How to choose a humidifier for your home

How to choose a humidifier for your home


Man is what he breathes. From the inhaled air depends health, immunity and even beauty. Ideally, breathing air should be clean and moist.

Doctors believe that for good health, air humidity in the range from 40 to 60% is necessary. In reality, this indicator very often falls short of 20%. And then you have to start moistening the air using the available means and devices.

How to choose an air humidifier for a home in an assortment of stores and do it right? Or, perhaps, you can do with improvised means? It's time to figure it out.


  • 1Why you need a humidifier and air purifier
  • 2What are the air humidifiers?
    • 2.1Traditional models
    • 2.2Steam Models
    • 2.3Ultrasonic Humidifiers
  • 3Common shortcomings of all models
    • 3.1Video: how to choose a humidifier for children
  • 4Air Washers
  • 5Climatic complex

Why you need a humidifier and air purifier

If the room is equipped with air conditioning, in which there is no built-in humidification function, humidity inevitably goes down. If the apartment is rarely ventilated, the same thing happens.

The situation is especially difficult in winter. In the street, the air becomes dry due to the fact that the water vapor simply freezes. And in the apartments dryness increases due to heating. And as a result, instead of the prescribed 40-60% humidity, only 15-20% remains.


At low humidity, everything suffers:

  • Mucous airways dry up, their ability to serve as a barrier to pathogenic microorganisms is dramatically reduced. Increased predisposition to colds and ARI. Allergies may develop. Children are especially sensitive to reducing air humidity. Dr. Komarovsky, for example, believes that excessive dryness of air in a child's guilty in most children's colds, colds, allergies, bronchitis and other diseases.
  • Dry air makes dry and skin and hair. The skin is peeling, the hair loses its shine and begins to be segregated. The nails become more fragile.
  • Domestic plants and animals suffer from a lack of moisture in the air.
  • Insufficiently moist air has a very negative effect on the room itself: dried plaster begins to crumble in the smallest dust, furniture cracked, musical instruments lose precision system. Antique items can suffer irreparable damage.


What are the air humidifiers?

Actually, the simplest humidifier can be a wet towel hung on the battery. Water evaporates into the air, moistening it.

The craftsmen create all kinds of devices, some of them do very well with the function of cleaning and moisturizing. If you have the talent for inventiveness, tools, skills to make and a lot of free time, you too can invent a humidifier-air purifier of your own model.

But most working citizens prefer to choose and buy for their apartment a ready-made moisturizer or cleaner.

There are three types of humidifiers in shops:

  • traditional;
  • steam;
  • ultrasonic humidifier-cleaner.

All varieties have both drawbacks and virtues. Our goal is to choose the right kind of humidifier, which is better than others to cope with the task.

Traditional models

They consist of a container with water, an evaporator and a fan. They are capable of increasing air humidity up to 60%, but no more. They work quite noisily. In any case, in the bedroom at night, its noise can prevent sleep. Consume not too much energy, and are relatively inexpensive.

In the water, you can add a little flavor oil, and the device will also work as a flavor. Absolutely safe. For filling, you can use both tap water and distilled water.

When the air passes through the evaporator, the device works to some extent and as a cleaner. But the ionizer will have to acquire an additional, and the air purifier would be nice to have.

Steam Models

The steam humidifier increases the humidity of the air due to evaporation of the heated water. Two electrodes are placed in the water tank, through which current is passed. Water evaporates under the action of electricity. The process stops as soon as the water level drops and the electrodes are higher than it. Can moisturize the air very effectively, increasing the humidity level to almost 100%. A day can evaporate up to 17 liters of water. Does not require the replacement of consumables and refueling by all means purified water.

The disadvantages are the lack of hygrostat, which must be purchased separately. Without a humidistat, the humidifier can turn the room into a kind of tropical forest. The presence of hygrostat solves the problem of waterlogging. Not pleased with the rather high power consumption: 300-700 watts.

But steam humidifiers can be used instead of air flavors, and for colds, they can be administered with medical inhalation. For carrying out inhalations, some models include a special nozzle.


It is necessary to note a higher level of potential danger. The humidifier heats the water to a temperature of 50 to 80 ° C. Steam, although it cools down by the time it leaves the device, can still slightly burn. If the house has small children, active and mobile pets, then choosing such a humidifier is not the best idea.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

This is the most expensive and noiseless model. Electricity consumes less than others, but you have to plan also the cost of distilled water. Filling the humidifier with ordinary tap water will cause all furniture in your room to be covered with the finest whitish coating. Where does it come from? From the evaporated water.

In ultrasonic humidifiers, evaporation of water is achieved by the action of ultrasound on water. Ultrasound causes a strong vibration, which increases the rate of evaporation.

But the smallest drops of a water suspension, fog, contain a lot of impurities, including hardness salts. It is because of these impurities, containing salts of chemical compounds, furniture and in general the surfaces in the house are covered with bloom.

You can avoid this by refueling the tank with distilled water. Some models can work as a cleaner. To do this, you use a cartridge that requires periodic replacement.

The ultrasonic humidifier-cleaner produces the lowest noise level. It is he who recommends choosing for installation in the nursery doctor Komarovsky. In addition, the ultrasonic humidifier-air purifier is safe.

Common shortcomings of all models

Any cleaner and moisturizer is effective in a radius, meters. The hygrostat switches off the appliance when the air near the device reaches the required parameters. In this case, at 2 meters from the apparatus, the air will remain as dry.

Therefore, you need to move the cleaner from place to place as often as possible. In the children's room, a humidifier and an air purifier should be placed near the crib in which the child sleeps, "said Dr. Komarovsky. Accordingly, you need to choose the right model for the degree of noise produced.

Video: how to choose a humidifier for children

Air Washers

Often the humidification of air is combined with its purification. The device that can do this is called a "air wash". The structure of the device passes water through a system of disk evaporators, of which the cleaner consists.

The fan drives the air through the steam produced. Dust from the air lingers on the discs, and then they are washed off with a drop of water.

Cleaner "air washing" removes not only the dust, but also the hair of domestic animals, as well as the strongest allergens: pollen grains of plants, the products of vital activity of microscopic mites, living in dust.


The cleaner can also aromatize the air, you only need to select aromatic oil and add it to the water.

Choose an air purifier and regularly use it is especially recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Need a cleaner and those who live near the motorways with active traffic. If someone smokes in the house, the cleaner will help to neutralize and remove the harmful products of combustion of tobacco leaves and an unpleasant smell of smoke.


Climatic complex

This is a kind of combine, working and humidifier, and cleaner, and ionizer. The system is more complicated than the others, and quite expensive. Often it is much cheaper to acquire all the devices separately: ionizer, humidifier and cleaner. The only negative - in the room you will have to find a place not for one device, but for three.

The climate complex has an indisputable advantage: it can be easily controlled by setting optimal parameters of operation and air composition parameters. It works successfully both as an air purifier and as a humidifier.

If there is an intention to choose the cheapest humidifier-cleaner, stop the choice on the traditional humidifier. The most expensive, and when you purchase, and in the content - an ultrasonic humidifier. But best of all, the most effective - air washes. They work both as a moisturizer and as an air purifier for all sorts of nastiness. Sink air is indispensable if the house has a child or allergic. Dr. Komarovsky is sure that such a device should be kept in the house for all who wish to live without disease.

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