How to make a grinder from a washing machine

If you have an unnecessary washing machine that you could not sell, it can be used advantageously. From the engine of the washing machine it is possible to make a self-made grinding machine. This device is called a grinder.

It has advantages over grinding machines - it makes it convenient to process the ends of products, as well as small parts. Learn how to assemble the machine by yourself, in our article.


Content of the material:

  • 1When the machine is used
  • 2Preparatory work
  • 3How to collect a grinder from the motor of a washing machine: instruction
    • 3.1How to connect the motor
    • 3.2Installing the tape
  • 4How to adjust the grinding machine

When the machine is used

Grinder is used for final processing of details from roughness - before painting or varnishing. Also for leveling defects and flaws on surfaces.

The machine will quickly and efficiently cope with the work. In addition, tapes of different grain size are used for it, so the scope of application is quite wide. Depending on the choice of tape, you will be able to process products from:

  • wood;
  • become;
  • non-ferrous metal.

With the help of the homemade from the engine from the washing machine it will be convenient to grind the details of various shapes, which you can not do with a hand tool. For example, triangular, tubular, flat and round objects.

Preparatory work

It will be necessary to make a mobile element by which to move the tape. If you buy it separately to build the structure, it will cost about the same amount as the new machine.

What details are needed to work:

  • corners: one 40 cm long and two 15 and 25 cm long;
  • 2 long bolts and a few ordinary ones, nuts, washers, springs;
  • hairpin;
  • a piece of metal measuring 30x100 mm.

What tools will be needed:

  • lathe;
  • drill;
  • welding machine;
  • pliers;
  • car keys;
  • Bulgarian.

You also need parts that can be made only on the machine tool or ordered in the workshop. It:

  • roller;
  • bearing;
  • sleeve;
  • nut;
  • shaft.

How to collect a grinder from the motor of a washing machine: instruction

Now take the prepared corners. With the help of welding, connect the corners, as seen in the photo below. To the bottom of the parallel weld two small metal plates with holes for the bolt.

Adjust the tension of the tape on the machine will help bolt with a spring attached to it, installed in the end hole of the structure from the corners. Make a hole in the top of the corner for a short bolt. Screw on this place a short part of the corner, fixed with a bolt not completely. The short part should move, allowing you to change the tension of the tape.

Then install the roller with the bearing mechanism. Do not over tighten the roller on the corner, it should rotate freely. Fix one end of the roller with a nut, and weld the second with a welding machine to the corner.

Install the stud. To do this, make an additional hole in the corner under the roller. After passing the stud, secure it with two nuts on one side. When installing the stud, make sure that it is threaded.

As you can see in the photo above, there is one more element in the design. This is a corner with a piece of chipboard, which is fixed with short bolts. It is necessary for your safety. The tension of the tape is made with a hairpin, so your hands will be close to the fast moving belt. Such a bar will protect your hands from damage.

How to connect the motor

It remains to connect the motor. It is advisable to use an asynchronous engine from a washing machine-machine. Power can be from 200 to 300 watts, and the speed of rotation is from 1500 to 3000 per minute. Consequently, the performance of the tape will depend on the characteristics of the motor.

It's good if the engine has a long shaft. But if it is not so, then you need to increase it yourself. Here you need a special bushing made of wood, made on a machine. The bushing is put on the motor shaft, after which the tape is put on it.

To the tape does not move while working, and located in the middle, you need to make the center of the sleeve 2-3 mm more.

Installing the tape

You can buy a special tape or make it from an emery cloth. Its width should be no more than 200 mm. Cut the canvas into strips of appropriate length. Now you need to connect the strips. Use only special glue. Then proceed as follows:

  • When laying the joints in the joint, apply glue on them.
  • Top the piece of cloth and press it firmly.
  • Then cover with a sheet of paper and secure with a hot iron.
  • Trim the excess of matter around the edges.

Since the tape will be strongly affected, it is necessary to perform connections qualitatively.

Putting the tape on the grinder, make sure that the seam, which lies overlapping, does not bully at work.

How to adjust the grinding machine

Adjustment of the tape is a hairpin, which is installed in the construction of a self-made machine. Twisting and twisting the hairpin, you affect the degree of tension (tension) of the tape.

Here you need to be careful: if you work at high speed with a little tension - the treatment can be substandard, with missing areas. If you reduce the speed and tighten the tape more, you can spoil the product.

Also select the degree of grain size of the abrasive in accordance with the treatment material.

Having dealt with the details of the work, you will acquire useful technology in home use.

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