How to properly place a washing machine in the toilet

Sometimes buyers have to choose between the functionality and the size of the washing machine, in order to fit it into a tight room. To save space and buy a technique that you really like, place it above the toilet. The original way out of the situation.

For more information on installing a washing machine in the toilet, benefits and difficulties, read the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of the installation
  • 2Installation of washing machine in the toilet: instruction
    • 2.1Installation
    • 2.2Connectivity
  • 3What to do when a washing machine breaks down

Features of the installation

If there is enough space in your toilet to accommodate the styralka, then there will be no difficulties. You can put it between the bathroom and the toilet. But when in a narrow, small space only a toilet is placed and nothing more, you have to get out.

Before deciding on such an installation, you need to rationally assess the possible consequences.

  1. To install heavy equipment you need to prepare a solid foundation. During spinning, when the vibrations increase, the base must fully hold the machine.
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  2. Mounting a styalku in a niche is not easy, because the technique is heavy. Connection will also require preparation. Do not forget that you need to connect not only the hoses, but also the power cord.
  3. The size of the machine and the dimensions of the niche are important. Ideally, the AGR should fit completely into the niche, otherwise the sagging part will hang over the toilet.
  4. Loading the laundry will not be very convenient. You have to reach through the toilet to the loading hatch. And getting wet things - and even harder.
  5. In case of breakdown, it will be necessary to dismantle the styralka, which alone can not be done.

Did you decide to install the styralka over the toilet? Here's how to do it.

Installation of washing machine in the toilet: instruction

How to place and install a washing machine in the wall "Khrushchev"? Before installation, the following nuances are taken into account:

  • Solid foundation. A high spinning speed, strong vibration, can contribute to an emergency. Therefore, it is recommended to make a base from a profile pipe or corner.
  • Choice of washing machine. To continue to visit the toilet was convenient, you need to choose narrow models of washers (40-45 cm).
  • Under the base of the technique, a sheet of rubber can be laid to increase noise insulation and reduce vibration.
  • When installing, it is important to leave access to the communications.


Select the location for the washing machine. Measure the back of the toilet. The width and height should be at least 66х85 cm. The depth of the niche is chosen in accordance with the depth of the hull of the styalka.

Prepare the base:

  • Take the corner 40x40 mm. Cut off from it three pieces of 60 cm, two pieces of 55 cm and two pieces of 45 cm.
  • Two segments of the corner of 60 cm, fix as a base parallel to each other above the toilet bowl.
  • To the installed corners perpendicularly attach two pieces of 45 cm. At the end, connect all parts with a third length of 60 cm.
  • As a support, attach two 55 cm segments.

The foundation is ready. Now you need to install the machine on the shelf.

As an insurance, fix on the basis of a wide bar. If the washing machine starts to shift during vibration, the bar will prevent falling.

To hide the car, you can flush the shelf with plasterboard or other material. It is desirable not to completely close access to communications, therefore it is recommended to install curtains and blinds. If necessary, they can be lifted up. This approach will not affect the overall interior design.

It remains to raise the car on the prepared base. It is advisable to do this together. Before placing the AGR, cover the base with a rubber or foam foam sheet. Then you can start to connect.


Proper installation is the basis of your safety. Therefore, use only a moisture resistant outlet.How to connect a washing machine to a network, we wrote in previous articles.

When connecting the hose to the sewage system, keep in mind that it must not fall below 50 cm, otherwise the water will constantly drain. Connect the hose to the direct tap in the sewer or to the tee. It is also possible to connect via a siphon.

Important! The connection of the hose to the sewage system must be leakproof. You can use sealing rubber, polyethylene.

To connect the inlet hose, select the inlet valve with a convenient locking system. Rapid overlapping of water will help to protect the premises from an emergency situation.

What to do when a washing machine breaks down

If the equipment breaks, you will have to completely get it out of the shelf for repair. Otherwise, it is impossible to diagnose and fix the problem.

Placement of the washing machine over the toilet has a lot of difficulties and inconveniences. But if this is the only possible way to have a car at home - it's worth using it.

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