How to drain water from a washing machine if it breaks down

After loading the laundry in the tank, you started the washing program. The machine started to draw water, but suddenly stopped with a full tank. What is the matter and how to drain the water without calling the master, read below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why the washing machine broke
  • 2How to properly drain the water from the tank
    • 2.1Sink hose
    • 2.2Drainage filter
    • 2.3Emergency hose
    • 2.4Door hatch
    • 2.5Sleeve outlet

Why the washing machine broke

For what reasons does the stylalka not squeeze the laundry and drain the water:

  • The drain hose or the place of its connection with the siphon (sewer) is clogged.
  • The drain hose is bent and prevents the outflow of liquid.
  • Incorrectly set mode. For example, the program "Wool" is held without spinning.
  • The drain filter was clogged with foreign objects. These can be buttons, decor elements from clothes.
  • The pump impeller is blocked, so it can not pump water. In this case, you can hear a buzz from the pump.

  • The drainage pipe was clogged with garbage.
  • Incorrect operation of the pressure switch. The sensor sends incorrect readings about the filling of the tank to the board.
  • Breakdown of the main module. The triac, responsible for the pump, went out of commission, burned out. Need repair of the module or a complete replacement.

Such problems can be accompanied by an error code on the display - then it will be easier for you to understand where to look for the problem.

  • "Indesit "Ariston" - "F11, F5.
  • Bosch and Siemens -F18,disassemble.
  • "Electrolux" and Zanussi (Zanussi) -EF1.
  • LG -OE.
  • Samsung -E2.
  • Beko -H5.
  • "Whirlpool" -F03.

Before you begin troubleshooting, force water to drain from the system. There are five ways to do this, regardless of the SMA brand: Candy (Candy), Ariston, Gorenje, Ardo, and others.

How to properly drain the water from the tank

Before starting work, turn off the washing machine from the mains. Prepare a basin or a bucket to drain the water.

Sink hose

Remove the fasteners that hold the hose close to the body. Then:

  • Unclip the yoke and disconnect the end from the siphon or sewer.
  • Lower in the container.
  • Wait for the water to come out completely.

It's a pity, but this method does not work with all models. AGR "Bosch" and "Siemens" have a special loop, which prevents the spool. To find out the features of the structure of the styralka, refer to the instruction.

Drainage filter

This detail is present in almost all models of Samsung, Atlant, Veko. Protects the pump from foreign objects and debris during washing. What do we have to do:

  • Remove the bottom panel or open the hatch. Sometimes they are fastened with screws, which need to be unscrewed.
  • Tilt the body back. For convenience, you can put something under the bottom.
  • Place an empty container under the filter.

  • Turn the part counter-clockwise and pull it out of the seat.

Sometimes the inside of the filter is so clogged that it can not be pulled out. In this case, you need to remove the bottom of the AGR, get to the part, unscrew and clean.

Emergency hose

Behind the decorative hatch, at the bottom of the front panel, there may be a small hose (tube). If the machine has stopped draining the water, you can open the hatch, remove the tube, open the hole and direct it into the container. True, this is not a fast process, since the tube is narrow.

Not all brands have a similar emergency tube.

Door hatch

If there is not enough water, proceed as follows:

  • Tilt the case back and lean against the wall.
  • If the stylalka is hanging in the middle of the program, then the door will be locked. You can open it using a thin, but strong cord. Pass it between the body and the door, pull both ends at the same time and open the lock.
  • Then scoop the bucket from the tank.

Completely remove it will not succeed, so the option is not very convenient.

Sleeve outlet

When the filter is not wrenched, it is possible to dismantle the branch pipe, but for this it is necessary to disassemble the automatic machine.

  • Loosen the bolts around the perimeter of the rear panel.
  • Put it aside.
  • Under the tank there is a branch pipe, it is fixed to the pump by a yoke.
  • Place the container, loosen the collar and remove the branch pipe, lowering the end into the pelvis.

  • If nothing merges, the cause is a blockage.
  • Eliminate it and restore the system.

Plus such a complex approach - the complete removal of water from the tank.

Check the impeller of the pump, it is often not drained due to its blockage. In severe cases, the pump itself burns.

The most difficult failure is a malfunction of the electronic board. Then you need to open the control panel, take out the module and inspect it for the moment of the subgrade. If the triac is fused, it can be replaced and the board can be restored. But it is better to entrust the repair to a specialist, because the control module is a complicated and expensive part.

The video will help you cope with the problem:

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