How to use a washing vacuum cleaner: the principle of work and what you can wash

A washing vacuum cleaner is considered a universal device with which you can perform dry and wet cleaning. So, it not only accumulates dust in the bag, but can also produce wet cleaning and wash surfaces. Its functionality depends on the power and the availability of a variety of nozzles. On the principle of operation and use of the vacuum cleaner, you will learn further.


  1. The principle of operation of a washing vacuum cleaner
  2. How to wash floors with a vacuum cleaner?
  3. How to wash carpets with a vacuum cleaner
  4. How to wash windows with a vacuum cleaner?
  5. What else can be washed with a washing vacuum cleaner?
  6. Video: How to choose and use a washing vacuum cleaner?

The principle of operation of a washing vacuum cleaner

The use of a washing vacuum cleaner allows cleaning without streaks and a good wash of the surface, which also quickly becomes dry. It guarantees this thanks to the principle of operation of the device:

  1. The washing vacuum cleaner has two containers. One contains pure water, the other a detergent. When you turn on the vacuum cleaner, the water is mixed with detergent.
  2. This solution begins to move along the hose and approaches the nozzle.
  3. Due to the pressure created through the spray, the solution begins to wet the contaminated surface, including dust.
  4. Water absorbs impurities, which are split under the pressure of the solution, and then through the tube is again sucked into the vacuum cleaner and accumulates in another tank.

Complete with a vacuum cleaner, hose, bag, filters, nozzles and tubes are always sold.

To visually see the principle of operation of the device, you can watch a video in which a simple washing vacuum cleaner is assembled with your own hands:

Using a washing vacuum cleaner, you can also dry clean the room. It will collect leftover food on the floor, animal hair and bird fluff, even pet products.

How to wash floors with a vacuum cleaner?

Washing takes place as follows:

  1. If there are debris on the surface, sweep the floor with a broom or use a nozzle to remove dry dust on the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Fill the vacuum cleaner with water and detergent.
  3. Proceed to mopping the floor. If the vacuum cleaner is powerful, then the floor will be dry and shiny in a few minutes.

A washing vacuum cleaner first wets the floor surface, then it picks up the contaminated liquid and places it in a special container.

Using a vacuum cleaner is best to clean surfaces covered with ceramic tiles or linoleum.

Can a laminate be washed with a vacuum cleaner

It is known that a laminate floor cannot be wetted much, but the class of a laminate is of decisive importance. Some specimens are covered with a moisture-proof layer that repels liquids. Such a laminate has an increased strength (32, 33 class). So, it can be washed with a washing vacuum cleaner, but 31 classes - it is impossible!

If you still decide to do this procedure, it is advisable that the vacuum cleaner is medium or high power, but not weak. During washing, the vacuum cleaner sprays a solution intended for wet cleaning the floor, while the surface becomes wet. Only a powerful washing vacuum cleaner can dry the floor well after itself and prevent the liquid from leaking into the cracks.

In order to wash the laminate with a washing vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to adhere to a number of recommendations:

  • Wet cleaning no more than 2 times a week.
  • Do not use alkali as a detergent.
  • Do not use liquids with wax and silicone.
  • Do not allow liquids to enter board joints.
  • After a while, wipe them with mastic to seal.
  • Do not use coarse brushes for washing.
  • Do not apply steam treatment.
Laminate floor cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

In order for the laminate to serve for a long time and have its original appearance, it is better to wipe it with a mop with a microfiber cloth, which is well wiped and does not scratch the surface.

Is it possible to wash parquet with a vacuum cleaner

When carrying out wet cleaning of the parquet, it is recommended to use a well-wrung rag. But if you decide to check your parquet for durability and clean using a washing vacuum cleaner, remember two rules:

  • Sink is allowed only for a parquet board, well treated with special impregnation and coated with a protective varnish.
  • The vacuum cleaner must be powerful, which does not really wet the floor and carefully, quickly absorbs liquids from the surface.

How to wash carpets with a vacuum cleaner

To clean carpets with a washing vacuum cleaner, you must prepare:

  • shampoo for wet cleaning of carpet surfaces;
  • clean water in order to fill it in a special container located in the vacuum cleaner;
  • brush head;
  • vacuum cleaner with wash function.

Step-by-step instructions on how to wash a carpet with a vacuum cleaner:

  1. Clean the carpet with an ordinary vacuum cleaner by placing the “vibration brush” nozzle and remove all excess dust, sand from the street and dirt. This is done so that the filters do not clog the filters with large particles of dirt and accumulated dust.
  2. Before starting to clean the carpet, it is necessary to conduct a test to find out how the product will affect the carpet surface. This is especially important if you use a detergent that contains chlorine, because it can affect the brightness of the carpet or ruin the pile. For the test, it is necessary to wet the sponge in the product and wipe it in an inconspicuous place. If the pile does not undergo any changes, the color of the paint does not fade, which means that you can start washing the carpet.
  3. Fill the tank with water and add washing shampoo, in this case it is important to follow the instructions and avoid excesses.
  4. Select the desired brush head. It is known that if the pile on the carpet is long, then a nozzle with long bristles on the brush is selected. When washing the palace or carpet with a short pile, the corresponding brush head with shorter bristles is taken.
  5. Carry out a cleaning, in which it is necessary to drive the nozzle up and down until the surface is completely cleaned. It is recommended to carry out processing in small areas for better cleaning.
  6. After wet cleaning the carpet, it must be dried with a vacuum cleaner. It will take quite a bit of time, but it will be possible to move around the carpet when the carpet is completely dry to the touch. This will take about 1.5-2 hours if the pile is short. With a long pile, drying will continue up to 3 hours.
Carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

Such a vacuum cleaner is indispensable if the house has carpets with a long pile, because it will perfectly clean them of accumulated dust, and the texture will remain unchanged.

How to wash windows with a vacuum cleaner?

To wash windows, you must have a multi-function vacuum cleaner with the option "Window cleaning". It is advisable to have a brush that washes the glass. Cleaning is carried out according to the following instructions:

  1. Adjust the length of the tube on which the nozzle is mounted so that it is possible to get dirt in hard-to-reach places.
  2. Set the water supply level to the “minimum” position, do not use the “maximum”, otherwise, after washing, there will remain stains.
  3. Start washing the windows from the top and gradually descend lower and lower to avoid getting dirt, stacks and stains.

Such cleaning can be applied to all windows, except those that have a rubber seal, since when heated it can partially melt.

What else can be washed with a washing vacuum cleaner?

Using a washing vacuum cleaner, you can remove stubborn stains on upholstered furniture. To do this, clean according to the instructions:

  1. A nozzle for washing is selected for the vacuum cleaner.
  2. The solution is prepared and poured into the barrel.
  3. Cleaning begins, and the nozzle is carried out from top to bottom. Under pressure, the cleaning agent is applied to the furniture. It dissolves dirt, and the vacuum cleaner already sucks in all the dirt.
  4. Dirty water is poured, the barrel is rinsed, clean water is poured without the addition of detergents.
  5. Rinsing of the upholstery is carried out.

Upholstered furniture often has inaccessible places. To clean them, use a crevice nozzle.

An example of cleaning a sofa with a detergent is presented in the video:

Video: How to choose and use a washing vacuum cleaner?

How to choose a washing vacuum cleaner, the expert of the program “All would be kind” will tell:

You can also find tips on choosing a home vacuum cleaner in this article.

The following video provides instructions on how to use a washing vacuum cleaner using the example of the German THOMAS model:

So, in the presence of a living room with a large area, a washing vacuum cleaner is simply an indispensable device. It will be a real help in cleaning and maintaining upholstered furniture, carpets. Moreover, its operation does not require special skills, the main thing is to follow all the proposed recommendations and manufacturer's instructions.

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