How to flush a washing machine

If you decide that the electronic board of the washing machine is faulty, you need to accurately determine the breakdown. You can do this by testing and ringing. If the checks confirmed that the reasons for the failure of the washer are hidden in the main unit, the firmware of the washing machine modules will help. How this is done will be discussed in our article.

Content of the material:

  • 1We carry out preparatory work
  • 2Where to find the firmware
  • 3How to flash a washing machine: step by step instructions

We carry out preparatory work

How can I reflash a washing machine? For this work, you need to buy a special programmer that will allow you to connect the control unit to the computer. Carefully inspect the connectors of the laptop or computer to which the connection will be made. The selected programmer must match the type of connector: LPT, COM and USB.

It is recommended to choose a proprietary adapter. For example, for a module of the Arcadia type, the USBDM Memory Dump programmer is suitable. Some masters collect such an adapter themselves, but this is not the best solution. Why?

  1. To homemade equipment is difficult to find software. But to each proprietary programmer is appropriate support.
  2. Original equipment will definitely work.
  3. If you compare the cost of assembling and buying a new product, the difference is not large. Therefore, do not waste time in vain, get a quality product.

The usual programmer for a single flashing of washing machines costs from 150 rubles. Professional equipment will cost 1500-3500 rubles.

If you need to perform a rotational firmware once with your own hands, then take the product easier. The usual programmer is easier to assemble, it does not have a heaped control. But in work it is also effective, as well as a more expensive product.

Where to find the firmware

The program for flashing washing machines is downloaded on special sites. If you order a programmer in an online store, a program can go to it. You can also find it on the site of component manufacturers for your model of AGR.

Enter the query in the search box "download the firmware for the firmware (specify the make and model)".

Next, we'll look at how to flush the machine through the laptop itself.

How to flash a washing machine: step by step instructions

For work, you need to remove the control board from the washing machine. Before dismantling, be sure to disconnect the SM from the network. Do the following:

  • Open the dispenser for detergents. Press the latch in the center and simultaneously pull the tray toward you. After taking out the dispenser, unscrew the bolts that are behind it.

  • Remove the bolts from the opposite side of the control panel.
  • Use a flat-blade screwdriver to unclamp the plastic panel latches.
  • Take a picture of the position of the connectors on the unit and unfasten them.

  • In order to remove the block itself, it is necessary to unfasten the latches that secure it to the panel.

Now on how to flush the control module of the washing machine. Connect one side of the programmer to the computer connector, the other to the electronic board.

Download the firmware program that you found earlier, as well as the driver, to the programmer. Then, check if the computer has recognized the connected USB. To do this, click on the "Start" tab, select "Control Panel" and "Device Manager" there.

Now you need to open the program and select the "USBDM" tab. If the computer recognizes the connection, the name of the programmer will be displayed in the tab. To determine if the control card is recognized, click on the "Target" tab. In the selected section "Device Selection" the board number should appear. If you find it, you can proceed to further action. How to reprogram the washing machine:

  • Select the "Target" tab. To download the firmware, click on the "Load Hex Files" section.
  • After the file is loaded, you need to start the program. To do this, select "Program Flash" and wait until the end of the process. If no mistakes are displayed during the work, then you have successfully performed the firmware of the CM module.

What if the electronic module is not recognized by the programmer? Most likely, the problem is in the motherboard. It is necessary alternately to ring all the details with a tester with a multimeter. If a fault is detected, repair is necessary, so it is better to contact the service center. It is not recommended to repair the board yourself. Knowing how to flush a car, you can determine the reasonableness of such repairs. If you are able to cope with the work and pinpoint the cause of the problem, then the video on the topic will help you:

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