Dimensions of washing machines with front loading

Practically every house has a frontal washing machine installed today. Due to the fact that such technology is very popular, manufacturers are constantly expanding the range of styaroks. In specialized stores there are hundreds of models of washing machines for every taste and budget.

Consumers, in addition to technical characteristics, pay attention to the overall dimensions of the machine - this is very important if the machine is to be installed in a small room.

Next, we will tell you what the size of washing machines with front loading is.

Dimensions of washing machines with front loading

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  • 2Why is the size of the frontal type
  • 3Overview of front-end machines: dimensions
    • 3.1LG E1096SD
    • 3.2BOSCH WGL 20060 OE
    • 3.3GORENJE W8624H

Advantages and disadvantages of frontal type washing-machines

An important parameter for selecting a styalki is the type of loading. From it, the overall dimensions and capabilities of the machine depend.

Frontal cars are the most familiar option for users. Loading the laundry through the side door attracts users with convenience and comfort. The market offers a huge variety of models, which allows you to choose the best option for any situation.


  • A huge range of machines with different dimensions, which allows you to install the styralka anywhere.
  • Washing machines with a large drum for loading things. You can erase even bulk items, for example, jackets or blankets.
  • The upper part of the stylalk can be used as a surface for placing any objects. On the machine you can put powder, conditioner for laundry and other household chemicals.
  • The price category of machines is divided into expensive models and economy class washing-machines.

Important! Having equal parameters, the front-type machines are much cheaper than the top-loading washers!


  • When installing, it must be taken into account that there should not be any obstacles to opening the door. This factor does not allow owners to mount the styralka into a niche.
  • Do not exclude problems with the door and rubber seal. In case of breakage, repairs can cost a round sum.
  • Having installed the program, the user does not have the opportunity to additionally load laundry during washing. In this case, the door will either not open at all, or water will pour out of the drum.

Some manufacturers have started to produce front-end machines with an additional door, in which it is possible to report laundry.

Why is the size of the frontal type

In form, the automatic washing machine resembles a parallelepiped, which makes it possible to characterize it in three dimensions: height, width and depth.

Often the main parameter is the width, the height of the model less worries the consumer. For example, when installing a stylalk in the kitchen, many users prefer to build it under the sink, so every centimeter of height plays an important role.

If there is a desire to build a machine under the washbasin in the bathroom, then the standard height of the styrene - 85-90 cm - will not work. In this case, you must choose a model that is low and more compact.

First of all, it is necessary to determine where the future styalka will be installed: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the corridor, in the hallway, etc. Choosing a place, it will be easier to understand what the width of the washing machine with front loading is needed.

For example, in terms of depth, the dimensions of a narrow washing machine with front loading are no more than 33 cm. Very suitable installation of such a machine in a small room.

Overview of front-end machines: dimensions

Determining where the machine will stand, you can choose the model with the appropriate dimensions. For example, by visiting any online store, the dimensions of washing machines with front loading are found in the technical specifications.

Next, we will give a brief overview of the frontal type fuselaks.

LG E1096SD

Modern model with a drum capacity of 4 kg. This washing machine is in great demand among consumers. With dimensions of 85x60x36 cm and weight of 56 kg, the washing machine is equipped with 13 washing programs.

Manufacturers have provided the system with protection against leakage and self-diagnosis of malfunctions. The digital display provides convenience in the management and operation of SM.

LG E1096SD


This machine attracts reliability and simplicity. Loading of linen - 5 kg.

The washing machine is equipped with basic washing modes at the maximum spin speed up to 1000 rpm. The model provides the function of protection from leaks, control of foam formation and imbalance.

With dimensions of 85x60x40 cm, the washing machine weighs 60 kg. The main feature of the machine with such dimensions is stability. When washing and wringing out, there are no strong vibrations and wobbles.


We offer you to watch the video review of this model:


AGR attracts high quality assembly, provides 23 programs for washing, many useful options, including protection from leaks and the formation of foam.

With a weight of 76 kg and dimensions of 85x60x60 cm, the washing machine can hold 8 kg of dry laundry.


Having familiarized with the brief review, it is possible to single out an important point: the relationship between the depth of the stylus and the capacity of the tank. That is, the more laundry the drum accommodates, the greater the depth of such a model.

Interesting! Modern stylalki with a capacity of 7 to 14 kg of laundry have a wide tank, which compensates for the depth.

Specialists recommend paying attention to other models of washing machines. After all, narrow washing machines with front loading provide for a narrow drum, correspondingly a small capacity of the tank, and vibrate strongly.

Manufacturers to save space use large and heavy counterweights in narrow erasers, making the models somewhat heavier. Thus, when spinning clothes at high speeds, the automatic machine literally "runs away" from the spot and makes a lot of noise.

Large washing machines, if properly installed, guarantee a quiet and high-quality work. Draw conclusions and choose your machine.

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