How to choose a spinning machine for washing clothes

Centrifuge for pressing clothes is a device known to many housewives. But we are not talking about a "makeweight" for a semi-automatic washing machine, but a full-fledged independent household appliance. It can be purchased as a supplement to the semi-automatic machine without pressing. Also, the device is suitable for those who erase in manual mode, to facilitate the whole process. Next, we'll look at the operation of such a centrifuge and give a brief overview of the popular models so that you can decide whether or not to make such a purchase.

Content of the material:

  • 1How does the centrifuge work?
  • 2What to look for when choosing
  • 3Browse popular models
    • 3.1KOH-I-NOOR VISION C-352
    • 3.2Thomas 776 SEL
    • 3.3AEG SV
    • 3.4Neva 7
    • 3.5Rada C35

How does the centrifuge work?

The household centrifuge has the simplest device. The parts of the device are hidden from the body of plastic or metal, the shape is round or square. Inside there is a drum, located vertically. During operation, the drum rotates at high speed, creating a centrifugal force, as a result of which water droplets are pushed out of the laundry and drained into the tank. From the centrifuge, the water is drained into a specially withdrawn container. Virtually all centrifuges have similar characteristics, and there is no fundamental difference in the principle of their use. To properly wring out laundry in a centrifuge, you need:

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  • Open the cover of the spinning machine.
  • Remove the plug.
  • Lay the laundry in the drum. Stack things tightly to avoid imbalance and jumping machine during operation.
  • Replace the cover and close the cover.
  • Place the container and start the device.
  • On the mechanical timer, select the operating time. The device will start on its own. In some models, you need to switch the toggle switch to start.
  • At the end of work, switch off the centrifuge.
  • Get out and dry the clothes.

Important! At work, even an expensive model will create vibrations. They can be quenched by using antivibration stands for washing machines.

If you do not work spinning in a semi-automatic machine, such as "Fairy "Renova" or other mini-washing with rinsing and wringing, you can avoid repair. To do this, purchase a separate independent centrifuge and squeeze it - conveniently and reliably.

What to look for when choosing

Buying equipment to improve the quality of pressing things, users pay attention to two main factors: quality and price. Everyone would have liked that the machine was cheap, but it worked for a long time and without failures. Perhaps we disappoint you, but this does not happen - you will have to pay for quality. And that's why:

  • A good device can not be a priori cheap.
  • Quality assembly at a low price does not guarantee a high-quality spin.

Therefore, the question of how much a centrifuge costs should be of last concern. First of all, pay attention to these points:

  • Drum capacity. The larger the tank volume, the higher the value. Such a machine can be used to wring carpets and other large things - curtains, blankets, bedspreads, outerwear.
  • Number of revolutions. In modern technology, the drum speed is about 2000 revolutions per minute or more. The higher the value, the less moisture remains in the laundry.

Important! Remember that a high rotation speed can mess things up.

  • Sustainability. Unfortunately, to check this parameter, you need to start the unit. Not all stores have test stands. If you buy a used car, it will be easier. Vibrate and sway in the work of the centrifuge can, but jumping and moving on the floor - in any case.
  • Energy Efficiency. Such devices require resources and quickly wear out, so it is worth choosing low-power models, for example, in 350 W - such a machine does not require enormous electricity costs.

  • Dimensions. If the centrifuge does not have a permanent place, and you plan to hide it in the pantry after use, the dimensions are an important criterion. Also relevant for residents of small apartments.
  • Materials. To understand what the tank and hull is made from, do not need to be an expert. Choose the device in a metal case, not plastic. If there are no options, then check the quality and strength of the plastic by pressing it with your finger.
  • Sealants. These components must be properly installed and adjusted to close the hatch. If you notice a curvature or an incorrect position of the rubber bands, refuse to buy it.
  • Draining. The height of the nozzle should be sufficient, and the length - the optimum for draining water into the container.

Important! Find a model with a removable spout to get a more compact technique.

Browse popular models

Do not know where to buy and how to choose the right model? Rating of popular samples will help to form a correct opinion.


The device imported to the Russian Federation from Argentina. There are three reasons why KOH-I-NOOR got the first stage of our TOP-5:

  1. The best quality of spinning among the analogs: in the laundry remains up to 22% moisture.
  2. Capacity - 5 kg.
  3. Economical and fast work.

Among the advantages is the absence of rattling while working and a relatively reasonable price of 1, 00 rubles.

Thomas 776 SEL

It is distinguished by the following parameters and characteristics:

  • Drum capacity in, kg.
  • Residual humidity of wrung out laundry is 40%.
  • High build quality.
  • Affordable price - within 9 000 rubles.


"Silver" rating went to AEG SV from a well-known German brand, which has already successfully established itself as a manufacturer of the best washing machines. The parameters of the model are slightly weaker than the previous ones:

  • The drum volume is 4 kg.
  • The rotation speed is 2800 revolutions per minute.
  • The humidity of the laundry after spinning is 40%.

The price for today is about 15 000 rubles.

Neva 7

Domestic model, supplemented by a rinse function. The build quality leaves much to be desired, and on materials the manufacturer has clearly saved. The disadvantages are compensated by the performance:

  • The drum holds 6 kg of laundry.
  • Modest weight.
  • Convenient handle for carrying and compact dimensions - ideal for storage.
  • Low consumption of resources.
  • A pleasant price is less than , 00 rubles.
  • Average quality of spin: residual humidity in the region of 45%.

Rada C35

The last place of the rating went to another Russian model. This is a small-sized version with an average build quality. The main and significant drawback is a weak spin, leaving up to 70% moisture in the laundry. But will appreciate the price - just over 3 000 rubles. Today, the demand for such devices has fallen due to the wide distribution of automatic washers. But, if there is no possibility to install SMA at home for one reason or another, do not be stingy and buy a centrifuge. Our rating will help you in choosing the right model.

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