Standard height of the kitchen unit, taking into account all dimensions

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To conveniently organize the kitchen space, you need to take into account many details: the area and height of the room, the dimensions of electrical appliances, the growth of the owners of the house and their preferences. The height of the kitchen unit is based on many years of experience in the manufacture of furniture. It is recommended for consumer convenience and simplification of calculations.

Standard sizes of kitchen sets

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A properly sized kitchen unit helps ensure good performance throughout the day without signs of physical fatigue. It is convenient to take any thing, no need to reach out, often bend over, walk far.

Cabinet dimensions

Kitchens come in standard sizes for base, top and corner cabinets. If the growth of the owners of the kitchen differs significantly from the norm up or down, then in some cases it is worth thinking about an individual project.

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Bottom row of sections

The height of the lower row of furniture is 85 - 90 cm from the floor. This size includes:

  • worktop thickness 2.8 cm, 3 cm or 4 cm;
  • the height of the cabinet itself is from 72 cm;
  • the height of the legs or base is 10 - 15 cm.

The size of the kitchen cabinet is adjusted for the height of the person who cooks most meals in the family. The working surface should be just below the waist level - then the hands do not get tired during the cooking process.

The depth of the standard tabletop is 60 cm. With this size, the surface for work is sufficient and convenient; a gas stove and a sink can easily be built into it. It is desirable that the countertop hangs over the facade by 3 - 5 cm (at least 0.5 cm). This helps protect the front of the furniture from liquids and dirt.

Lower modules dimensions

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At the back, the table top reaches the wall, and a free space of 5-10 cm is left between the cabinet and the wall. There they lay wires from the stove and other electrical appliances, a gas pipeline, water pipes. The depth of the cabinet is 46 cm or more. The most convenient sizes are 56 - 58 cm.

If the room is large, you can install a 90 cm worktop, which will increase the depth of the cabinets to 76 cm. Sometimes, with an island layout, a 120 cm countertop is used. The cabinets are located underneath it, and the doors open around the perimeter.

As a rule, large and heavy kitchen utensils are put into the lower modules: pots, pans. The shelves are equipped with a height of 20 - 40 cm, depending on what they plan to store on them.

Often a stove, sink, dishwasher is built into the bottom row. Then it is imperative to take into account their dimensions:

  • The size of the hole for the hob is on average 49 - 56 cm.
  • Niche for the built-in oven 59.5 * 59.5 cm.
  • The niche for the refrigerator should be 1.5 - 3 cm larger than the device itself on each side.

Top modules

The height of the furniture largely depends on the height of the kitchen itself. Most of modern apartments are from floor to ceiling 240 cm, kitchen sets - 210 cm. It is desirable that the top of the cabinets exceed the height of a person by no more than 25 cm. If the furniture is taller, it will be possible to reach the shelves only by substituting a stool. This space can be used to store light items that are least used. You also need to place furniture without blocking the entrance to the ventilation ducts.

The height of the cabinets is 70 - 90 cm. Sometimes, when placing cabinets above a stove or refrigerator, their height is less: 36 - 40 cm. Optionally, the height can be increased up to 120 cm. It is important that a person can freely reach the door and the bottom shelf of the top row.

Dimensions of the upper sections

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The depth of the upper modules of kitchen cabinets is made approximately 2 times less than the lower ones. This is usually 30 cm. To fit a microwave oven, the depth must be at least 40 cm. In this case, the door should open freely, that is, the depth of the shelf should be taken into account 2 cm less than the device. The back wall of the cabinet behind the stove should not be so that the microwave does not overheat and cools better.

Sometimes the hood is built into the top module. Consider the requirements: the hood should be located at a distance of 75 - 80 cm from the gas stove and 70 - 75 cm from the electric oven.

Corner models

They are in the form of a trapezoid or the letter V. They are often found in kitchens, they allow you to make the most of the entire space. For V-shaped, the length of the back walls is 80 cm, the width of the fronts is 46 - 50 cm for the lower and 30 cm for the upper cabinets. In terms of depth and height, the furniture matches the adjacent wardrobes of its row.

When designed in the form of a trapezoid, a 13 cm wide slice is formed at the back, 60 cm each for the length of the rear walls. In front, the width of the cut is 38 - 40 cm.

How to choose the right headset size

First you need to measure all the parameters of the kitchen, the dimensions of the sink and the available electrical appliances (stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator). Taking into account the location of the sockets, the exit to the ventilation shaft, pipes with water, outline the location of the required elements. Choose models built into furniture or free-standing.

How to choose the right headset

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Think over where what will be stored, how much space will be required for this. Knowing the standard height, width and depth of kitchen cabinets, draw a diagram of the placement of appliances and kitchen units on paper.


Hanging cabinets must be at least 45 cm above the table top. The most convenient distance between the bottom and top row is 55 - 60 cm with a standard height. It is optimal that the lower shelves of the upper cabinets are at eye level for the owners of the kitchen. Light items are installed in the upper cabinets. Near the stove there are spices, cereals, near the sink - detergents, cups, plates.

The recommended height of the kitchen unit is 185 - 210 cm. Above leave space for the duct, wires from the hood. The height of kitchen cabinets from the floor can be up to 250 cm if the ceiling in the room is high.


The upper modules are shallower in depth than the lower ones. It is necessary to find the optimal size at which everything you need will fit in the closet, and there will be enough space in the room. For free passage between furniture, there must be a gap of at least 90 - 120 cm.

The size of the drawers depends on the depth of the cabinets. With a countertop of 60 cm, the depth of the drawer is 46 cm, with a countertop of 90 cm, respectively 76 cm. It is not recommended to make boxes that are too bulky, since the bottom can be squeezed from the large weight of things.


The front of the kitchen module has a width of 30 - 50 cm with one door and 60 - 100 cm with two doors. For corner models, a width of 85 cm is allowed. It is important that one door does not exceed 90 cm in width, otherwise it will take up a lot of space when opening.

The width of the fronts should be the same for the furniture of the upper and lower rows. Then the headset looks holistic and harmonious.

Varieties of kitchen furniture

There are modular and custom-made kitchen furniture. The modules have standard dimensions for kitchen cabinets. Their height is 85 - 90 cm, length and width: 60 * 60 cm, less often 45, 50, 75, 80 cm. Depending on the size of the kitchen, the required number of ready-made floor-standing, hanging and corner cabinets is selected. According to their functional purpose, they are equipped inside in different ways: for a dryer, storage of dishes, for built-in appliances, sinks.

modular kitchen

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Custom-made furniture is more expensive, but it allows you to take into account all the wishes of the owners, it is suitable for non-standard and small-sized premises.

Working triangle rules

This is a convenient mutual arrangement of the three zones of the kitchen:

  1. Basic: includes a stove and a microwave oven, a work surface.
  2. Clean: consists of a sink, a drying section, a dishwasher.
  3. Food storage: refrigerator, freezer.

The cooking process requires constant movement between these zones: take the product, wash, cook, clean. It is better if they are located no more than 2 sizes of an outstretched arm. Then you don't have to walk a lot. Of course, in large kitchens, the distances will be different, but it should be convenient to move between these zones, without obstacles on the way.

Various types of kitchen cabinets complement these areas and are designed to store dishes, food and detergents.

Working triangle rule in the kitchen

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The value of the standard sizes of kitchen furniture

The height of the lower kitchen cabinets should be adjusted for the height of a particular person: for every 15 cm of growth more or less than the standard 170 cm, it is necessary to shift the level of the working surface up or down, respectively, by 5 cm.

Upper kitchen cabinets can be hung higher or lower, the main thing is to keep the gap between the upper and lower row at least 45 cm. All this allows you to make the kitchen as comfortable as possible, and the cooking process is pleasant and not very tiring.

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