Dimensions of a toilet bowl with a cistern: the rules for choosing the dimensions of a toilet bowl

The toilet is a must-have attribute of a modern apartment. If it is necessary to install a new model, it is important not to be mistaken in choosing a convenient option to use. Read about the dimensions of the device, how to choose them correctly, in our material.

What are the sizes of toilets with a cistern

The content of the article

  • What are the sizes of toilets with a cistern
  • Rules for choosing the size of the toilet

The parameters are prescribed by the standards (GOST 30493-96), but may vary depending on the type of product. Length, height and width are indicated in mm:

  • the usual, most common toilet bowl provides a tank fixed on a special shelf, the total dimensions are 605 * 340 * 320 (up to 370);
  • the version without a shelf differs significantly in length - 330 (460) * 360 * 300 (350);
  • children's toilet, characterized by a minimum area, from 280 * 130 * 210 to 405 * 335 * 290.Dimensions of a toilet bowl with a cistern.

There are options for placing the tank in the wall. The sizes of the hinged structure can be from 480 * 350 * 400 to 700 * 400 * 370 - this significantly saves space in the restroom. The device is mounted on a metal frame called an installation.

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A similar variety - built-in toilets, can be placed in a corner or on the floor, and can be for children. The tank in this scheme is hidden from the eyes, the visible part has dimensions of 470 (580) * 390 (420) * 350 (370).

Among non-standard products are widespread:

  • small-sized accessories for small rooms - 330 * 590 * 470;
  • corner floor products, have a triangular shape, perfect for miniature restrooms, 816 * 360 * 760;
  • enlarged copies, made to order, their dimensions start from 700 * 400 * 60, suitable for people with a large weight.

Reference! In products providing for the installation of a tank, the dimensions are indicated taking into account its dimensions. This indicator depends on the manufacturer, for example, in Europe the values ​​are 680 * 360 * 400.

Rules for choosing the size of the toilet

There are several criteria to consider when purchasing a device.

First, you need to determine how the model will be placed in the room. We measure the room, focusing on the location of the sewer outlet - the toilet siphon will be connected to it, respectively, the accessory is installed above this place or next to it.

We take into account the features of the selected instance. For example, the indicators of a corner toilet are determined by the width of the corner of the room. The frame on which the pendant model is mounted has different sizes, so they are chosen depending on the wall and the load.

Attention! The bathroom can be combined or separate, but the installation conditions are identical for both cases.

There must be a free space in front of the structure - at least 600 mm. This is necessary so that the user does not experience discomfort, for example, does not rest his knees on other equipment. A distance of 300 mm from the side walls and other plumbing fixtures is maintained, it will provide convenient cleaning and passage. General requirements:

  • a person moves freely in the room;
  • there is no blocking of the front door, lockers open freely.

Let's pay special attention to the size of the plumbing.

The height of the accessory is selected so that it is comfortable to sit on. Correct position: the feet do not hang in the air, but stand firmly on the floor. The value is selected based on the height of the tallest tenant. The correct height of the toilet is with feet on the floor.

The width is determined by the physical form of the wearer - there should be no muscle stiffness.

The length is said above: the value is suitable if the device allows you to freely open and close the room.

What you should pay attention to:

  • the comfort of using plumbing is provided for all residents;
  • the device is commensurate with the parameters of the room;
  • the appearance matches the design of the bathroom.

Choosing a new toilet is not difficult. It is enough to decide on the desired type of device, calculate the parameters. Be sure to check the future installation site so that use is comfortable and all actions are easy.

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