Stylish kitchen 9 sq. m. with facades of Italian acrylic

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We have been the owners of the apartment for thirty years, but during this period we were unable to make the repairs the way we would like. At first there was no financial opportunity, then they raised children, and all the money was spent on living. Finally, the children have created their own families and live separately. And my husband and I found the opportunity to do home improvement. Soon a year has passed since we made repairs in the kitchen.

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Kitchen plan

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The kitchen in our apartment is standard, only 9 square meters. Even small by today's standards. Therefore, we had to think carefully about which interior option to choose, so that we get a functional and practical kitchen. It is important for me that the working area is comfortable and large.

Kitchen corner

The main colors were chosen light - cocoa, jasmine, walnut. They look simple and unobtrusive. The fronts of the kitchen set are made of Italian acrylic. High quality material, very easy to clean. Glossy facades look great in both natural and artificial lighting. In the evening, light blotches on the doors of the upper drawers are especially noticeable.

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Cabinets are equipped with high-quality fittings, handles are installed in one plane, drawers can be opened easily thanks to door closers, there is a cargo system. A separate cabinet with a built-in dish drainer, the door goes up, and next to it, the drawer opens with a light press of TIP-ON.

Entrance to the kitchen

We are completely satisfied with the new furniture, thanks to competent manufacturing and high-quality assembly by specialists, it fits perfectly, it is a pleasure to use it. The assemblers installed all the fittings in place, drilled holes very carefully, and made measurements. At first glance, the handles are too big, but they are convenient to use. And they fit perfectly into the overall style.

A cabinet with open shelves was hung next to the refrigerator. He allowed to unload the space a little. It is only 30 cm wide, and this is where I store tea, coffee and jars of spices. Everything you need is at hand, this is important, especially in the morning, when you need to quickly make tea before going to work.

Shelf in the kitchen

The working wall was decorated with Spanish tiles, the glossy surface reflects the light. The floors were laid out with matte tiles next to the work area. It turned out inconvenient that dirt lingers on the matte surface, the apron is easier to wash.

Kitchen corner

On the wall next to the work area, there are three sets of outlets, double and single. They are used to connect household kitchen appliances. Separate outlets were made for the TV and microwave oven, next to these gadgets. There are two more socket zones on the opposite wall.

TV set

Our TV set is conveniently nestled on a special shelf. We always put the remote control on the shelf next to the TV, so as not to look for it. Nearby lies the power supply for this gadget. In this place we also store phone chargers, everything is in its place, very convenient.

TV set

The corner microwave stood on a shelf on the table. This is our know-how, the socket is mounted right behind the unit on the wall, it is not visible. The shelf, located in the corner of the table, is very convenient, as it allows you to use the entire surface of the tabletop with benefit. The microwave design is very interesting, many of our guests confuse this device with a TV.


The dining group combines a table, two chairs and a small sofa made of eco-leather. The table can be expanded, allowing all our guests to sit down. The furniture is made in Indonesia. A storage niche is hidden in the back of the sofa. There I keep a meat grinder, large kitchen utensils, a juicer - those things that are not needed for constant use. There is a double socket under the table below, which is constantly used.

Dinner Zone

The ceiling has a ledge above the working area, there are built-in lamps. An elegant chandelier hangs above the dining group. She is arranged quite high, but she is happy with her husband.

Window in the kitchen

The window is filled with a double-glazed unit with wooden frames, it was installed ten years ago. It is covered with day-night curtains. Fabric curtains, in my opinion, in the kitchen are an absolutely impractical solution. In addition, the southern side, the fabric instantly fade, losing its attractive appearance. With day-night curtains in the kitchen, a comfortable environment is maintained all year round. They are very convenient to use and serve well.

Dinner Zone

The walls are finished with Venetian plaster, the ceiling is decorated with plasterboard. Underfloor heating was made in an area free from headsets. This is important to us, the apartment is corner and is located on the top floor of a multi-storey building. Heating works poorly, it is cold in winter.

They refused the water filter, a jug is enough for us. There is a trash bin and a container of vegetables under the sink. The mixer was installed with a pull-out shower, a convenient function. I use it a lot. The mixer has an aerator.

Of the imperfections, only one wall remained next to the dining group. Not to take care of its decor, although I have long wanted to pick up a big picture here. The problem is that I can't decide on the plot. I would like a vivid image with views of the old city or the graceful stone wall of the castle, entwined with green vines. Not enough bright colors.

The door to the kitchen

The estimate for the arrangement turned out to be rather big, because we tried to make repairs for a long time. It is unlikely that in the near future we will want to change something drastically again. Most of the funds were spent on the purchase of equipment. I dreamed of high-quality kitchen devices, modern trends. They bought everything in Minsk, the amount turned out to be impressive - more than 100.0 thousand rubles.


I am very pleased with the result of our work. The room looked uninhabited only at first, the photos were taken just after the renovation was completed.

The kitchen is not only beautiful and stylish, but also functional. Everything is in its place, in order. There is no extra decor, it is not needed. Light colors allowed to save free space, I think dark colors would make it visually smaller.

The husband uses this room the most, since he is already retired. And I like to cook here, receive guests and children with their families. Warm family gatherings with sincere conversations are much more pleasant to spend in such a home environment!

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