How to wash properly in a washing machine

We were recently asked the question: how correctly to wash things in the washing machine? We decided to write a separate article on this topic, since proper washing is the guarantee of the long work of your equipment.

There are also questions about how often you can wash things in the typewriter. We answer: it depends on how much laundry is accumulated. Someone includes AGR every day, others - several times a day. It is optimal to use the styaralka several times a week, but also to start washing once a month is not an option - the technique should be used so that the parts do not dry out.

Content of the material:

  • 1Sorting clothes
  • 2Preparation
  • 3Removing strong spots
  • 4Loading
  • 5Program
  • 6Shoe washing
  • 7Tricks

Sorting clothes

Washing in the machine-machine requires sorting the laundry. Divide the items into several piles.

If you plan to wash colorful things, divide the laundry according to the colors. Still need to divide the laundry according to the type of fabric. Pay special attention to things with strong contaminants - they need to be treated further.

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Recommendation! Install a ventilated basket in the bathroom. This will prevent the appearance of hard to remove stains from dampness.


Before you wash your laundry, you need to prepare it. For example, washing the bed linen, you must turn out the pillowcases.

Also, clothes washing should begin with the inspection of pockets - get everything you will find. Close all the fasteners, tie the shoelaces. When washing shirts, sleeves should be carefully spread out. Pants and jeans are turned inside out.

Removing strong spots

Soak the soiled items in a basin with warm water and add a stain remover. Rub a slightly soiled area and send clothes to the stiralka.

If you have a question, how to wash very dirty laundry, then for a few minutes, soak it in water. Add stain remover, lightly rub, rinse and machine. It is also advisable to add a little stain remover to the powder container.


Let's answer the question: what can be erased and loaded into a drum. Thinking about what things can be washed together, you should take into account not only the color and type of fabric, but also the size (volume).

Small things with small, large and large - this measure will save the drum from possible imbalance.

Important! Do not erase small and voluminous things at the same time. This may cause the machine to unbalance.


We suggest following the general recommendations for washing:

  • Light cotton products and linen clothes should be washed at 95 °. Spin speed can be set to maximum.
  • Before you wash colored cotton things, choose a temperature of 60 degrees. Spin speed - the maximum.
  • Washing clothes from synthetics - no more than 50 °. Spin speed is 800-900 rpm.
  • Wool and silk require a 40-degree temperature and spin no more than 600 rpm. But experts advise before washing in the typewriter-automaton woolen or silk things, do not use pressing. So things will keep their shape.
  • In many models there is no separate program for clothes prone to staining. Just wash in cold water - no more than 30 °. Do not know what colors can be washed together? It is better not to risk and send white things to the drum with white, black clothes with black clothes, red with red and so on.

If white laundry is to be washed, use of bleaching agents is allowed for such a bed set. But it is also recommended to add "soft" detergents to the powder collector.

Shoe washing

Do you want to know how to wash your shoes effectively and effectively, removing dirt from it and not damaging a pair of your favorite shoes? Observe the rules that go further:

  • Do not wash leather shoes in the SMA - it will lose shape and will not be suitable for wearing.
  • Do not wash colored shoes in the machine. If the shoes have glued elements, then, most likely, they will disappear during washing.
  • Clean the dirt from the dirt - wash it by washing off the dirt with a cloth, or use a special brush for cleaning. Neglect of this point is threatened by the fact that pebbles and pieces of dirt get into the filter of the washing machine, and this will result in serious damage or clogging.
  • Choose a low-temperature mode, 30 degrees maximum.
  • Remove the insole and shoelaces (if any), wash them separately or manually.
  • Dry, tightly stuffed with white paper. Do not use newspapers or magazines, if you do not want to read it from the insoles - the letters can be transferred to the fabric.

Important! Do not wash 2-3 pairs of shoes together. Heavy boots can damage the sunroof glass.


The washing process will become easier with these tips:

  1. Before you send the items to the drum, wipe it and the rubber seal with a rag, removing the remnants of dirt and moisture.
  2. Make sure that the thing does not shed: moisten the edges in warm water and wait for the reaction. If the water is not colored, then you can send clothes to the stiralku. But with white things do not take any chances.
  3. Leave in the drum free space - this affects the quality of washing. The more spacious, the better the process.
  4. When washing outer clothing, zip and button.
  5. Do not forget to check your pockets so that small objects do not damage the inner cavity of the drum.
  6. Use a laundry bag or an old pillowcase, washing shoes. This will protect the machine from damage, and shoes - from loss of shape.

On how to properly wash clothes in a washing machine, much to say is not necessary. Carefully prepare for the washing process, do not forget about sorting clothes by colors and types of fabrics.

It's not difficult to do everything according to the rules, one should only try it once.

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