Why washing machine is not spinning the reels

The drum is in the tank. It should be on the shaft is held by two bearings. On the reverse side of the tank is a pulley over which clings to the drive belt. The engine is often mounted on the left side, as the human heart. Additionally becomes weighting together with concrete blocks. This scheme does not allow the washing machine dance, when it is spinning. Engine manifold controlled current cutoff and switching windings.

washing machine drive

washing machine drive

Actuation of the washing machine

The engine is equipped with a plug with ten wires. First, the forward and reverse motion. Sold two pairs of wires. For some engines outwardly output connector safety thermostat (or a thermal fuse). Bimetallic relay coils will not burn on the hard mode, in addition, give the electronic block information if the temperature has exceeded. To adjust using the tachometer, so the cutoff circuit learns that momentum maintained properly. Accumulates ten contacts. The motor housing is grounded into the bargain.

Let's see how it happens. The engine manifold. Approximately 85% of washing machines are characterized by a specified type of power plant. Obvious advantages:

  1. Easy to adjust the rotation speed of the backward and forward stroke. Well-established methods for maintaining the speed constancy. Agree, it is important, especially during the spin cycle.
  2. The ease of obtaining low speed for washing, smoothing underwear.
  3. A suitable starting point.

As for induction motors, they are regulated by changes in the supply voltage amplitude. To change the angle of collector cut-off. Here is picture with explanations.

The amplitude of the supply voltage

The amplitude of the supply voltage

In the picture one below the other two sine wave. They pass through the thyristor switch, with which the oscillation frequency current cuts part of the period. Schematically indicated by red lines. In one case the shaded area of ​​the power transmitted to the engine is greater in the other less. From this engine speed dependent.

Motor shows switching stator. The windings are included in one or the other direction, which makes it possible to use the reverse. The engine manifold, with brushes. If the drive line, which is now fashionable, the drum shaft and the anchor match. The tank and the engine look as a whole. The shaft comprises two bearings for greater strength. pulley rotation speed of the motor reaches 11500 rpm. At such a rate unacceptable beats bearings are reliable.

Reducer with reduction pulley, the drum rotation speed not exceeding 1500 rpm, but too much of this, according to experts. To adjust the belt position on the motor shaft set up streams, which are the projections of the belt. Pulley smooth drum, on the one hand the belt is limited doorsteps. It is important to properly adjust the position of the drive. If the belt is not adjacent to the nut by turning the motor shaft is required to move the tire in the right direction. Scroll drum pulley for a couple of turns, everything will fall into place. If the setting is performed poorly, the belt slips off, various damages, for example, a drum.

We add that the mode of operation of the drum sets programmer in new washing machines - electronic circuit. The scheme of adjustment on the power switch, and contact groups work out instructions.

Repairs to the washing machine with a stationary drum

Initially supposed to disconnect the appliance from the wall outlet. If necessary, the emergency drain water through a hose. Standard is located in the lower right corner next to the filter drain pump. Sometimes I wonder replace the hose, just sticking his cap on the front panel. It relies loosen, just pull the emergency drain. Pulling the plug, start to collect water in a basin. Usually, 5 or more liters, depending on the model of the washing machine.

Remove the laundry and place to one side. It was the turn rotating the drum. Stroke say tight, rattle and without jamming. Uniform severity provided rotatable shaft of the motor connected through a gearbox. Perceived crunch often belongs to the bearings. Despite the low cost of parts will have to disassemble the tank to replace or change the module with a drum as a whole, which will rise a lot of money. The situation is unpleasant.

Disassembly begins with the front panel and the top cover. In particular washing machines in different ways. Screws are trying to hide. You have to remove the hidden panel to carry out his plan. Removing the door is optional. Remember hidden underneath the loop collapse sensor with wires extending from the electronic unit. To remove the cuff, bend the edge and remove the wire ring on the spring retaining part. Supposed to get the tray. Then, the front panel is relatively easy to remove, but ...

Removing the washing machine panel

Removing the washing machine panel

  1. By tray compartment suitable hose for the powder feed to the tank. Disconnect the clamps, remove the rubber.
  2. The door is not always necessary to remove, depending on the circumstances.
  3. Pulling the front panel does not tear off the wires slam sensor.

From the tank need to undock:

  • Tube (or hose) pressure switch. This level sensor, recognizable by a large group of contacts. Like a big pill. Confused difficult. Installed in the upper portion of the housing.
  • Drain outlet located in the bottom right corner. This is a large corrugated hose, usually black, sometimes white in color.
  • The engine is required to remove pre-fold belt. Attention! We remind you that from the outlet is unplugged at the beginning of this section. Insert your finger under the drum pulley and start to rotate. Belt is easy to come off. With the motor removed wiring (standard - the only plug cord plus ground). Then he unscrewed the bolts. More often than not, the engine must be moved forward or backward. See that did not fall and not get damaged.
  • It is time to remove the wiring PETN. It is better to take a picture of the place, so you do not complain of memory.
  • It remains the most difficult. Unscrew the screws from the tank with solid caps that hold the balance of the stones. This bulky contraption that do not give cushioning system to enter the resonance killer for springs and levers.
  • Carefully remove the spring. Usually start with lower, look for a place.
Washing machine drum

Washing machine drum

Buck shot. Further, any producer protect their offspring from unauthorized access, at times, to disassemble the tank into two halves, plastic fasteners have to... break. Incidentally, a silicone gasket on the perimeter supposed to replace. Now it is able to reach the bearings, punctured drum with the shaft, after removing the pulley. Front bearing a large rear. Assembling is carried out in the reverse sequence.

Repairs to the washing machine motor

If the washing machine has ceased to spin the drum, in some cases, to blame the engine. Inspect, prepare two terminals at 200 V. To start the unit, you will need a circuit diagram. Inside, there are safety devices to external leads, tachometer. 220 to submit unnecessary and dangerous. Usually, the wash cycle and spin pairs involved contact:

  • 5 and 6;
  • 3 and 4.

If in doubt, ask on the forum. A simple way: to ring any pair. Tens of ohms resistance? Remove any brush. It was infinite? Exactly what is needed. Similarly, do the second pair. The motor does not turn with the belt: the actuator relies removed. With the tank can not remove the motor. Get ready for a sharp jerk on the spin cycle.

If the brush spark, replace it with a new, lubricate bearings, check the protective varistors, terpopredohraniteli. Last distinguished by explanatory inscriptions, which indicates activation temperature. The grease will help if the engine slowly spinning drum, how to fix the winding, have been told. In most cases, rewind the stator or rotor is impossible.

Malfunctions happen are caused by different parts. For example, the washing machine will not work on mode when the pressure switch indicates the presence of water in the tank after the main part of the cycle. We suggest to check the level sensor. Triac circuit cutoff angle also periodicheskidaet failure check effective voltage at its output (not higher than 220 V). Most other difficulty lies in the bearings, motor and belt.

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