Overview of Beko refrigerators: how to choose by parameters, by model

Beko refrigerators attract buyers with an affordable price and good technical characteristics. But before buying it is still worth familiarizing with their advantages and disadvantages, the parameters of popular models and the opinions of users. After reading our review, you will make the right decision.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where is the Beko technique assembled
  • 2Pros and cons of Beko refrigerators
  • 3What to look for when buying
    • 3.1Common parameters
    • 3.2Energy consumption
    • 3.3Autonomous cold storage
    • 3.4Food freezing capacity
    • 3.5Additionally
  • 4Browse popular models
    • 4.1CS 328020
    • 4.2CMV 533103 S
    • 4.3GNE 134620 X
    • 4.4DS 325000 S
    • 4.5TS1 90320
    • 4.6CBI 7771
  • 5User Reviews
  • 6Faults in Beko refrigerators
  • 7Conclusion

Where is the Beko technique assembled

The country-manufacturer of electrical appliances "Beko" - Turkey.

The main difference between products is an acceptable cost. It is the company Beko offers the market one of the most affordable refrigerators, equipped with the function No Frost. The functionality of all the latest models is no worse than those that are issued by famous brands and cost several times more.

Masters of service centers often respond positively to Turkish compressors. They believe that such engines can serve their entire term. But, as in other brands, these compressors are not subject to repair - they only need to be changed. For the original can ask for half the cost of the entire refrigerator, so often repairers put "not native" motors.

On a note. All other parts can be repaired, so a breakdown of the condenser or evaporator will not be a big problem.

The models presented in the domestic market, despite the Turkish logo, are often collected in the Russian Federation. It can not be said that the tandem of Turkish technologies and the Russian assembly was unsuccessful, but the reliability of such equipment is in question - it can substantially yield to Turkish counterparts. Especially good need to think about when buying a model equipped with electronics.

Such were the advice of professionals. It's time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Pros and cons of Beko refrigerators

Refrigerating equipment "Beko judging by the feedback of users and the opinion of experts, is distinguished by such advantages:

  • Thoughtful arrangement of internal compartments. Users note that all shelves, zones and containers are convenient in operation.
  • A full set of necessary functions and options.
  • As we noted above, one of the important advantages is the affordable price.
  • Durability. Despite the fact that the technology belongs to the class of "Economy it does not have to be discarded in the first year of service.
  • Stable and trouble-free operation (with proper selection and operation).

There are also disadvantages:

  • Possible defective components of the case or small flaws in the assembly.
  • Noisiness of Turkish compressors is above average.

What to look for when buying

To understand which is better to choose a refrigerator for a family or individual use, it does not hurt to compare the features of models. Let's briefly consider what the manufacturer offers.

Common parameters

Among the two-chamber versions, there are often side-by-side designs. The added useful volume is suitable for a large family.

Covering the case - most often plastic-metal, but there are models with a glass coating. The latter is protected by a special layer, which prevents the appearance of scratches. But nothing is said about the fingerprints - it needs to be checked.

Energy consumption

Manufacturers actively use energy-saving technologies, so many models have class A, A + and A ++. With the advent of such a refrigerator, you will not overpay for a communal.

Autonomous cold storage

The longer a technician can store cold air without getting electricity, the better. Some manufacturers expose the products to danger, setting this option for a maximum of 5-6 hours. With Veko, heat has no chance - individual refrigerators can work autonomously for up to 24 hours. This function is simply necessary if you periodically turn off the light.

Food freezing capacity

This parameter depends on the class and power of the motor-compressor. Many refrigerators are designed for freezing from 3 to 12 kg per day. Given that other cheap models freeze to just 2 kg, this is an excellent indicator for a large family.


Also, the technique "Beko" can be supplemented by the following "lotions

  • "Fresh Zone" or "Fresh Zone" is a department for preserving the attractiveness and taste of perishable products. In such boxes you can keep cheeses, meat and fish, vegetables and fruits for a long time and without frost. A useful thing for the fans of healthy eating. Read more in the review "What is the freshness zone in the refrigerator".

  • The super-frost function enhances power and allows you to quickly freeze products while maintaining all of their qualities, including the original weight.
  • Supercooling is an option similar to the previous one, but for the main compartment. It will be useful when loading a large amount of food.
  • Indicators and sound signals. All this facilitates control. For example, sound with an open door you definitely will not hurt.

Important! If you leave the door open for a long time, the motor-compressor may break down.

  • Antibacterial internal spraying blocks the rapid development of pathogenic bacteria. Thanks to this in the chambers there is no unpleasant odor, and the products are stored even longer.
  • New: Neo Frost (advanced version of No Frost).

Browse popular models

Let's start to analyze the characteristics and differences of Beko refrigerators from each other. You will not only have a description of the parameters, but also reviews of real users. This will help to form an opinion on the brand's products.

CS 328020

A simple two-door refrigerator with a bottom freezer, made in white. Control - electromechanics. Spends 256 kW / year, so the class of energy efficiency: A +. The compressor operates on isobutane (Freon brand - R600a).

Body dimensions: 54x60x171 cm in width, depth and height, respectively. It can not be said that this is a very small refrigerator, because the total volume of offices is 237 liters.

The freezer is defrosted in manual mode, and in the second compartment a drip system is provided.

  • It is possible to autonomously store the cold - up to 18 hours.
  • For a day you can freeze up to 5 kg of products.
  • Noisiness of the unit - up to 41 dB.
  • Weight - only 53 kg.
  • The cost is 12 800 rubles.

CMV 533103 S

Another model with a lower freezer, but this time on electronic control. It is made in an attractive silver case, dimensions 54x60x201 cm (WxDxH). It has a display and a lock function (better known as "child protection").

  • Energy efficiency class - A.
  • Number of compressors - 1.
  • Freon - brand R600a (gas - isobutane).
  • "Know Frost" in two offices.
  • Storage of cold in the autonomous mode - up to 18 hours.
  • The capacity of freezing products is up to 5 kg.

The total volume is 305 liters. Noisiness - up to 40 dB. Weight - 62 kg.

GNE 134620 X

Multi-door refrigerator Side by Side, painted in silver. Impressive body dimensions: 92x7, x182 cm (WxDxH). There are 3 cameras and 4 doors. Control - electronics, there is a display. With all the parameters, the noise level is as high as 43 dB.

Electricity consumption is 453 kW per year, class A +.

There is a "Zone of freshness". No Frost is installed in both chambers. Elegant freezing ability allows to load in a freezer up to 13 kg daily. There is an indication, temperature adjustment, super-frost function.

And now about the main advantage: the capacity of this powerful unit is 535 liters, of which 355 are in the main compartment, the remaining 155 - on the freezer. Litrack of the zero zone - 25.


  • there is antibacterial spraying;
  • ice generator;
  • cold water supply;
  • shelves of tempered glass;
  • mini bar.

DS 325000 S

Device with a top freezer on electromechanical control. Energy efficiency class A makes it economical, as well as having a single motor for 2 chambers. Defrosting the freezer is done manually, and in the main compartment - a drip system.

The capacity of freezing is up to 4 kg of food per day. The total volume of the chambers is 230 liters. The sizes of the case: 54х60х145 sm. Weight - less than 45 kg. The price is up to 13 000 rubles.

TS1 90320

Single chamber refrigerator on electromechanical control. Since the design provides one compartment, the door is also one. Compact dimensions (4, x53x8, cm) will allow placing it in a small kitchen or at the cottage. The volume is 93 liters.

Thawing is a manual type. Noisiness - up to 43 dB. Weight - only 2, kg. The cost is from 13 000 rubles.

In addition, a similar but higher single-chamber design SN 140220 was found on the Internet, but now this model is not available for sale.

CBI 7771

If you are looking for an embedded option, pay attention to the CBI 7771. Built-in refrigerator has electromechanical control and consumes a little electricity (class A +). Easy operation is provided thanks to the "Fresh Zone" and No Frost in the freezer. Storage of cold autonomously up to 13 hours. Daily it is possible to freeze up to, kg of products. The volume of both chambers in the total is 242 liters.

Of the "chips" - there is antibacterial spraying.

User Reviews


Almost 5 years ago I bought Beko CS 328020. First he was led by the fact that inexpensive. The good is that it freezes perfectly and really keeps the cold for a long time, if there is no light. But I do not like the build quality - the shelves are very flimsy, and they will break up. After a year of use, the compressor burned and a freon leak occurred - the master dissuaded from repair, said that it would be more profitable to buy a new one, so I am writing a review here to notify other potential buyers. Before that, there was a Soviet refrigerator "WORLD which had worked more than 20 years and during this time there was ONE breakdown - the sealer has disappeared! Maybe modern devices for 4-5 years and are calculated, I do not know.


CMV 533103 S from the "Beko" - a very beautiful refrigerator, I just needed it - a narrow and silvery. The price is also perfect - just enough money was put aside. But not everything is so rosy - the top door for some reason is quite difficult to open from the lower side (I'm not weak, I do martial arts). The noise is also concrete - I can not yet get used, especially at night. But it's noise from the fans and the motor, and it's good that he does not even click. Quality pleased - everything is done well, all the shelves are adjusted, as it should.


Beko GNE 134620 X is a dream! You can play football in it, not store products. If you strongly pick on, then the freezer is not very big, but everything else - uh! I warn everyone: swinging at such dimensions, do not be too lazy to measure all the doorways, otherwise there is a chance that the "locker" will not fit into your favorite kitchen, it is so huge. We did not connect the water - there is no need and money is a pity for the connection, and the repair was recently done, so you do not want to drill an expensive tile. We took it before the rise in price for 45 pieces, which was very nice and inexpensive for such a functional. Mini-bar - not quite and a bar, and a shelf, to which there is access without opening the door. In general, we are all happy.

Faults in Beko refrigerators

There are cases, which, unfortunately, the warranty does not cover - these are the failures provoked by the user. Some phenomena are not at all a malfunction: for example, noise, which is most often the result of the operation of the compressor and fans. Only when the noise is joined by frequent clicks, it is worthwhile to think about the call of the master.

Also often users complain about such problems:

  • compressor does not turn onor turned on, but immediately disconnected (maybe broken PZR or the motor itself);
  • there is water inside the chamber (most often it is not a breakdown, it accompanies the obstruction of the drainage tube);
  • one of the cameras does not work:the mainor does not freeze freezing (problems with motor, electronics, freon, etc.);
  • swollen posterior wall (this phenomenon often accompaniesrefrigerant leakage);
  • the technique does not work at all (the power circuit is broken - you will need a specific model or a good master for repair).

Self repair and adjustment of equipment without the help of a specialist is possible in light cases. In the rest we do not advise you to work alone. Better report a breakdown or error to the master.


Beko refrigerators users obviously trust more than models of domestic assembly with foreign logos. With rich functionality and good quality reviews are contradictory, although they tend to be closer to positive. In any case, when buying, be guided by your own opinion, your needs and financial possibilities.

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