Philips FC8776 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: features, comparison with competitors

The development of household robotics has become a skillful and nimble robot vacuum cleaner. By taking over the function of cleaning the floor, it has become a time saving tool.

The famous Dutch company could not get past the new device and released several series of equipment, including the robot vacuum cleaner Philips FC 8776, also known as SmartPro Compact.

The content of the article:

  • Introduction to the FC 8776 model
    • Storage Device - Dust Collector
    • How does the robot perform its functions?
    • Main technical characteristics
  • Pros and cons in customer reviews
  • Comparison with competitors
    • Competitor # 1: iRobot Roomba 681
    • Competitor # 2: Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    • Competitor # 3: PANDA X500 Pet Series
  •  The best deals on the market

Introduction to the FC 8776 model

The main feature of the Philips FC 8776 - compactness - is emphasized with each mention of the vacuum cleaner, it is even rendered in the name - Compact.

Due to the height of a little more than 6 cm, the unit easily penetrates into hard-to-reach places - under kitchen sets, wardrobes, beds with a low fit and sofas with short legs.

Familiarity with the model FC 8776 occurs in the store at the time of purchase. Even on the box in which the vacuum cleaner is packed, one can judge about the compact dimensions of the device. The packaging is made of rigid cardboard and equipped with a plastic handle for carrying.

Philips FC8776 packaging

The design of the box is not only beautiful, but also useful for the buyer: on the edges of the flat package are the main technical characteristics and distinctive features of the unit

Inside a relatively small box there is a hidden vacuum cleaner case and accessories that may be required during operation. It is better to get acquainted with them, being guided by the instruction which also is delivered in a set.

The export version assumes documentation in Russian. PC users can familiarize themselves with the instructions in the version that is on the company's website.

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Optional accessories included

When buying, be sure to check the equipment: in addition to the vacuum cleaner, the box should have a charger with an adapter, a remote control, brushes, nozzles and a filter pad

Rounded shape of the robot vacuum cleaner

If you turn the vacuum cleaner cover up, it is easy to see that its shape represents a circle with a diameter of 33 cm. The height of the device is 6.1 cm. The flat configuration is a feature of the model.


The case of the vacuum cleaner and the charger are made of durable practical black plastic. The color of the cover is different - under the transparent plastic is a layer painted in copper color

Two side brushes in the bottom of the case

If you turn the vacuum cleaner "upside down", you can find a roller mechanism and a "cleaning" kit: a long nozzle with an air duct and two brushes - all the elements stand out in a bright blue tint

Optional accessories included

Optional accessories included

Rounded shape of the robot vacuum cleaner

Rounded shape of the robot vacuum cleaner


Backlit Start Button

Two side brushes in the bottom of the case

Two side brushes in the bottom of the case

Some features of the housing design are clearly visible if you look at the side of the vacuum cleaner.

For example, oblique bottom edges are noticeable, allowing the device to move freely on floor surfaces on which small elevation differences are located. Simply put, the vacuum cleaner easily climbs from the laminate to the carpet and jumps off.

Side Surface Overview

On the sides are important elements of charging and control: IR sensor, charging connector directly from the adapter, on / off button, contacts for communication with the base

To protect the case from damage during frequent collisions, the developers equipped it with a slightly spring-loaded bumper - a dynamic element.

On top of it is a small protrusion, which determines the maximum height of the device itself and, accordingly, the lumen of the hole into which it can penetrate - for example, under the sofa.

Thus, the manufacturer tried to create a model that could penetrate into any corner and even with frequent use to maintain its long working life for a long time.

Storage Device - Dust Collector

The main purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to collect dust, therefore one of the central parts is a container for dirt and debris. The device is compact, so the dust collector has a small size - 0.3 l.

However, the developers have thought through the design of the device in such a way as to make it as roomy as possible.

The lid, under which the dust collector is hidden, is easily identified by a bronze color, as the manufacturer claims - it is located centrally in the upper part of the device.

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Dust bin compartment cover

To get to the container in which dust accumulates, it is necessary to pry the lid on the bulge specially designed for this and open it. To get the container, you just need to pull the handle

Appearance of dust bin

In a special compartment is a dust collector. It is also made of plastic. The form of the compartment completely repeats the contours of the container, so it is not necessary to think which side of it to turn to set

Device of a dust collector of the FC 8776 model

The design of the container is simple. It consists of three parts: a container made of transparent plastic, a filtering pad of dense fibrous material and a lid with a handle, which is fixed by two side fasteners

Compartment for dust collector in the case of the robot

If you get a container, then in the vacant niche you can see functional, equally important vacuum cleaner construction elements: fan casing, filling sensor and a hole through which dust comes in

Dust bin compartment cover

Dust bin compartment cover

Appearance of dust bin

Appearance of dust bin

Device of a dust collector of the FC 8776 model

Device of a dust collector of the FC 8776 model

Compartment for dust collector in the case of the robot

Compartment for dust collector in the case of the robot

The filter - a thin piece of synthetic fabric - can be rinsed in water, but the manufacturer does not recommend abusing washing or frequent cleaning of this element.

The transparent container can be rinsed from time to time, but must be dried before use.

How does the robot perform its functions?

The compact vacuum cleaner is designed to collect dust in living rooms. It is not suitable for technical premises, as it has an insufficient amount of dust collector and a special “room” device.

Silent operation of the robot vacuum cleaner

The robot is quiet and neat. During his work, you can relax, read a book, cook or play with children - it will not interfere and distract

The device is designed to care for a relatively clean room, so it is not recommended to use it in a garage, in a warehouse or on the street.

In fact, the vacuum cleaner performs two tasks:

  • moves around the room to cover the maximum possible floor area for cleaning;
  • collects any garbage found on the way - dust, small scraps of paper, hair and wool, threads.

The device will not cope with large debris, since neither the collection apparatus nor the air duct is suitable in size, and the power to pull in heavy objects is not calculated.

Small wheels with a diameter of 4.7 cm adhere well even to the smooth surface of the floor thanks to rubber tires, reinforced with lugs. The wheel layout is such that the vacuum cleaner turns in one place without shifting to the side.

Wheels can be scrolled manually to remove wound debris. Easy movement on the floor with height differences provides a raised body to a height of 1.95 cm.

Floor cleaning process

As soon as the vacuum cleaner starts moving, the garbage collection device is turned on. On the sides are brushes that twist and scoop up dust to the center.

The ends of the brushes are beyond the boundaries of the device, which allows you to cover a large area. The air jet, which is created by a fan located in the housing, sucks dust through a narrow long opening inside and, after passing a short way through the duct, enters the dust collector.

An overview of the main functions will be presented visually by the video:

Main technical characteristics

Model FC 8776 collects dust by vacuum filtration, in other words, sucks directly from the floor, passing air through a fiber pad during the cleaning process.

This simple way to collect dust is due to its compact size - a more complex system would be difficult to implement, given the physical characteristics of the device.

The vacuum cleaner, despite its compact dimensions, has several cleaning modes:

  • random (automatic) or with the choice of the trajectory of movement;
  • with setting time or until the accumulator is completely discharged;
  • delayed start with a maximum interval of 24 hours;
  • the cleaning process starts immediately after charging;
  • limited space cleaning is local.

Velocity of the manufacturer is not specified, since it is quite difficult to calculate it - this indicator depends on many factors, including the type of flooring and the degree of contamination.

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The robot replenishes the battery charge.

Autonomous operation of the device is provided by a small capacity battery of 2800 mAh, which takes 4 hours to charge

A working robot does not interfere with reading a book.

The manufacturer indicated a noise level of 58 dB - it can be compared in terms of volume with the calm conversation of people

Philips FC8776 himself arrives at the base

After a full charge from the base or adapter, the device is able to work without interruption for about 2 hours and 10 minutes, but with breaks “for rest” or cleaning

Robot FC 8776 removes parquet

In the process of cleaning the room, the vacuum cleaner consumes 24 watts, but if it is at the base not for recharging, but in standby mode, then 0.62 W

The robot replenishes the battery charge.

The robot replenishes the battery charge.

A working robot does not interfere with reading a book.

A working robot does not interfere with reading a book.

Philips FC8776 himself arrives at the base

Philips FC8776 himself arrives at the base

Robot FC 8776 removes parquet

Robot FC 8776 removes parquet

Indicators of charging, switching on and filling installed in the vacuum cleaner help to transfer the device from one mode to another or clean it in time.

The manufacturer is proud of its brand and considers the height of 6.1 cm to be one of the main structural achievements. But to make sure that the compact device will suit you, be sure to measure the places difficult to maintain at home.

Philips FC8776 specifications

The size table of the model FC 8776, which will help determine whether a vacuum cleaner will be useful for your apartment. Also here is the warranty period and country of manufacture.

The vacuum cleaner is orientated in space using an IR sensor, so it is important to monitor its health.

The manufacturer took into account that everyone was accustomed to the remote control, so he equipped the device with a remote control: you can change the mode of operation or simply turn off the device on the spot.

Master the technical device will help video guide:

Pros and cons in customer reviews

Thanks to the passion of modern users of home appliances robots, the SmartPro Compact model quickly became popular.

According to reviews, it is actively acquired for various purposes:

  • dry cleaning;
  • save time spent on business;
  • to teach children to clean;
  • combine rest and restoring order in the apartment, etc.

Unlike bulky vacuum cleaners with a hose, the compact model does not need to be moved from place to place, carrying an electrical cord.

Cleaning the floor in the apartment

A small round body with quickly rotating brushes is very similar to a useful toy that simultaneously removes dust from carpets and hard surfaces, entertains children and animals.

On the positive side, the following features of the device are noted:

  • height - just over 6 cm;
  • wide nozzle for dust collection;
  • the spare filtering laying;
  • long battery life - more than 2 hours;
  • additional wheels to help overcome the thresholds.

Many buyers liked the simplicity of servicing a vacuum cleaner. To remove dust from the container, you need to perform several simple movements: open the lid, take the dust collector by the convenient handle, remove the upper part, filter and empty the garbage.

Then you need to return the container to its place, having performed the manipulations in the reverse order. Rinse the filter and plastic bowl from time to time with clean water.

In addition to the merits, users note the negative aspects. Some complain about the quality of the battery, which is why the vacuum cleaner works much less than the stated 2 h 10 min.

Others point to the inefficiency of carpet cleaning. But this is easily explained: the passport says that the device is intended for cleaning hard surfaces. Also a minus is that the device does not always immediately find the base.

However, the SmartPro Compact model has a lot of advantages, and there are few negative moments - this is a nice bonus to the Philips money box.

The video will introduce non-professional testing of the model in question:

Comparison with competitors

Of course, the popularity of robots affected the assortment of other manufacturers. Similar models release iRobot, Clever & Clean, Samsung, Neato, Moreover, the first brand is a pioneer and leader in the field of robotics. Consider the model with approximately similar functionality, designed to perform dry cleaning.

Competitor # 1: iRobot Roomba 681

The model is designed for the production of dry cleaning. To perform the work is equipped Li-ion the battery, upon completion of the charge, independently returns to the base to restore the energy resource.

The iRobot Roomba 681 control tools are located on the front of the unit, and an remote control can be attached as an option. The limiter of the zone for processing is the virtual wall. To minimize the effects of accidental collision with obstacles, the unit is equipped with a soft bumper.

The capacity of the dust collector is 1 l, so it is not necessary to empty it after each session. This automatic cleaner model can be programmed to perform cleaning on specific days.

Competitor # 2: Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This model produces dry cleaning in several different modes. It can move in a straight line and along a zigzag path, perform cleaning actions in a restricted area and quickly handle a large area. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is almost twice as large as the previous model.

The battery Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner runs 2 hours and 30 minutes, to deplete the charge smart device returns to the parking lot without the participation of the owners. To fix the obstacles, the robot is equipped with infrared and ultrasonic sensors, the total number of which is 12 pieces. The distance is determined by the laser sensor.

If a vacuum cleaner gets stuck in a position from which it cannot get out on its own, the unit makes an alarm sound. Also signals when the battery is low. To perform the cleaning by day of the week, you can make a map, the device is integrated into the “smart home” control circuit.

Competitor # 3: PANDA X500 Pet Series

A robotic vacuum cleaner is used in dry cleaning of the floor, it perfectly “copes” with pet hair and resistant, difficult-to-remove dirt from the floor. Suitable for all existing flooring types.

The dust collector of the PANDA X500 Pet Series is just 0.3 liters, but the LED indicator warns about its filling. From bumps in case of possible collisions with the objects of the situation protects the soft bumper.

The model is equipped with speech functions, but warnings and alerts are pronounced in English.

 The best deals on the market

The acquisition of domestic assistant should be treated responsibly, so that no further disappointment arises due to the lack of useful functions. After analyzing the characteristics and capabilities of the FC 8776 model, it can be concluded that it is really reliable and helpful with intelligent behavior and simple maintenance..

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