How to clean a vacuum cleaner: filter, turbo brush, hose and motor

A vacuum cleaner is a convenient electrical appliance that is recognized as the main tool in the fight against dust. However, like all household appliances, it needs proper care and systematic cleaning. If you notice that the vacuum cleaner no longer “pulls” dust with all its power, works with all its might and is very dusty inside, then it must be cleaned immediately!


  1. How to clean the vacuum cleaner filter?
  2. What is a HEPA filter and how to clean it?
  3. How to clean the hose and pipe of the vacuum cleaner?
  4. How to clean a vacuum cleaner bag?
  5. How to clean a conventional and turbo brush vacuum cleaner?
  6. How to clean the vacuum cleaner motor?
  7. How to clean a vacuum cleaner from mercury?
  8. Video: Complete Vacuum Cleaner

How to clean the vacuum cleaner filter?

Before proceeding with filter cleaning, it is necessary to study the technical characteristics of the device, because there are several types of filters, and each type of cleaning is done in different ways:

  • Filter bag. Made of synthetics (reusable) or paper (disposable). To clean the filter bag, you must remove it from the vacuum cleaner, rinse it under running water, dry it and put it in its original place. A synthetic filter can also be lowered into a basin with water, wait a while until all the dust settles, and rinse the bag under water, dry and place it in its original place.
Vacuum cleaner filter bag
  • Aqua filter (water). The dust here is humidified and settles to the bottom of a special container. It is recommended that these water filter containers be washed with water, and the filters themselves should be vacuumed or washed, then dried and returned to the vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum cleaner water filter
  • Cyclone filter. In vacuum cleaners with such filters, there are special containers for large debris and dust. Cyclone filters must be cleaned after each cleaning. To do this, wash the plastic waste bin and microfilters.
Vacuum cleaner cyclone filter

You can clearly see how to clean the filter of the Doffler vacuum cleaner in the following video:

Before you start cleaning the vacuum cleaner, be sure to unplug it from the outlet!

What is a HEPA filter and how to clean it?

Separately, among the filters that modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with, one can distinguish a HEPA filter. These are high-quality filters, the main task of which is to clean the air from the smallest particles of dust. The main difference between the filter and its counterparts is that it is installed at the airflow outlet. HEPA filters purify the air not only from dust, but also from allergens, pet hair and other trace elements.

HEPA filter wash

Modern HEPA filters can be cleaned in two ways:

  1. Flushing. If the filter is reusable, it is removed from the vacuum cleaner and washed under running water or a shower.
  2. Compressed air purge. It is made in the opposite direction. Restores the cleaning ability of the filter by 70-80%.

How to clean the hose and pipe of the vacuum cleaner?

The hose is almost the main component of the vacuum cleaner, therefore it is often clogged. In order to clean the hose, you must:

  1. Disconnect from vacuum cleaner housing.
  2. For severe contamination, place in a bathtub filled with water. Do this only if there are no wires, contacts, switches on the hose.
  3. You can also wash the vacuum cleaner hose with a soapy sponge.
  4. If clogging occurs in the hose, you can blow it or use a long, thin object to remove dirt (such as wire).
  5. Wipe the hose dry and replace.

The procedure for cleaning the pipe of the vacuum cleaner is the same as for cleaning the hose.

How to clean a vacuum cleaner bag?

In order for the vacuum cleaner to serve faithfully for more than one year, it is necessary to clean such bags in a timely manner. This is done as follows:

  1. Find the place where the bag is located. Determine the mounting location. There will be a latch or button at the junction of the bag with the vacuum cleaner, disconnect the bag.
  2. Before you get the bag to the place where you will shake it, you need to lay newspapers.
  3. Put it on the newspapers and see if it is completely clogged or on some part.
  4. If the bag is на full, then it can be shaken out and used further.
  5. If the bag is full, then it must be replaced.
  6. Place the clean and empty pouch in its original place, firmly securing it.
Vacuum cleaner

How to clean a conventional and turbo brush vacuum cleaner?

The basic set of vacuum cleaners includes a functional nozzle - a turbo brush. This device also needs to be cleaned systematically. So, in order to clean the turbo brush you need:

  • Remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Pressing lightly, slide the latch and remove the cover.
  • Wipe the dust and accumulated dirt from the surface with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • If the rollers have hair and threads twisted around, you must remove them with tweezers.
  • Clean the brush blades.
  • Close the cover.

If you use a Vitek turbo brush, then you need to disassemble and reassemble it for cleaning. How to do this is shown in the video:

Standard brushes are cleaned in the same way as turbos. Only disassembling them is much easier. Remove the side wheel and flush the shaft.

How to clean the vacuum cleaner motor?

It is worth noting that cleaning the motor is quite complicated and responsible. If you do not have certain knowledge, then it is better to trust specialists. But, if you still want to clean the motor yourself, then you need to do this very carefully. Sequencing:

  1. Remove the bolts that hold the vacuum cleaner body.
  2. Remove the garbage bag and take out the filter, now you can unscrew the lid itself.
  3. Remove the cover.
  4. The inside of the “vacuum cleaner” must be carefully cleaned of dust. This can be done with a brush, paint brush or blow. Try not to violate the integrity of the parts and the location of the wiring.
  5. It is recommended to clean the board. Remove the chip, remembering the location of the wiring, and clean with a brush.
  6. Put everything back in place.

How to clean a vacuum cleaner from mercury?

Using a vacuum cleaner to remove mercury is an extremely unfortunate undertaking. Indeed, in this case, the vacuum cleaner becomes a dangerous source that emits mercury vapor during each cleaning. Moreover, when using a vacuum cleaner that contains mercury, the concentration of vapors of a toxic element increases tenfold. If, unknowingly, the mercury was removed with a vacuum cleaner, carry out the following steps:

Establish mercury

First you need to determine if the vacuum cleaner really contains mercury. Here you will need a special test “Mercury vapor”.

Homemade mercury test in the air

The test is carried out in the following order:

  1. It is necessary to remove the dust bag from the vacuum cleaner, disconnect the wires, hose and pipe.
  2. In this form, place the vacuum cleaner in a large plastic bag so that all of its parts lie on the floor (touching it).
  3. Place the test strip inside the bag with the reagent to the top. But the strip should be about 20 cm above the parts of the vacuum cleaner.
  4. After a couple of hours, if the vapor concentration is high enough, the strip will acquire a light gray color.
  5. If the test showed a high concentration, then it is necessary to carry out the whole procedure again, but transfer all the elements of the vacuum cleaner to a new package, except for filters and a dust bag.

Get rid of mercury

If after a second test, the mercury concentration is high, you need to clean the vacuum cleaner in this way:

  1. To collect the vacuum cleaner, except for the dust collector, so that it is in the same form as when cleaning mercury.
  2. Switch on the vacuum cleaner for suction (see also - why the vacuum cleaner does not suck well).
  3. Take the demercurizer (in liquid form) and spray the liquid about 5 times into the vacuum cleaner hose.
  4. Let the vacuum cleaner run for another minute and turn it off.
  5. Place the vacuum cleaner on the balcony for a week.

After all the manipulations, carry out a mercury check again. If the strip is colored again, then the vacuum cleaner will have to be thrown out.

Video: Complete Vacuum Cleaner

In the following video, you are invited to view the instructions for cleaning and purging the vacuum cleaner:

Accumulation of dust and dirt can significantly spoil the operation of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, there is a need for systematic cleaning of parts of the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning various elements of a vacuum cleaner can prolong the life of an indispensable appliance for a long time. Only you need to do everything carefully, returning everything to its place.

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