Faults washing machines Brandt( Brandt)

If the instruction manual washing Brandt completely lost, and you are faced with a breakdown, then it is worth resorting to the services of a master or repair yourself.

Brandt brand cars came to Russia not so long ago, but in Europe their production has been massively established since the 50s of the last century. Manufacturers managed to win the sympathy of customers due to reasonable price and excellent technical characteristics.

Repair of Brandt washing machines( Brandt) is associated with some difficulties, which we will consider further.

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The most typical Brandt typewriter damage

Over 20 years of operation of the Brandt French typewriterPrivate workshops have already collected a huge knowledge base about breakdowns and the reasons for their occurrence. At first glance, these are very reliable washers, but in the CIS, mostly cheap models are in demand. Brandt machines from a low price category and parts are not as reliable, and the assembly is not always canceled.

All Brandt typewriters are combined with such typical failures:

  1. Drain pump failure. This problem most often overtakes models of the vertical type. Pumps in these machines are no more than 5 years.
  2. Clogged systems. This is a frequent breakdown of any car, regardless of brand and model. Clogs do not allow the machine to erase normally or make this process very problematic.
  3. Thermal Sensor. This is the “Achilles heel” of any Brandt typewriter - expensive or budget. Often, temperature sensors require replacement already 3 years after the purchase of a washing machine.
  4. Thermoelectric Heater( TEH).This weak point is also any typewriter brand Brandt. And TEN can break both after 15 years of operation, and in the first year of service. It depends not so much on the quality of the part, but on the external factors - water quality and compliance with the rules of operation.

Important! Other parts of the Brandrath brand are distinguished by reliability and durability and break down much less frequently than the nodes listed above, so we will not talk about them further.

Fault codes can also help you understand the problem. The decoding of such codes is usually given in the manual. Most often, Brand erasers issue error codes: d01, d02, d03, d07 or ER12.

Self-repair Brandt: as far as is advisable

Often, Brandt owners of SM Brandt start to disturb the first failures only after 10 years of use. And before the first breakdown, the car can work absolutely without failures.

If the CMA is too old, the first difficulty will be in finding details for it. Dealers who carry parts from Europe often have only the most popular parts. The easiest way for a machine of this brand to buy such parts:

  • Drain pumps.
  • Pulleys.
  • drive belts.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Hoses and nozzles.
  • Sash drums.
  • Gaskets and Rings.
  • Top Panels.
  • TENY.

Relatively low prices are kept on electronic controllers and display panels, although they can not always be found in the Russian Federation, and will have to be ordered from abroad.

Engine is no less difficult to find. The original part can wait for more than a month, and it can "fly into the penny."

Important! Brandt machine parts are also made in China( China), but their quality is much lower than European. The Chinese make only the popular components and spare parts.

Having collected all the opinions and expert advice on this issue, we conclude that, before proceeding with an independent repair, you need to thoroughly study the problem and calculate the possible cost of the repair.

Often, spare parts for used machines are more expensive than the washers themselves, and you still need time and energy to do it yourself.

Removing clogs in the Brandt washing machine

If you started repairing the Brandt washing machine with your own hands, start by removing the clogs. Moreover, if you have never cleaned the machine, it will only benefit her. Clogs - a real scourge of machines, because few people sort out things before washing and extracts from them every little thing. And we cannot influence the water quality in the pipes at all.

If Brandt washing machine is to be repaired with a vertical load, then there is a specificity: they are arranged a little differently, unlike their vertical "brothers".

Their drain filter is located inside the case. For example, in CM Brandt WM-1150, the manufacturer has provided for the location of the filter in the tank. If it seems difficult to you, we will reassure you: it is extremely easy to find a filter:

  • We remove one shutter cover on the drum with our own hands, and don’t touch the second one, it is not involved in the repair.
  • Unfold the drum and open its doors.
  • Looking for a filter( located at the bottom of the tank).
  • We get, clean, wash under the tap.
  • Fasten the sash to its place and restore the location of the drum.

Caution! Cleaning the filter and nozzles should fit tightly in the schedule of your household concerns - pay attention to the drain system at least 3-4 times a year. If we neglect this advice, the quality of washing will sooner or later fall, and maybe the washing will stop altogether.

If the filter is cleaned conscientiously, and the water still stands and does not drain, then the nozzles must be cleaned. They can be accessed through the back panel. Having found the pipes, arm yourself with a screwdriver and loosen the clamps, drain the water and remove the pipes.

Important! Despite the fact that the nozzles are wide, the garbage still manages to collect them, so do not ignore their cleaning.

Water intake valves also become clogged in BrandA CMA.In typical cars of our country - Ariston, Indesit or Atlant - the filters are designed for a large amount of water with a considerable percentage of impurities( and they are located differently).In Brandt washers, for some reason, filters are designed for soft and clean water, so they clog 2-3 times faster than competitive models of other brands. Cleaning, replacing or completely refusing to filter water are possible scenarios.

How to clean the water filter in Brandt type

  1. Shut off the water supply valve from the water mains.
  2. Disconnect the suction hose.
  3. Using round pliers or pliers, remove the filter.
  4. Clean and rinse.
  5. Reinstall or replace with a new one.

If you did not find another filter and decided to completely remove the old one, then know that the masters do not recommend completely removing the filter. The machine will get much more dirt than it used to, and it will be necessary to clean the inlet and outlet systems more often.

Heater and Thermal Sensor in Brandt:

Mutual Problem In Vertical Brand machines, it is much easier to check and change Heater and thermistor( temperature sensor) than in conventional machines. If the water is not heated or overheated, then you need to check both the unit - and the heater, and the sensor.

Act sequentially:

  1. Unscrew the back panel( use a Phillips screwdriver for 10).
  2. Removing the panel, you will see a pulley, which is attached to the drive belt. Next, the wall of the tank, the engine and the side - the pump. Immediately above the motor there is a plug, under which is hidden what we need - and the heater, and the sensor.
  3. Remove the cap.
  4. Release the sensor and heater from the wires.
  5. Take the tester and first check the sensor - first at room temperature, after - heating it in a glass of warm water. A good sensor will display a different reading on the tester screen. Broken will show 0-1.
  6. Check TEN if the sensor is in good condition. If the resistance value is not in the range of 20-40 Ohm, then the heating element is blown or closed. Together with the gasket, take it out of the tank and install a new heater.
  7. Sensor return in place. Connect the wiring.

If you quickly did not find the original heating element for your model, do not put the same! It is better to order the original part and wait for it, otherwise you risk to “earn” also the breakdown of the electronic module.

The Brandtt pump discharged the water pump( pump) in the Brandt.

The Brandt washing machine pump can be easily bought in the Russian Federation - there will be no difficulties with it, as the part is in demand, and it is transported regularly. You can easily replace the pump with your own hands, but pay attention to one important point: make sure that you really need a replacement pump.

Do the following:

  • Clean the connections( you can also drain the water too).
  • So, as described above, get through the back of the machine to the pump.
  • Remove the wires from it( remember, take a picture or mark the location of the wires, then to collect everything as it was, or you will burn the board).
  • Measure the resistance on the winding with a tester.
  • Remove the pump from the fasteners by unscrewing the bolts.
  • Slowly reach the pump.
  • Try spinning the impeller in both directions. In a broken pump, it turns with difficulty.
  • Buy an original part and install it in the reverse order.

Caution! After removing the pump, inspect it for blockages - they are often in the sleeve, which significantly interferes with the work. If the cause of the failure in the blockage, then the pump does not need to be changed, especially if the tester showed no deviations.

Repair of electronics in the Brandt machine with your own handsTo repair or replace the board, you need not only the Brandt washing machine layout, but certain knowledge and experience.

We strongly advise against self-repair in this case - you can either break the SM or increase the cost of repair.

Hope this useful video on repairing top-loading washing machines will help you:

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