Is it possible to wash a bamboo blanket in a washing machine

Familiar blankets with cotton, feather, feather filler are a thing of the past. They are replaced by a light and eco-friendly material - bamboo. Is it possible to wash a bamboo blanket in a washing machine, which mode to install?

Answers to these questions, as well as tips on how to care for bamboo filler, you will find in the article.

Is it possible to wash a bamboo blanket in a washing machine

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  • 1How to wash a bamboo blanket
    • 1.1Handwash
  • 2Proper drying of bed linen from bamboo
  • 3Advantages of bamboo filler

How to wash a bamboo blanket

Washing products from bamboo fiber can and should be done: it is suitable for both manual and machine washing. Fibers are not afraid of water, do not stick together and do not get knocked together, like down and sinteponovye fillers.

How to wash a bamboo blanket

The main thing is to follow the rules of washing:

  1. Inspect the product at the time of rupture. Before washing, they will have to be sewn.
  2. In order to wash the bamboo product in the machine without damage, carefully fold it into a roll and load it into the drum.

    Pillows of bamboo can be folded in half. Crumpled product then hard to straighten, and ironed iron - not recommended.

  3. Use only liquid detergents for sensitive tissue types. Fill them in the dispensing tray or drum as indicated in the instructions.
  4. At what temperature should I wash? From 30 to 40 degrees - choose manual or delicate mode on the panel. In this case, take into account that the duration of the program should not be more than an hour. A long stay in the water blankets of bamboo is undesirable.
  5. You can not use the intensive mode in the AGR, because the fiber does not tolerate a strong mechanical impact.
  6. Install a second rinse so that the detergent is completely removed from the fabric.
  7. Spin should also be no more than 400 revolutions, or disabled at all.

How to wash a bamboo blanket

Important! You can not send the product to dry cleaning, and also use chemical means to remove stains. If there are obvious dirt, use a soft brush and soap.


Blankets and other things from bamboo fiber can be washed by hand. The rules are the same as for machine wash.

  • Fill the bathroom with water (temperature up to 40 degrees), dilute the detergent in it.
  • Put the blanket in there, let it lie down for a bit (not more than an hour).
  • It is undesirable to rub and quilt the blanket strongly because the fiber loses its shape. Independently the original form comes back with difficulty, and ironing the product, as we already wrote, can not.
  • Rinse the product well.
  • Do not unscrew, allow the water to drain.


You can start drying.

Proper drying of bed linen from bamboo

If you live in a private house, it's best to lay out a blanket in the yard - horizontally, away from the scorching sun. You can install a clothes dryer in the shade and spread it on it. It is undesirable to hang the product on the rope, because the fiber is deformed, loses its shape.

Be sure to ensure normal air circulation. To do this, periodically turn it over, changing the position. Make sure that the bamboo blanket is not overdried.

Proper drying of bed linen from bamboo

Keep it together with the pillows in a linen bag. Carefully twist the blanket into a roll and do not press other things on top. Otherwise, the product becomes thinner and loses thermal insulation qualities.

Advantages of bamboo filler

Bamboo fiber is not thicker than a human hair. It perfectly passes the air, allowing the skin to breathe. At the same time, the blanket and cushions made of bamboo are light, warm, hypoallergenic.

Due to the fact that mites and other parasites are not planted in bamboo tissue, the products are safe for elderly people and people prone to allergies.

Advantages of bamboo filler

Here is a list of the main advantages of bamboo blankets and pillows:

  • Perfect air circulation. The air permeability of fibers is, times, higher than that of cotton.
  • Antiseptic and antistatic qualities.
  • In the summer under the blanket is not hot, the fibers almost do not miss the ultraviolet. And in winter it warms the body thanks to the thermal insulation qualities.
  • Lightness, softness, aesthetics.
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