When do you need to remove pears from a tree?


The vegetable world is so great that it can easily be lost in its endless faces and images. For a better understanding of nature and himself, a person is simply obliged to understand, at least in the crops he cultivates.

How to determine that pears are ripeand it's time to remove them from the tree?How to save fruitsfresh at home for the winter? Our today's article will allow you to assimilate everything necessary for this.


Table of contents

  • How to know that it's time to remove pears from a tree: time and ripeness
  • Pear ripening at home
  • How to keep fruits in winter in the cellar, cellar, on the balcony
  • Collection and storage of winter pear varieties
  • How and how much to store the ripened pear fruit at home
  • What to do if pears began to deteriorate

How to know that it's time to remove pears from a tree: time and ripeness

This is an important and dangerous step, becausepremature collection means wasted effortboth human and nature in the form of a fruit tree.

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that, depending on the varieties and the time of maturation, the timing of collection also depends.

So, a day or two ago the pears were still hard and dense, and after three or four days - the brown flesh oozes and it's time to harvest the fruits.

The ripeness of pears is determined by several features: appearance, gamma of taste and terms of regional and climatic maturation of fruit. Not the least role in maturation is also played by the temperature regime and the amount of precipitation.

The timing of the collection of fruits depends on the pear variety, ripeness is determined by appearance

Nevertheless, let's dwell on this issue in more detail.

Under the influence of climatefruit several times change the color of the peel. This can be a transition from green to greenish-yellow tint, for some species reddish hues on the sides of fruit are characteristic.

How else to know the ripeness of the fruits:ripe pears are easily removed from the tree, absolutely do not have to spend efforts on separating the peduncle from the tree branch.

With mechanical action (pressure), the surface changes its density, "adjusting" to the center of gravity.

For full confidence, it is recommended to remove one fruit and check its seeds, they will be guaranteed brown or even brown.

The most important sign of ripened pears is theirsweet and specific flavor.

Harvest periodcan last up to a week, it depends on the weather and climate conditions. However, if daily collection of ripened fruit is impossible, it is better to collect it completely.

Even if some of them are still hard to touch, it does not matter! In the right storage conditions, suchfruits matured in a couple of days.


Pear ripening at home

If you still collected a sufficient number of unripe fruits, thenIt is worth considering the measures for ripening fruit. In this case, several important tips will help you:

  1. First of all, it is worthwhile to conduct a total "cleaning" of ripe fruits and unripe people. The first should be placed in a cool place, preferably at a distance from each other.
  2. It is advisable to wrap non-fruiting fruits in plastic bags. Then make small holes for the necessary air intake.
  3. Periodically look through each of the fruits to identify the rot and the percentage of spoiled fruit harvest.
  4. It is worth saying that the "priportchenye" ​​fruits should be immediately removed from the common packages.
The raw fruit of the pear should be wrapped in plastic bags, make small air intake openings

Briefly,ripeness of all fruits is purchased from a couple of days to one week. Another question is, do you need such a fast-ripening fruit?


How to keep fruits in winter in the cellar, cellar, on the balcony

Everyone wants to enjoy aromatic and "sugar" pears in cold winter evenings. For this, at a minimum,the right storage conditions are necessaryand a clear understanding of the importance of this process. Otherwise, losses are inevitable.

So, the basic rules of storage:

  • places to store the harvest is not so much. The first, and the most logical,cellar. This is a cool place that will satisfy the necessary storage requirements;
  • cellar or cellarIt should be disinfected, the fumigation of the room with sulfur vapor is ideal. To do this, use a brazier and sulfur powder, which is poured onto burning coals. After 2-3 days the cellar was disinfected in full;
  • the walls in no case contain mold and fungus!Be sure to follow the balance sheettemperature and humidity of air;
  • not allowed to store pears next to other fruits;
  • Storage containers must be at least 15-20 cm from the walls of the storage, as waste water or mold can become the death of your crop.
In general, the necessary conditions assume absence of light, air humidity up to 85% and low temperature. If there are problems with the first point, then it is allowed to use a dark cloth that is capable of passing air.
Save the pears for the winter can be in the fridge, on the balcony, in the cellar or cellar

If you do not have the ability to store pears in the basement, thenfor this purpose, a couple more places:

  1. Balcony- in a few months this place is perfect for arranging the storage. However, there is one important point - the air temperature should be above zero.
  2. Boxes- a convenient container for storage, which is not afraid of frequent movements to the same cellar or balcony. For long-term preservation of fruits, they should be laid out in layers, in parallel pouring rows of straw or sand.
  3. Fridge- an extreme case, a cry of despair. Such a place can ensure the safety of pears until two months, provided there are no spoiled specimens.

In any case, the storage of products should be approached with all possible responsibility, since this resource can bring you both positive emotions in the winter, and additional cash.


Collection and storage of winter pear varieties

We have already mentioned that the storage rules and the timing of collection of different varieties differ somewhat from each other. Generally speaking, the basic rules are applicable to all pear varieties, however let's voice itseveral features:

  • since the period of maturation for them is longer than all, then the storage conditions must be appropriate. Low temperature, no mold and water in places of storage;
  • it is possible to store and without special containers, then they speak of wooden shelves, on which pears are laid out at a distance from each other.

Important note: the fruits must be kept tails up!

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How and how much to store the ripened pear fruit at home

Quite a difficult question, because each case is individual. Someone can "wise" with storage and get a significant reduction in the time range, and some on the contrary - will be able to fully enjoy the winter pears.

Whatever it was,pears can be stored for a relatively short period of time, which, in many respects, depends on the weather and climate conditions. At an ideal confluence of circumstances it will be possible to preserve the juiciness and usefulness of the fruits for 2-4 months.

On average, the storage period of pears varies from 1 to 4 months

For example,in the refrigerator such fruits can "live" 1-1.5 months, after which the process of "total" damage to a valuable resource will begin.

In ideal cellar conditionssuch pears will be able to preserve all their useful propertiesnot more than three months.

Answering the question about the justification of such "problems it is unequivocally to say that it is worth it. In addition to sweets for your stomach,the safety of pears in the winter can help you to make good money.


What to do if pears began to deteriorate

The most terrible dream of any summer resident is to see how the fruits of his labors deteriorate and irretrievably go to another world. However, do not be sad,from ripe fruits you can make some fine dishes, use the received resources with advantage.

So, a few most attractive options:

  • You can make excellent workpieces for future cakes, desserts or other pastries. Being a sweet fruit, this will save on sugar;
  • to extinguish ripe and perishable pears. After that they can be used as a side dish for some dishes, or can be sent for further processing in the form of various jams or jam;
  • use pear fruits in numerous salads, which abound in most of the most famous of them;
  • in different oriental dishes you can often find the use of pears. So, having learned to cook at least some of them, you are guaranteed to kill two birds with one stone.
If the pears began to deteriorate, cook from them delicious dishes and desserts

If we talk about pear culture in general, it is worth mentioning about the certain exactingness and spoiling of this fruit.

Weather conditions and a changing climate can lead to the observation of overripe fruits or vice versa - the complete "immaturity" of most of them.

In this regard, and the question arises of the proper storage of such a specific culture, because it can bring a lot of benefits to its owner.

In addition to purely carnal satisfaction from the excellent taste, you can also make good money in the winter. In any case, it's up to you!

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