Why not turn off the fridge

Refrigerator does not turn off - like work. Definitely. Hence, the purpose to find out why the fridge like to work. Bothering to find out what tools are inside the limits of the functioning. Heart refrigerator - a compressor - running until stop launch protection relay, which, in turn, typically is powered electric current thermostat. As the latter may make the electronic brains, the normal pressure switch on the membrane and a contact group. It can cause rejection, as we dubbed a mechanical sensor, but if honest, part of the tube reacts precisely to the pressure (from the English. - pressure). Let's talk about why not turn off the refrigerator.

Caring for the fridge

Caring for the fridge

Management of the compressor in a refrigerator

Wondering why the refrigerator for a long time will not turn off? Who will tell. Heart refrigerator provided an induction motor. The device must meet the requirements of the international standard of noise produced. Restriction order 58 dB. The quietest coolers produce noise is small: closing the window, the procedure simply listen. About 43 dB. Technology, of course, inverter. It allows to constantly work at low revs. Linear motors can hardly be called asynchronous, no speed. The core of the coil, making a reciprocating motion, the piston moves.

Most modern two-way compressor. Resting one piston running another. Climbed into the jungle, it is not useful to most readers. Induction motors for the launch, the regulations require tweaks. As for the overheating. The appliance must be able to work indefinitely, often in conditions that do not meet standards. Dust, high temperatures. Clearly, if the compressors will often fail combustion engine, the alignment of very few people are satisfied.

Induction motors are provided with the start winding. Inside the stator rotating field must be created.

Phase three, no problem. At home, physically powerless 230 volts to create suitable conditions launch. The voltage is shifted by 90 degrees, is supplied to feed special winding. It called start-up. Creates a correct field distribution within the stator to start the movement of the rotor in the desired direction. The engine has reached the correct mode, the need in the winding disappears, the working process becomes harmful. Puskozaschitnoy relay disables unnecessary portion of the stator.

Sometimes refrigerator operates continuously broken thermostat, sometimes another reason. For example, in the room hot, insulation casing is broken. The temperature inside the slack reach mode. Try to distinguish groping minus 24 degrees celsius and minus 27-mi. The first acts normal mode most of the freezers, the second - too much. In other words, the compressor is able to operate continuously, but heated, puskozaschitnoy produce tripping relay. Thermostat do with it, trying to reach the refrigerator mode, the flow of heat from the outside too much.

refrigerator compressor

refrigerator compressor

It is clear from the above, the motor stops for another reason: overheated windings. Puskozaschitnoy will trip the relay. Summarizing, refrigerator refuses to shut down:

  1. The thermostat is out of order, shows the values ​​of excessive temperature.
  2. Refrigerator goes on the regime for a long time, the room is too hot. Stops puskozaschitnoy relay team. Quickly enough from the compressor will fail.

refrigerator thermostat device

Named first pressure switch thermostat, mechanical models represent a small box with sensitive diaphragm, which is a long tube to the measuring point (evaporator refrigeration chamber). The sensor at the cheaper models in one place, we think, adjust the temperature of the two compartments, but the freezer is a load. Actual figures obtained from the evaporator of the refrigerating chamber. Refrigerant circuit is one, there is a certain relationship between the modes of operation of both compartments. Developers know beforehand laid the thermostat knob scale.

refrigerator thermostat

refrigerator thermostat

Box hidden control panel, long tube twisted on nooks, reaches the measuring point. Excess possible neatly coiled cove in a convenient location inside the body. The sense operation of the device in a sealed tube. By changing the temperature, the pressure acts to a greater or lesser extent to the inner membrane. Depending on which group of contacts is closed, opened, fueling, de-energizing the relay puskozaschitnoy. Interference screw of the membrane is regulated, rotating the control knob located in the refrigeration compartment or directly to the unit.

A simplified diagram of the real sensor is provided with a large number of contacts. Not always the terminals involved. More detail is appropriate to examine the structure by browsing the forums, technical brochures manufactures. Find out why not turn off the refrigerator, will now discuss what to do.

Thermostats TAM refrigerating chamber evaporator

Clearly, the sensor is configured to your own criteria. There are certain characteristics of operation (see. example below in the figure), usually with hysteresis. Power take-off occurs at a predetermined temperature, the reverse switch - one or two degrees above the point. Done to reduce the number of direct, reversing switch. Distributed temperature sensors TAM refrigerating chamber evaporator.

Driving thermostats

thermostats scheme

Bother to bring characteristics. Thermostats of this type, usually refrigerators Stinol included. See figure, we see: an unequal number of contacts. By the way, the equivalent marking (numbering) is characterized by a completely alien to Russian instruments such as refrigerators Matsushita any issue limitation. You can transfer learning experience thermostats TAM to arbitrary brand of household appliances. So:

  • Contact pair 3 - 4 performs basic. Is responsible for on-off at an output on temperature. Normally closed contacts. The opening occurs when the temperature is lowered to a predetermined.
  • Contact 3 - 6 are closed in the normal position. Are used for forced off the refrigerator control knob.
  • In some models, the internal heating resistor. Believe, does not give a contact group get stuck in a fixed position.

Mentioned above, typical schemes can be changed to other ones thermostats. Difference? Restricted temperature conditions. The following table, using which the reader will be able to make aware of the nuances. Asterisk indicates contact sizes in models where terminals 3 and 6, a width of 6.3 mm, and 4 - 4.8 mm. Both groups consume current to 6 A (250 V, 50 Hz).

THERE thermostats are equipped with electric protection IP00 class housing. Table shows that almost every case we choose standard option. You need to know the temperature conditions of the refrigerator. Look at the body standing thermostat. You are sure to find some information. According to the handbook, evaluate product specifications. New thermostat is selected according to the table according to the pattern image. You can measure the length, do not pay extra ruble by minimum. And regardless of whether Atlanta repair, Indesit, Stinol, Samsung - luck is on the side of the master, to properly assess the modes.

I thought about the situation, readers will be able to fix a faulty refrigerator of any brand. Some are thermocouples. Can I replace semiconductors thermostat? No, without compromising functionality impossible.

Model Modes of operation, temperature is in degrees Celsius The width of the conductive terminals, mm tube length, meters
Cold Heat Normal
Contact closure 3 - 4 Contact opening 3 - 4 Contact closure 3 - 4 Contact opening 3 - 4 Contact closure 3 - 4 Contact opening 3 - 4
TAM133-1M-1 3,5 -22,5 3,5 -10 4,8; 6,3 0,4; 0,45; 0,5; 0,55; 0,6; 0,65; 0,7; 0,75; 0,8; 0,85; 0,9; 1; 1,1; 1,2; 1,3; 1,4; 1,5; 1,6; 1,7; 1,8; 1,9; 2; 2,5; 3
TAM133-1M-3 3,5 -26 3,5 -11
TAM133-1M-4 5 -19,5 5 -6,5 4,8
TAM133-1M-5 5 -25,5 5 -10,5
TAM133-1M-14 4 -28 4 -16 4,8; 6,3
TAM133-1M-15 3,5 -30 3,5 -17,5 3,5 -23,5 6,3
TAM133-1M-16 3,5 -29,7 3,5 -19,5 3,5 -24,5 4,8; 6,3
TAM133-1M-19 3,5 -20,5 3,5 -8,5 3,5 -14,5
TAM133-1M-20 3,5 -27 3,5 -13 3,5 -20 6,3
TAM133-1M-21 5 -15,5 5 -3,5 5 -9,5 4,8; 6,3*
TAM133-1M-28 4,2 -27 4,2 -14 4,8; 6,3
TAM133-1M-46 4,5 -31 4,5 -11
TAM133-1M-50 3,5 -30 3,5 -19 3,5 -23
TAM133-1M-55 8 -23 8 -14 8 -20
TAM133-1M-56 4 -25 4 -13
TAM133-1M-57 4 -24 4 -13
TAM133-1M-64 3 -23 3 -9 3 -13
TAM133-1M-70 4,5 -29 4,5 -11
TAM133-1M-72 4 -30 4 -18
TAM133-1M-75 4 -26 4 -13
TAM133-1M-75S 4 -28 4 -12
TAM133-1M-91 4 -32 4 -16
TAM133-1M-91c 4 -34 4 -12
TAM133-1M-104 4 -30 4 -16
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