Wash the phone, money, passport in the washing machine - how to fix it

Manufacturers of equipment always warn that before washing it is necessary to check and clean pockets. Unfortunately, not everything happens by the rules. What if you wash your phone in a washing machine, or do you get wet in your pocket?

It is important to know how to return objects to their original form without losing a minute of time.

Wash the phone, money, passport in the washing machine - how to fix it

Content of the material:

  • 1What to do and how to dry
    • 1.1If you washed the money
    • 1.2If you forgot a trifle
    • 1.3If you washed the passport
      • 1.3.1Document Replacement
    • 1.4If the phone was washed

What to do and how to dry

If after the start of washing you remember that you left the phone in your pocket, or have already erased the documents and money - take urgent measures. How to dry the washed items, read below.

If you washed the money

Since the money is made of special, thick paper, they will not get much damage. A little paint may be washed out, but the serial numbers must remain. Denominations can not be recovered only in case of severe damage and tears.

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Washing money in the typewriter is not uncommon. Therefore, there are several proven ways how to restore spoiled bills.

If you washed the money

The first option involves drying between album sheets:

  1. Put the bill on a white sheet, cover with another sheet.
  2. Top with a press.
  3. As soon as the sheets are impregnated with moisture - replace them. Change the sheets until the money is fully restored.

Another way is to dry the money on the rope. If there are a few bills, hang them on a rope, attaching it with clothespins until it dries completely.

If you washed the money

Also common method of drying the hair dryer, when the money is dried by a stream of hot air. But the most effective and proven method is drying with an iron. How to do it:

  • Use a white sheet of paper or a layer of fabric.
  • On the ironing board, lay out the bill, cover it with a sheet.
  • Irish iron until completely restored.

After the procedure, the money will be as new. You can easily pay them in the store.

If you forgot a trifle

If you forgot coins in your pockets and did not find them after the end of the wash cycle - they stayed in the washing machine. This can lead to serious damage and damage to the drum.

  1. Scroll the drum by hand, feel the surface.
  2. Unbolt the cuff of the hatch, perhaps a trifle got there.
  3. Inspect the drain filter. It is located at the bottom of the front panel, behind the door.

If you forgot a trifle

Could not find the coins? I'll have to disassemble the machine and inspect the drum with the drum. Tip: how to get foreign objects from the typewriter.

If you washed the passport

If your passport has been washed, you need to check its status. Replace the document if:

  • all the inscriptions are erased, blurred, you can not read anything;
  • it is torn.

If you washed the passport

How to recover a passport at home:

  1. Open the document, flip through and paste all the pages.
  2. Transfer the pages with white sheets, leave to dry.

Attention! Do not dry the passport on the battery. It is deformed, and it will not be possible to restore it.

  1. Periodically change sheets as soon as they are impregnated with moisture.
  2. When the document dries, place a press on top.

As a result, your document is valid. You can use it as before. But in state organizations you can be advised to replace your passport.

If all the inscriptions, seals and signs are clearly visible, then the law does not provide for a mandatory replacement of the document, it's your own business. The situation is different with a really spoiled document. You must replace it, and you will have to pay a fine.

According to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, damage to the document due to negligence and the impossibility of its restoration is punishable by a fine of 100 to 300 rubles or an administrative warning.

Document Replacement

What you need to provide for a quick passport replacement:

  • Write a statement of damage or loss of the document on the model of 1P.

Document Replacement

  • Apply with the application to the Migration Service at the place of residence. If you are registered at the place of residence, the waiting period will be about 10 days. If you do not live in the place of residence, you will have to wait until 2 months.
  • Show the old document.
  • Make two photos.
  • Bring a receipt for payment of state duty (about 1500 rubles).

Document Replacement

  • To present a certificate of birth or marriage or other documents. All the data that must be entered in the passport is required.

The application for the replacement of the document can be submitted online on the Internet. Then you do not have to stand in line.

When you receive a new document, be sure to check the data.

If the phone was washed

Washing the phone or player leads to disastrous results. Chances that the technology will survive is not enough. Much depends on:

  • Was the iPhone turned on before washing. If not, the chances of recovery are greater.
  • How long did the technique take place in the water.
  • At what temperature did the washing take place. If the water was hot, over 60 degrees, then the damage is too great. The technique is not subject to recovery.

If the phone was washed

What to do with the washed phone:

  1. If the device was turned on, turn off the phone.
  2. Disassemble. Remove the back cover, remove the battery and parts that can be removed by yourself.
  3. Spread the parts dry on paper napkins that absorb moisture well.
  4. To moisture quickly evaporated, wipe the elements with alcohol. The main thing - do not need to take cotton wool, tampon, they leave nap.
  5. The board must be treated with a special spray - "Contact 60". It cleans contacts from rust and plaque, restores them.
    Wash the phone, money, passport in the washing machine - how to fix it
  6. Allow parts to dry out. Dry the elements with a hairdryer. You need to do this carefully: cold air in the distance.

Collect and check the phone for operation. Could not restore the work yourself? Contact the service center. Perhaps, the device can still be saved.

Be careful when washing things. It is better to be reinsured several times and check everything, than to deal with the consequences of negligence.

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