5 layout options for the kitchen 11 sq. M. meters

  • 5 variants of planning

11 sq. M. meters - this is just as much as necessary to accommodate the most necessary - a roomy headset and a full dining area for 4-6 people. And if you really want, you can allocate space for a sofa, a table-island or a bar counter.

In this material, we presented 5 real examples of kitchen design with an area of ​​11 square meters. meters and examined in detail 5 variants of the layouts available for the given footage.

5 variants of planning

Kitchen design 11 sq. M. meters you need to start with the choice of layout. In this case, it is worth to approach with all rationality and give it maximum attention - after all, the layout will determine the convenience of the kitchen, the complexity of repairs and even the future way of life of the household.

Variations in the arrangement of furniture and technology can be many, but they can all be divided into the following 5 types:

  • Linear;
  • Double row (parallel);
  • U-shaped;
  • L-shaped (angular);
  • Island.

Variants of kitchen layout 11 sq. M. meters

Choose the layout should be based on the shape and size of the room, as well as the needs of the inhabitants of the kitchen. Let's look at each option in more detail.


Linear Layout

Linear planning involves the arrangement of kitchen furniture along one of the walls, and the dining table and chairs are located on the opposite side or near the window.

Pros:This scheme is very simple, does not require the transfer of communications and careful planning. Usually a single-row kitchen plan is chosen for arranging small kitchens, but also in kitchen design 11 sq. M. meters, it is also appropriate. Especially in case you want to give priority to the dining area. For example, this can be done by selecting a short, blank wall (from, m) for the headset or only a part of a long wall. Then in the remaining space it will be possible to equip a large dining area, additionally install a bar counter or a small sofa.

Minuses:the option of placing a plate, sink and refrigerator in one row is not very convenient for cooking, because in the process the culinary will often have to move back and forth.

Helpful advice:so that the headset is maximally roomy, it is advisable to choose a configuration with an additional third tier or an enlarged second tier. So you can usefully use the height of the kitchen, as well as hide behind the facade ventilation box.

The photo shows the design of the kitchen area of ​​1, sq. M. meter with a linear layout and a high set.


For more details, see the material: All about planning a straight (linear, single-row) kitchen


L-shaped (angular) lay-out

Corner kitchen is a more rational and universal planning solution. Particularly suitable for square kitchens.

Pros:L-shaped set is good because it uses two walls and the angle between them, it allows you to conveniently place a sink, stove and refrigerator on the principle of "working triangle". At the same time in the kitchen there is enough space for arrangement of the dining group.

Minuses:corner kitchen is so versatile that it has practically no minuses.

Helpful Hints:

  • To achieve the effect of uncluttered space, on one side of the headset you can not place hanging cabinets.
  • To place a sink, stove or work surface in the corner of the kitchen, select a headset with a trapezoidal corner cabinet.
  • In the L-shaped configuration, one of the sidewalls can be occupied by a built-in wardrobe with solid facades, behind which it will be possible to hide the refrigerator and cabinets for storing supplies.

In the next photo slider, an example of the design of the corner 11-meter kitchen in the panel house is presented. Please note that in the side cabinet is integrated a doorway and a window between the kitchen and the bathroom.


Double-row layout

Two-row layout involves placing two parts of the headset parallel to each other. To plan a kitchen in this way, its width should be about -3 meters, so this is an excellent solution for a rectangular, narrow or elongated kitchen.

Pros:the parallel layout of the headset allows you to form an ergonomic triangle slab-sink-refrigerator.

Minuses:The kitchen may seem cluttered, and the passage between the furniture is narrow.


Helpful Hints:

  • Most often, a sink, stove, work surface, dishwasher or washing machine is assembled on one side of the kitchen, and a refrigerator, an oven with a microwave oven and a storage cabinet - along the opposite walls. The dining room can be placed near the window.
  • To make the interior of the kitchen visually easier, in the process of repairing the walls and furniture should be decorated in light colors. To "expand" the space in the passage, you can lay the mat in a horizontal strip.

Below are photos of the kitchen interior with a two-row layout of 1, sq. M. meter.


More details in the material: How to equip a two-row kitchen-galley


U-shaped layout

U-shaped layout of furniture is available for premises with a width of more than, m. In the kitchen area of ​​11 square meters. meters the letter P can be placed as it were across or along the kitchen.

Pros:this type of layout allows you to use two corners, and most importantly - create a very convenient space for cooking. In addition, if you move the sink to the window, then washing dishes will be much nicer.

Minuses:The U-shaped set is the least compact, especially difficult to design such a layout, if the kitchen has an exit to the balcony. Also bear in mind that the placement of furniture by the window is often technically complicated or completely prohibited. If you move the sink to the window is quite real, then the stove and the hood - definitely not.

Helpful Hints:

  • The U-shaped set should be designed as compactly as possible to make it possible to equip a full-fledged dining area. For example, one "tail" of the letter P can be made shorter.
  • The passage between the furniture must be at least 120 cm (in extreme cases, 100 cm). Passing a smaller width will be inconvenient.

Sample kitchen design 11 square. meters with a U-shaped layout in an ordinary panel house can be considered in detail in the next photo slider (turn!).


See also: How to equip the U-shaped kitchen.


Island planning

The island layout of the kitchen assumes a linear, angled, U-shaped or two-row arrangement of the headset with accommodation in the center of the island's kitchen. In this case, the island can be as simple as a working surface with a stove and / or a sink (or without them), and a place for meals.

Pros:there is no kitchen more convenient than a kitchen with an island, especially if there are children in the house who need constant supervision or you just like to cook, having the opportunity to communicate with family and friends. For the kitchen-living room, or exclusively "working" kitchen, the island layout is a great idea.

Minuses:unfortunately, 11 squares are not enough to accommodate a headset, an island and a standard dining group. It will be necessary either to replace the dining table with a table-island for 2-4 persons or even to take the dining room out to another room. Also keep in mind that transferring the communications of the sink and the stove to the island will significantly complicate repairs, will require raising the floor level, as well as installing a special hood.

Helpful Hints:

  • It is desirable that the shape of the island repeats the shape of the room.
  • Remember that the passages must be at least 100 cm wide.
  • It is easiest to install an electric cooking surface on an island, but to transfer a gas stove and a sink there is not always possible.

In the photo, an example of an interior of an island kitchen without a dining area area of ​​1, sq. M. meter.

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