Installing a Kandy washing machine under the sink

Size does matter when the house has a Kandy washing machine under the sink. According to industrial standards, the height of models under the sink does not exceed 70 cm. The following giants produce these modifications: Zanussi, Eurosoba, Electrolux. Kandy dominates the budget segment.

Model line Aquamatik

A manufacturer that has been making home appliances for nearly half a century does not save on quality. Consider the compact washing machine Kandy Aquamatik.

General parameters

In the model line 4, the difference in the speed of rotation of the drum and a set of options. Two models give a speed of 1000 rpm, the other two - 800. The cost linearly falls on 1000 rubles, starting with the amount of $ 490, in the specified order:

  • 1000 DF;
  • 800 DF;
  • 100 F;
  • 80 F.

The capabilities of the models decrease with the cost. Striking - drying class C, below average for washing machines. It became a payment for the small size of the equipment, on a par with the price: it is possible to buy a good Samsung model for the indicated price.

Washing machine Kandy Aquamatik equipped with an indicator of the unlocked position of the hatch. A blinking signal will alert the owner to re-slam the door. While the light bulb is on, it will not be possible to get the laundry after washing. Two minutes will have to wait before you get things. When you want to report laundry, press the Pause button. We'll have to wait a couple of minutes until the automatic lock is removed. The wash cycle continued washing machine from the place where it was interrupted.

An Enable / Disable button is present to select an alternative program. Cleaners are refilled according to the mode.



For molting tissue, Aquaplus mode was invented - the amount of water consumed will increase significantly, the option is strongly recommended for people with sensitive skin. Removed after washing clothes as clean as possible from dirt and detergents.

In this mode, Kandy's washing machine handles things more carefully. Fully dissolved detergents work with maximum results, copious rinsing completely removes the signs of active substances from the surface. The manufacturer recommends using the Aquaplus button when washing baby clothes.

The function is automatically activated in delicate modes.


Happens, fabrics do not tolerate hot water. Aquamatic allow you to gently solve the difficulty. The mode is recommended to use to save energy with small pollution.

Delayed launch

Starting the program is delayed for a period of 1 - 24 hours. Programming is a special button. Installation with multiplicity by the hour is carried out in a circle in an increasing order: the figure grows from 1 to 23, then it is reset.

When the desired delay for the start of the washing machine is set, you must press the Start / Pause button. The indicator will flash, the countdown will begin. You can change the current time remaining by holding the delayed start button for 5 seconds. The product will re-enter the programming mode, where it is proposed to act in the indicated manner.


A typical function of adjusting the spin speed provides the ability to set the desired parameter. The value of turns can not exceed the maximum allowable for the selected program. To reduce the value, which means to reduce the washing time, to save energy, is quite accessible to the user. Naturally, things will remain raw.

All values ​​cycle through. You can not set less than 400 revolutions per minute, but the spin is turned off by pressing a certain number of times on the button.


The washing machine under the sink is not very complex display. From top to bottom on the digital display are present:

  1. Washing time.
  2. Pause and delayed launch icon.
  3. Number of revolutions.

Each key has a small LED for indication. If the pressed button does not fit the washing machine program, the light will flash and go out.

Mode setting knob

According to the manufacturers, high temperatures( 90 and 60 degrees) are intended exclusively for washing white things. Flax and durable fabrics are marked with a cloud icon, 5 modes are distinguished, but only three lower ones are suitable for shedding and mixed( according to fiber composition) things.

Synthetics is erased at a temperature of 50 degrees and below. At the same time it is possible to put mixed fabrics in the washing machine's tank. The maximum volume will be - 2 kg.

Three programs for delicate washing designed for wool and other problematic things. The most delicate clothes fit into a special mesh bag. Drain, rinse and quick spin are considered service modes. Express programs stand in a separate line, in this case, the time during which the washing machine finishes the work cycle is normalized.

Tips from the manufacturer

It is recommended to load the drum to the full, not exceeding the weight value specified in the instructions. The similar technique allows to spend detergents with the maximum result. A typical calculation shows that when washing 3.5 kg of laundry, energy savings reach 50% compared with the case when the process takes place in two steps - 1.75 kg each.

Prewash is used only for heavy soiling. Electricity savings will reach 15% if you follow a simple rule.

Avoid using high temperature modes. Before placing things in the washing machine is soaking with stain remover. Using mode 60 instead of 90, the user saves 50% energy.

Super Candy Washing Machines

Putting a washing machine under the sink is not the only way to save space. Standard 60 cm height is not maintained by any bathroom. Sometimes it makes sense to look more closely at what Candi Holiday washing machine represents.

Depth is only 33 cm. When loading 4 kg of linen, the maximum energy consumption is 1.8 kWh. The washing machine fully repeats the property of the ruler described above, it is necessary to pay attention only to the tray. For models of Kandy washing machines, two sections stood out under the sink; in the Holiday Division, there were already three sections. On the sides are trays for detergents, in the middle - for softeners and fragrances, and only liquid.

Price advantage. For the previous options fee is half. One has only to find a nook of depth 33 cm, where the Candy Holiday washing machine fits, and special regimes for the services of the household. It is a pity that the Night Wash option is missing.

To prevent rapid wear of parts and reduce noise during spinning, select models with automatic unbalance control. The option is certainly useful. When the laundry in the drum of the washing machine is unevenly distributed, special sensors detect the imbalance. There is a short rotation in the opposite direction to equalize the load. If, after a series of attempts, the weight cannot be distributed correctly, the washing machine ends the cycle.

Vertical loading

There are persistent rumors that a top-loading washing machine handles laundry more carefully. It was not possible to hear scientific evidence of the fact. What exactly will make the washing machine Kandy with a vertical load - save space. Slightly understated compared to the standard models dimensions - not the point. A significant role is played by the fact: the control panel is also located on the top, which allows the washing machine to be placed in a narrow space, bounded on all sides by pieces of furniture and walls.

Drum does not hold 8 kg of linen, of course, but the purchase in the corner does not hurt. Vertical washing machines Kandy - salvation in terms of apartments with a small area. For $ 500 there is an excellent set of functionality, for example, preventing creasing and removing stains.


Repair of Kandy washing machines is impossible at home, but you shouldn’t wait until the workshop finishes work on troubleshooting. Useful information is easy to get in the search engine. One has only to type in the line "error codes washing machines Kandy" and look through the pages to understand what can break.

Letters and numbers appear on the indicator in case of breakage. This is the error code of the washing machine. Some problems are corrected relatively simply, others - require serious intervention. A part will force you to buy new spare parts or throw out a washing machine, others will be removed in a matter of hours:

  1. The first group includes a malfunction of the pressure switch.
  2. Ko second - clogged input filter mesh.

Both faults are displayed on the indicator with code E02.What exactly is broken, only the master will say. Do not climb inside if the product is under warranty. At the same time, a message to Kandy’s washing machine error code will speed up the repair in selected cases.

Kandy offers a wide range of products. True quality at an affordable price becomes possible due to the fact that the Italian concern has acquired the domestic brand Vyatka, which means that production facilities are already in place.

No fees, shipping costs - only competitive products!

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