Blue kitchen in minimalistic scandinavian style

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The main features of the Scandinavian style are freshness, natural wood, monochrome colors (no more than two colors) and simplicity of forms. All this is present here in full, in a beautiful design made from natural materials, along with a feeling of freshness and spaciousness.

The kitchen is made in the company:

PUUSTELLI Group Oy (Finland)

G. Saint Petersburg

More about the company
Scandinavian blue kitchen

The main accent in the interior is deep blue color. It is very harmonious in an organized space, in minimalistic and austere furniture forms. Blue is accentuated by white walls, an apron and a table top. The light tone brought spaciousness and air into the interior, evoking associations with the sky and the sea.

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Blue framed by white walls

Naturalness and functionality are two main criteria by which the kitchen was created. Furniture fronts are a paneled door covered with polished pine veneer (article JPP45). The brushed surfaces of the pine tree reflect the light beautifully, creating a unique, lively character. The blue doors are painted with a non-toxic paint at the Puustelli factory and are classified in the highest class M1 for indoor air purity.

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paneled door with polished pine veneer

Hidden behind the doors are Puustelli frames (class E 0.5 in terms of formaldehyde content, while in the furniture industry, class E1 is most often used).

In addition to the main table, there is also a peninsula bar counter. It is airy, as if floating in the air and complements the overall picture of the interior, with an abundance of daylight and spaciousness.

Peninsula bar

On the opposite wall there are monolithic cabinets up to the ceiling. Behind them is a built-in refrigerator, oven, microwave and there are many more storage places.

5-section wardrobe

The table top is made of Carrara Quartz agglomerate. It is a glossy white surface with subtle pastel gray veins, reminiscent of marble. Together with the light-colored walls, this creates a wonderful framing for the deep blue color.

Peninsula bar

All Blum fittings inside. Drawer systems - Blum Legrabox, with thin sides. These are mechanisms with excellent movement, suitable for the widest and heaviest boxes (load up to 70 kg). Blum Clip-Top BLUMOTION hinges with integrated shock absorption. They differ in a small cup depth, for the thinnest fronts (from 15 mm).

Scandinavian blue kitchen

Ergonomics, simplicity and freedom - these words can describe our interior.

Do you know what a kitchen apron is?

Kitchen cabinet facades


Apron hanging on a hook next to the sink


Wall between the bottom edge of the wall cabinets and the worktop


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