Design and layout of the kitchen area of ​​13 square meters. meters

  • Where to begin?
  • Linear (single row) kitchen
  • Double-deck kitchen
  • Corner kitchen (L-shaped)
  • U-shaped kitchen
  • Kitchen with island

In the design of the kitchen area of ​​13 square. there is practically nothing impossible. A sofa area, a mini bar, an island table and even a winter garden in the bay window, if it is a kitchen in the P-44 family house - everything is possible with such a meter. The main thing here is choosing the right layout and attention to detail. For those who are looking for ideas for repair and decoration of the kitchen 13 square meters. meters, we compiled an overview of five major schemes for arranging furniture and a selection of photos of real interiors of kitchens, including those with bay windows.

Where to begin?

The first stage of the design of the ideal kitchen is the development of the project. You do not need to order a 3D visualization from a pros, you can also plan your planning in detail yourself - using simple programs like PRO100 or a regular leaflet in a cage.

  • Planning the kitchen should begin with placing a "wet point" - a sink. After all, most often it remains in its place. After the sink, you should find a place for the dishwasher.

When you decide where the sink with PMM will stand, it will be easier for you to find the place of the plate and refrigerator.

  • Remember that the key to the convenience of the kitchen is the formation of a "working triangle when the three most important places, that is, the sink, stove and refrigerator, are located in a reasonable proximity to each other. The distance between these points should be at least 50 cm.

How is it better to distribute the work surfaces and leave enough room for the arrangement of the dining area? For the 13-meter kitchen is available a variety of layout options, but in general they can be divided into 5 types:

  • Linear (single-row);
  • Double row (parallel);
  • Angular (L-shaped);
  • U-shaped;
  • Island.

Variants of kitchen layout 13 sq.m. meters

Let's look at each type in more detail. After all, the choice of planning is individual and depends on the form of the premises, the needs of the inhabitants of the kitchen and the furniture they need.

  • Nuances of repair and design of kitchen 13-sq. M. m with a bay window you can study in detail in a separate article.

Linear (single row) kitchen

Assumes the placement of the headset along any wall, the dining area is located at the opposite wall or under the window.

Pros:this option is very simple and not exacting in implementation. In the design of the kitchen 13 sq.m. meters single-row layout is especially relevant if you want:

  • Make an emphasis on a large and elegant dining area;
  • Set an island table;
  • Put the sofa.

For these purposes, it is necessary to allocate for the headset a wall or a section of a wall with a length of, meters.

Minuses:in this case, the strategically important points - the stove, the sink and the refrigerator, do not form a triangle, which means that the cook will not be very convenient to cook.

Hint:so that the kitchen set turns out to be roomy, choose a layout with a high second tier or with an additional third one. Then you will have the opportunity to store more things or hide behind the facade air duct.

Below is the interior of a linear kitchen with an area of ​​1, sq. M. meters (, 3 x, 2 m).


And here is an example of the design of a 13-meter kitchen with a bay window and a sofa at one wall.


For more details, see the material: All about planning a straight (linear, single-row) kitchen

Double-deck kitchen

Parallel planning involves placing kitchen furniture in two rows and is available in case the width of the kitchen is at least -3 m. This is an excellent solution for a narrow and elongated room.

Pros:The space thus arranged is very convenient, since the slab, the sink and the refrigerator are placed on the principle of a triangle.

Minuses:Two-row kitchen can seem (and be) narrow and like overloaded furniture.



  • How to distribute the technique and work points in a two-row headset? It is most convenient to place a dishwasher, dishwasher, washing machine, cooker and cooking area along one wall, and a refrigerator, a part of cabinets, an oven, a microwave oven and other equipment - on the contrary. In this case, the second row may be smaller than the other - then for the arrangement of the dining area you will have more space.
  • To the kitchen does not seem cluttered, the walls and furniture should be light or at least be of one tone.
  • Visually, the passage between the rows can be made wider using a carpet in a horizontal strip or a floor finish, for example, a floorboard laid across the kitchen, rather than along it.

Next in the photo slider is an example of kitchen design 13 sq. M. m with a parallel layout. As you can see, here in a smaller row are a wine cabinet, oven and shelving.

More details in the material: How to equip a two-row kitchen-galley


Corner kitchen (L-shaped)

This is the most versatile layout of furniture, which is especially relevant for a 13-meter square kitchen.

Pros:corner set allows you to use the angle and two walls, as well as to form a "working triangle" from the stove, sink and refrigerator.


  • Do not necessarily hang the cabinets on both walls, because if one side is left free, then the interior of the kitchen will become easier. Also you can hang open shelves instead of hanging lockers.
  • The headset with a trapezoidal corner cabinet will be much more convenient than a normal headset with a right angle. In addition, in such a cabinet it will be possible to install a sink, a working or cooking surface.

Below is an example of a corner kitchen design with an area of ​​1, sq. M. meters in the panel house.


U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped layout is available in case the width of the room is not less than, m. On the 13-meter kitchen letter P can be placed in different ways - for example, near a window (especially suitable for kitchens with bay windows) or as if across room.

Pros:The U-shaped set uses three walls and two corners, and most importantly - it is very convenient for cooking, because the cook will have enough corners. And also by transferring the sink and the work surface to the window, you will make washing dishes and cooking much more pleasant processes.

Minuses:unfortunately, in some cases, in the 13-meter kitchen with the U-shaped layout, the opportunity to equip a full-fledged dining area is excluded - one has to be content only with a bar counter. In addition, the transfer of work surfaces to the window requires complex repairs and coordination with housing inspections.


  • Keep in mind that the passage between the sidewalls of the U-shaped headset should be at least 100 cm, and preferably 120 cm or more.
  • To the kitchen seemed more spacious, decorate its interior in a light palette. Another method is the rejection of hanging cabinets in favor of open shelves.
  • To ensure that there are enough seats for the dining table and chairs, the U-shaped set should be as compact as possible. For example, you can make one side of the letter P shorter than the other.

Example kitchen design area of ​​13 square. meters with a U-shaped set located in the bay window right under the window (in the house of the P-44 series) is presented in the next photo slider.


And one more example of the U-shaped kitchen of ordinary rectangular shape.


See also: How to equip the U-shaped kitchen.


Kitchen with island

The island layout assumes the presence of a table-island in the center of the kitchen. At the same time, the kitchen set can be single- or double-row, G-shaped or U-shaped. In this case, the island table can play the role of both a dining table and a working surface at the same time.

Pros:island planning is very convenient in everyday life, because it allows not only to make the minimum of displacements during cooking, but also at the same time communicate with the rest of the inhabitants of the kitchen or look after children. Especially good islets in the arrangement of the kitchen-living room or exclusively utilitarian cuisine, when for meals there is a separate dining room.

Minuses:unfortunately, the 13-meter kitchen is not enough even at least a couple of squares for accommodation and working, and dining, and the island area. Therefore, here it is necessary either to replace the dining table with a bar counter, or to provide for an island for 2-4 people. The third option is to take the dining room out to another room, for example, the dining room or the adjoining living room. In addition, the installation of a plate and a sink on the table-island will require a complex repair with the raising of the floor and the installation of a special hood.


  • The shape of the island table must correspond to the shape of the room.
  • Passages around should not be less than one meter.
  • Want to make the island functional, but do not want to complicate repairs? Install it in an electric hob or mini-fridge (under the counter) - it's much easier to transfer the washing and installing the gas stove.

Details of the kitchen interior with an island, the area of ​​which is 1, sq. M. m (not including the attached living room) can be seen below.

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