Vacuum cleaner with aquafilter: choose cleanliness

Vacuum cleaner with aquafilter: choose cleanliness


Allergy is a scourge of modern times. The only reliable way to relieve the condition of an allergic for a long time is to stop contact with the allergen. In the case when the ailment is caused by reaction to particles of house dust or grain of plant pollen, the cleanliness in the house will help guide the vacuum cleaner with the aquafilter. But not all models are effective enough and reliably remove dust. To get a really high-quality device, you need to know how to choose the vacuum cleaner with the aquafilter correctly.


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  • 2On what parameters to choose the best vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter for the house
  • 3Additional functions
  • 4Price range
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The device of vacuum cleaners with aquafilter

Conventional models are used to filter retracted air mixed with dust and debris, conventional filters from porous or mesh materials. Such devices allow successfully detaining quite a lot of contaminants inside: small debris, wool of pets, large dust fractions. But the smallest particles do not linger. They are thrown into the air of the room together with the exhaust air and enter the lungs and bronchi, settle on the nasal mucosa and throat. Some old models, in which filters have already worked their resources, generally throw out air, more saturated with small dust particles than sucked.

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Another thing is an aquafilter. Water, the most versatile solvent, easily keeps both dust and harmful substances from the air, not to mention larger debris particles. A vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter is able to clean air in the room, keeping up to 99% of the contaminants. But such indicators are available only to expensive premium models.

You can choose an ordinary, relatively inexpensive vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter, which simply provides you with excellent quality house cleaning. In such models, a separator motor is used that creates a vortex movement of water in the compartment where the intake air flows. When passing through the water, the air is cleared of dust, debris, and humidified. If you add flavors to the water, then the house air will also have a pleasant smell. The filters on the output will remove excess moisture.

Suction air passes through a more sophisticated filtration system in higher-end models and the upper price segment.

On what parameters to choose the best vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter for the house

Actually, there are not many criteria:

  • quality of cleaning;
  • engine power;
  • volume of the flask with water;
  • cost;
  • dimensions.

The quality of the cleaning depends on the design of the additional filters and engine power. These parameters are directly related to the price of the device: in expensive models the cleaning quality is much higher. But it is not necessary: ​​for example, some models of the German brand "Kercher" from the middle price range have an annoying constructive defect. Part of the air with dust returns back to the room, which can have extremely unpleasant consequences for the allergy sufferer. The most expensive models for post-treatment of air use high-efficiency filters HEPA. They release air not only from dust, but also from spores of mold and fungi, microscopic pollen of plants, waste products of dust mites and even bacteria.

The simplest are vacuum cleaners with a passive aquafilter system. In such models can be present and a normal bag for garbage collection. More active active hydraulic cleaning systems.


A vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter advantageously differs from the usual one in that during cleaning the force with which the device sucks in air does not decrease at all. Both at the beginning of the process, and at the end, the vacuum cleaner sucks in air with equal force. Many models on the body have a regulator that allows you to change the suction power depending on the properties of the surfaces to be cleaned. To clean the flooring, you can use less power than for deep cleaning of upholstered furniture, thick carpets or pillows. For the usual cleaning of floors and carpets, it is enough to choose a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter up to 400 W, for carpets with a long thick pile you need to choose models more powerful: up to 800 W.

The volume of the flask with water depends on the area that can be cleaned without interruption for a change of water. For a small apartment is enough capacity, -2 liters. For a large house or office space, you can choose a model with a 10-liter capacity. The larger the flask for water, the more impressive the dimensions are with a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter. And so he is more expensive.

Additional functions

Some models can perform not only a dry, but also a wet cleaning of surfaces. Of course, this will affect the price. In general, many vacuum cleaners are offered for sale in the base configuration, and all additional devices and attachments you will have to buy separately. From some points of view this is correct: you have the opportunity to choose for yourself exactly those functions that will be in demand in your home, without paying for unnecessary twists.

Price range

The spread of prices is huge. You can choose a good vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter for only $ 300, and be quite happy with it. But this is until you assess the quality of the model for $ 1000, cleaning not only the floor, furniture, soft toys, but also the air in the room. After cleaning with a vacuum cleaner in the apartment it really makes it easier to breathe.


The most expensive and perfect models are produced under the brand Rainbow. It is the vacuum cleaners of this brand that have been certified by medical experts, and their high effectiveness in combating dust and domestic allergens has been confirmed. Until recently, the "Kirby" brand was also present on the Russian market. But aggressive and often completely unethical sales tactics have led to the complete discrediting of this brand and the disappearance of it from Russia.

In a more affordable price segment, the vacuum cleaners of the brands "Thomas "Philips "Krausen" showed themselves well.

In the economy class category, you can choose a good vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter from the companies "Samsung "Zelmer" or "Vitek".

Video: a review of a Samsung vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter

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