Box

Masking Corrugated Pipe Box

Partially closed corrugated box

Partially closed corrugated box

Good reasons for pipe replacement

Corrugation is an inexpensive and very worthy solution to the problem of home ventilation. If it is installed correctly, then there will be no problems with use. The main thing is to follow the recommendations specified by the manufacturer of the product.

Care for corrugated duct is not particularly necessary. One thing is unpleasant - it is very uncomfortable to get the dust from the walls. Over time, after 8-10 years, a rather thick deposit of particles of fat, burning and dust is formed inside the pipe. Clean it will not succeed. The only way out is to install a new corrugation.

If we compare the service life of 10 years with the cost of the new ventilation duct, the replacement does not look like a problem at all.

Replacing old corrugations

When replacing, you must first dismantle the old pipe, and then install a new one.

When dismantling it is necessary to perform all the actions that during installation, only in the reverse order.

After removing the pipe, you must thoroughly clean the joints, clean the ventilation grill or replace it altogether. Then perform all the installation of the new corrugations.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video clip on how to connect the air duct in the kitchen - features of using a corrugated pipe:

Metallic corrugation, used as an air duct in a kitchen hood, can be hidden behind a decorative casing.

This video instruction will help to correctly connect it to the hood:

A visual video of the additional details used when connecting a pipe from the corrugations to the hood:

Video review of flexible corrugated aluminum pipe:

An interesting video clip about how to produce air ducts from aluminum foil:

Having dealt with the features of the selection and installation of corrugations, you can save money by doing everything yourself. These works do not require special skills and professional tools, which allows you to do without calling specialists.

A quality corrugated pipe, properly attached to the hood, can provide ventilation for the kitchen for at least the next 10 years.

If you installed a corrugated air duct on your own in your kitchen, mounted a decorative box to mask it or have the knowledge of choosing the best air duct for kitchen hood, please share your experience in the comments under article.

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