Is it possible to wash the sintepon blanket in the washing machine

In order not to spoil the sintepon blanket, it is important to understand whether it is possible to wash it in a washing machine and how to do it correctly. You will find comprehensive information on washing below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Properties and characteristics of the synthepon
  • 2How to wash a blanket of sintepon in the car
  • 3Handwash
  • 4How to Dry

Properties and characteristics of the synthepon

Synthetic filler - unpretentious material, so survive soaking in cold water. Dip it in too hot water it is not worth it.

Synthetic is demanding and does not tolerate active manipulation, aggressive washing. If you provide a blanket of sintepon gentle washing - hand or in a typewriter, it will not lose its properties.

The only problem that awaits the user is the discrepancy between the volume of the blanket and the capacity of the drum.

Even if the weight of the product is only 2 kg, and the machine is designed for 5-6 kg of dry linen, you can not mindlessly run laundry. When the product gets wet, its weight increases many times, and this is the load on the movable parts of the AGR. If you see that it is difficult to fit into the drum, give up machine washing - its quality will leave much to be desired, and the risks for engineering will be great.

If the machine holds 7-9 kg, you can wash the blanket. Limit the speed of rotation of the drum to 200-300, so that important details do not deteriorate ahead of time.

Important! The same rules apply to capacious machines for 12-15 kg of laundry.

Rule: do not use the spin and drying options when washing, so as not to spoil the sintepon "stuffing".

How to wash a blanket of sintepon in the car

Before washing in a typewriter, read the instructions for the process to be successful:

  • Prepare the CMA itself - remove the cuvette for the powder. Clean and rinse the intake from the traces of powder.
  • Pour into the receiver a professional shampoo for washing products with synthetic filler - according to the dosage painted on the bottle.
  • Inspect the thing for tears: pierce holes and damage so that the filler does not fall into the drum. From it, he can get into the tank and drain system. At best, you have to clean the filter, at worst - disassemble the case and inspect the pump, hose and pipe at the time of blockage.
  • Place the product in the drum by folding the roll.
  • Close the hatch and select which mode to erase. In some machines, such as LG, there is a program "Duvet". If this is not the case, select the cycles "Volumetric things "Manual" or "Delicate washing". The main requirements for the regime: water temperature is not higher than 40 degrees and slow revolutions of the drum.

  • Turn off the spinning and drying.
  • Run the double rinse option, if any. If there is no such function, rinse the blanket again after the program is completed.
  • After the end of the wash, leave the product in the drum for 1 hour to allow the glass to water.

Important! Do not close the hatch, otherwise there will be an unpleasant smell.


If automatic washing for one reason or another does not suit you, wash the blanket yourself. But be prepared for the fact that it takes a lot of water and you need help. Do this:

  • Fill the tub with a quarter cool water - no more than 40 degrees.
  • Dissolve the remedy.
  • Sew holes, if there is.
  • Put the blanket in the bath, wait until it completely gets wet and "drowns" in the water.
  • Distribute the product on the bottom.

  • Rise into the bath barefoot and gently tread on the blanket about half an hour.
  • Release the water and dial a new one.
  • Spend 2-3 rinses.
  • Release the water and leave a blanket on the bottom of the bathroom with an open drain hole - it drains excess water.
  • In an hour, take out (that's where the force will be needed) and carry it to dry.

How to Dry

To the great joy of admirers of artificial fillers, sinteponovye things are dried easier feathers. Synthepone does not get too lumpy. But some rules must be observed:

  • Before drying the blanket, prepare a place to spread it horizontally. Suitable dryer or a powerful ironing board. You can dry in the shade in the fresh air, then the drying will take about 5 hours.
  • Do not use radiators or heaters. But you can install a fan heater in a few meters.
  • Hourly shake the wet thing and turn over, distributing the filler.

Let's draw a conclusion: machine washing is quite possible, if the drum allows. Hand washing also does not cause any difficulties. In any case, following the rules, you will get a clean, fresh and soft blanket.

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