How and how to paint jeans black: 3 reliable ways


  • 1 Before painting
    • 1.1 Training
    • 1.2 Whitening
  • 2 What and how to paint black jeans?
    • 2.1 Method 1. Special paints
    • 2.2 Method 2 Hair dye
    • 2.3 Method 3. Paint for fabrics
    • 2.4 other methods
  • 3 Recommendations
  • 4 Care after dyeing
  • 5 Conclusion
Favorite jeans lost color?Favorite jeans lost color?

Jeans are comfortable, practical and relevant at almost any event. But over time, they change color, they may appear divorce, but not all are decided to throw out your favorite thing. The way out of this situation will be staining. In this article I will explain how and how you can dye black jeans at home.

Jeans - versatile clothingJeans - versatile clothing

Before painting

There are a few things to consider before painting things:

  1. Analyze all the pros and cons of the procedure.. This is a risky business, and the result may not meet expectations.
  2. Consider the fabric composition. It is easy to change the color of natural fabrics. But if synthetic filaments are present, the color may turn paler.
The density and composition of the material affect the final result.The density and composition of the material affect the final result.
  1. Consider the original color of the clothes. If the white color is repainted black, then the result will be gray or dark gray. But not black! It is better to choose tones similar in combination.
  2. Work must always wear gloves.
Rubber gloves protect the skin of the handsRubber gloves protect the skin of the hands
  1. Adhere to the recommendations indicated on the dye. The instruction will clarify the necessary proportions and procedures.


Before changing or updating the color of the denim thing you need to prepare:

  1. Wash. Check for grease stains. When washing do not use rinsing, they can impede the process of painting.
  2. Cut all shortcuts. Labels on jeans in most cases, too, are painted, and therefore spoil. After the process, they can be re-sewn.
Cut off the labelCut off the label
  1. Whiten if necessary.. If your jeans are not blue, you will have to use bleach.
  2. Preparing a place to work. We clean the surface, we cover with newspapers so that the dyes do not fall on the objects that are nearby.
Proper preparation - 75% success!Proper preparation - 75% success!


To improve the result of dyeing, a denim product is better to bleach. For this:

  1. We part water and bleach in a proportion 1: 1. It is best to use a deep container, such as a bucket or basin. If the jeans are light, then a weaker solution is made.
Whiteness is an excellent bleachWhiteness is an excellent bleach
  1. We place the denim product in the container and leave it for 1-2 hours. Every 20 minutes you need to change the position of the thing, that is, stir.
  2. After bleachingextra rinsing should be done.

Jeans should not become pure white, most likely they will have a yellowish tint. Do not worry, black pigment will paint over everything!

What and how to paint black jeans?

Now many will wonder, why complicate things if it is easier to go and buy new pants of any color and size? However, not the fact that they ideally sit on the figure and become loved.

But small flaws can be hidden under the paint. By changing their color, you reanimate jeans, and they will look like new.

Give a second life to old jeansGive a second life to old jeans

What is the color of jeans black? I highlighted 3 main ways to change color. Let us examine each case separately.

Method 1. Special paints

You can purchase special powder paints online or at a hardware store. With their help, you can paint the thing in the washing machine. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the package.

It looks like a bag of paintIt looks like a bag of paint

If you have acquired a composition of foreign manufacture, then we act as follows:

  1. Prepare jeans, turn them inside out, we look at the optimal temperature of washing on the label.
  2. Then we put them in the washing machine and pour the powder on top.
  3. Run the selected wash mode.
Instead of powder for washing add dyeInstead of powder for washing add dye
  1. After that, rinse them in warm water with vinegar, it will help fix the color.
  2. Then we erase in the usual way with a powder.

There are paints that are not poured into the drum, but are placed directly with the packaging in the washing machine. Read the instructions carefully!

Read the instructions on the package before use.Read the instructions on the package before use.

Method 2 Hair dye

How to paint black jeans at home, if you can not buy a special paint? For such purposes, useful ordinary hair dye.

Be careful with shades! And if the jeans are large, then buy 2 packs of paint.

You can paint jeans hair dyeYou can paint jeans hair dye
  1. Dilute the paint in warm water so that the pants are completely covered with a solution.
  2. We reserve everything for 1 hour.
  3. We take them out and rinsed first in plain water, and then add salt and vinegar.
This job is best done with glovesThis job is best done with gloves

Method 3. Paint for fabrics

Stayed my favorite way! Now I will tell you how to dye black jeans at home with fabric paints. This method differs from the previous ones in that it is necessary to tinker a bit.

The photo shows the paint for fabricThe photo shows the paint for fabric

If you purchased such paint, do the following:

  • diluted in water (proportions in the instructions for the composition), it is better to use a bucket or a deep container;
  • we put our jeans in the prepared mix;
  • put it all on fire and boil for 1-1.5 hours;
  • constantly mix the pants so that they are colored evenly and without streaks;
  • After that, we care in salt or acetic water to fix the pigment.
Well rinse jeans so that there are no streaksWell rinse jeans so that there are no streaks

other methods

I will tell about rare and interesting ways how to change or update black color on clothes. To update the color, you can soak the thing in coffee, tobacco or black mascara.

  1. Coffee or tobacco. Preparing the solution with your own hands:
  • we breed 50 grams of ground coffee or 15 grams of tobacco in 1 liter of water;
  • soak black pants for half an hour, the water should be cool.
Coffee - natural dyeCoffee - natural dye
  1. Markers. Of course, we will not directly decorate our jeans with them! We take a rod from a felt-tip pen, break it and lower it into water so that it changes color. And the paint is ready!
Blue, black, blue - choose yourself any!Blue, black, blue - choose yourself any!


What to look for when choosing coloring products:

  • on the instructions, it should be indicated on the package;
  • what material it is intended for;
  • if you do not know what your trousers are made of, take a universal paint.
It is best to choose a universal paint.It is best to choose a universal paint.

If jeans are present in lavsan or nitron, then the colors may not soak the fabric. The result is that the thing will not stain.

The price of special powder paints can be high, often they are hard to find. Order via the Internet will take some time, but really buy.

Black jeans are practical and comfortable clothing.Black jeans are practical and comfortable clothing.

Care after dyeing

Dyed clothing must be carefully monitored and maintained. Improper washing or drying can change the resulting shade, the thing may fade and have to be thrown out.

After staining you need to properly care for black things.After staining you need to properly care for black things.

I will share with you some simple tips:

  1. Dry your clothes where direct sunlight does not fall on it, So it will not fade.
  2. Wash the first 2-3 washes separately from other things so that the new paint does not fade.
  3. Add vinegar in the subsequent rinses, it serves as a color fixer.
Thanks to vinegar, the color will last much longer.Thanks to vinegar, the color will last much longer.
  1. When washing, use only powder for colored fabrics. Powder for white linen contains bleach.
Black jeans fit any clothes.Black jeans fit any clothes.


Above, we looked at the most effective ways to dye jeans in black. Choose for yourself the most suitable and do not be afraid to change your style and wardrobe.

Watch the video in this article, here is more information on this topic. If you know other methods of dyeing jeans wear, share them in the comments! I would appreciate that!

With the help of simple tips, you can return or give a new color to jeans.With the help of simple tips, you can return or give a new color to jeans.

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