How much to defrost the refrigerator, how to do it quickly

Modern refrigerators are equipped with the Noë Frost system, so they rarely need to be defrosted. In the drip systems, ice and snow settle in the chambers more often - this is the principle of their work. Also, the cause of the formation of "fur coat" may be a malfunction. In any case, you need to know how to unfreeze the refrigerator by all rules.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why remove the ice from the camera
  • 2Preparing, disconnecting and cleaning the refrigerator
  • 3How to quickly defrost: Instruction
    • 3.1How not to damage the equipment
    • 3.2Washing and cleaning

Why remove the ice from the camera

Do I have to defrost the refrigerator? It is necessary to thaw it, especially if you have a drip system. When operating on the walls, ice and snow are trapped - this interferes with the normal operation of the device, heat exchange is disrupted and the temperature in the chamber rises. As a result, the compressor works on wear, trying to reach the specified values.

For what reasons is formed ice:

  • Inside penetrates warm air. This happens when the door seal is deformed or because of the sagging of the fastening loops.
  • You put hot food on the shelves. This is a misuse of equipment. Hot dishes form a condensate, which turns into ice on the walls.
  • You are overflowing the camera, air can not normally circulate and cool.
  • Thermal sensor broke, which informs the circuit board about the temperature in the chamber. The module does not receive a signal, therefore does not give a command to disconnect the motor. The latter freezes without stopping, which leads to a buildup of snow.
  • Heating element or defrost timerin systems with No Frost faulty. Therefore defrost does not work.
  • Refrigerant leaks. As a result of corrosion, the circuit is damaged and the gas begins to escape. It is not enough for normal cooling, so the compressor runs non-stop.

Is it possible to defrost the refrigerator Know Frost

Despite the fact that the defrost is automatic during operation, the technician must be switched off and washed. It does not matter whether it is built-in or detached. Any brand - Daewoo, Bosch, LG - requires proper care.

The formation of a snow "coat" on the walls:

  • Complicates access to products.
  • When the doors are opened, the snow begins to melt, the drops drip onto the floor and onto the lower chamber, which leads to corrosion.
  • In the frozen portion are pieces of food, which leads to the development of bacteria during defrosting and deterioration of products.

Defrosting allows you to maintain hygiene in the compartment,store products correctlyand ensure a normal heat transfer.

How often should I switch off the refrigerator "Indesit "Atlant "Samsung "Bosch"? To give the opportunity to thaw the models with a dropping installation, you need to do it every six months.

How many times a year do you turn off the Noë Frost or NatureCool techniques? At least once a year.

You can perform defrosting without shutting down the refrigerator, if it is two-compressor. One camera turns off independently of the other.

Preparing, disconnecting and cleaning the refrigerator

Before you start working, pay attention to the temperature of the environment. If the room is too hot and stuffy, it is better to wait for cooler days. The fact is that the compressor after the shutdown will be difficult to dial the desired temperature.

Before you reach the products, press the defrost button or turn the temperature switch to a low value. When everything is taken out, check where the water is draining. Place containers to collect liquid if there is no pallet in the compartment.

How to save the products? Food blanks can be taken out on the balcony in winter. In summer, shift everything with frozen meat in a saucepan, wrap in thick paper and cover with a towel.

In shops you can buy special thermal packs. They will save your products by the time the technology is turned on.

Get all the shelves, grilles, containers from the compartment. Place a towel under the body. Open the door open.

The minimum defrost time is from three to twelve hours.But it is best to leave the equipment for the night. How much to defrost the technique depends on the amount of ice and the wear of the system.

Make sure that the two-compartment refrigerator normally drains moisture from the system. If the drainage hole is clogged, clean it with a special brush.

How to quickly defrost: Instruction

There is no time to wait until all the ice comes down from the walls of the refrigerator "Stinol "Liebher "Ariston"? Then use the techniques that helped users of our site quickly cope with the task:

Defrosting with hot water. Boil water, pour into a metal bowl, place it on the wooden board. Close the compartment door and wait for about 20 minutes. Once the water has cooled, fill the bowl hot again. This will help the ice inside quickly to thaw.

Accelerate the process in the unit "Biryusa "Veko "Saratov "Electrolux" can be a hairdryer. But remember that hot blowing can melt the plastic on the camera, so try to avoid this method. If you still decide, make sure that the airflow is cool or slightly warm. Breakaway pieces of snow send into the sink.

Fan or heater. Dry warm air will help speed up the process. Set the device at the level of medium shelves and leave for at least an hour, until the "blocks" will not come off the walls.

Attention! Masters are strongly advised against using this defrosting method for safety reasons.

Use a liquid or defrosting spray. Manufacturers have developed special tools for manual cleaning of ice. It is enough to spray the walls, wait for defrost and wipe the walls with clean water.

How not to damage the equipment

Regardless of the type of refrigerator - built-in or detached - the defrost must pass by itself. Do not use physical efforts and remove ice from foreign objects. So you can break through the wall, which will lead to a violation of thermal insulation and breakage, or damage the contour. Then a leak of refrigerant will begin and you can not do without a master.

Read more about the problem on the page"What to do if a freezer or evaporator is struck".

Washing and cleaning

All the snow is removed from the office. Than to wash walls after a defrost?

  • First, clean the bowls of water and drain it from the pan.
  • Automatic system in refrigerators Vestfrost, Whirlpool, "Nord allows only to wipe the shelves and internal parts. But it is best to wash the ingredients separately.

Do not use abrasive powders or coarse sponges for cleaning - damage the surface. Use a soft cloth and liquid detergent.

  • In old refrigerators often remainsunpleasant smell in the chamber.For washing it is enough to dilute a part of soda and salt in water and wash all surfaces. Liquid gels and soap solutions are also used.
  • If mold has appeared on the sealant, rubbing with ammonia will help to remove it. According to SanPiNu, mold can not contact food.
  • With soapy mortar, treat the shelves, grilles and trays.
  • Wipe the surfaces thoroughly with a dry cloth. Do not forget about the body. Ice contact between compartments can lead to corrosion. Wipe the floor near the refrigerator.

How to turn on the technique after washing

Leave the compartments open for at least an hour. Then close the doors, connect the refrigerator to the mains and set the optimum temperature on the panel or regulator. Let him work 1-2 hours idle until he reaches the necessary indicators. After that, download the products.

Sometimes a temperature rise sensor may trigger during loading. This is normal. The sensor will turn off after 20-30 minutes.

How to defrost the freezer separately, read in our publication.

Proper operation of the refrigerator is not only in the installation, the temperature regime and the loading of products, but also in the timely defrosting and cleaning of the compartments.

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