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Nubuck looks very impressive, but the care for this material requires an appropriateNubuck looks very impressive, but the care for this material requires an appropriate

Nubuck shoes look expensive, effectively and automatically add to the wearer's status. True, such items require care, respectively. Today I will tell you how and what to process nubuck, so that it does not lose its original appearance.

General information

This genuine nubuck is the highest quality genuine leather. From the material we are used to, it is distinguished by the fine texture of the surface. It is inferior to smooth skin in terms of moisture resistance, but far surpasses suede.

Nubuck is on the market in several ways.Nubuck is on the market in several ways.

In general, nubuck shoes can be divided into three groups, more about them below.

Nubuck view Features
Natural It is made exclusively from materials of animal origin (genuine leather). Its main advantage is breathability, the main disadvantage is demanding care.
Artificial It is made from materials of synthetic origin. The appearance is not much different from the natural, but more durable and does not absorb moisture. The main drawback - this nubuck does not allow air.
Nubuck oil In my opinion, this is the best kind of nubuck. It is based on materials of natural origin that have undergone additional moisture protection treatment.

This nubuck has a high wear resistance and relatively unpretentious care.. True, the price of his corresponding.

Care features

Nubuk need to care properlyNubuk need to care properly

As I said before, nubuck is one of the most capricious care materials. To keep it in perfect condition, will have to try. To care for nubuck shoes you may need:

  • Colorless or matching the color of the shoe aerosol from moisture and stains. It will make it easier to remove contaminants on the surface and will give the material water-repellent properties.
  • Shampoo, designed to clean nubuck shoes from salt stains.
  • Paint to match your shoes.
  • Special brush.
  • Special eraser to remove stains.
Nubuck care products weight - choose anyNubuck care products weight - choose any

With such an arsenal of care products, taking care of your shoes at home will become less troublesome. As for specific companies and brands, everything depends on your preferences and financial capabilities. You can select products:

  • Collonil;
  • All Combi;
  • Saphir;
  • Kiwi;
  • Hatch.

Now I will tell about how to clean nubuck shoes with the help of special tools.

Choosing the means of a particular company, auxiliary items are desirable for the same brand.Choosing the means of a particular company, auxiliary items are desirable for the same brand.

After the purchase

Get ready to start taking care of the nubuck on the day of purchase.. As stated in the instructions for the care of the material - the first thing is to treat it three times with a special spray that protects the surface from stains and moisture. Here it is necessary to take into account several nuances:

New shoes are also subject to processing.New shoes are also subject to processing.
  1. Between the application of aerosol be sure to let the shoes dry completely.
  2. When using an aerosol, make sure that it is sprayed away from furniture, walls, or the floor. The fact is that during spraying, particles of the product can stain or damage other surfaces.
  3. The first processing of nubuck with your own hands is a must! Take this process seriously, as it can be the key to the durable service of your shoes.
Aerosol will improve the protective materialAerosol will improve the protective material

Tip 1. Everyday care

For such a fastidious material must be looked after daily. And do it right. I will share with you some rules:

You can handle nubuck only after it dries.You can handle nubuck only after it dries.
  1. Any processing of nubuck is carried out exclusively after its complete drying.
  2. Use only specialized products that are most often available with shoes.
  3. Never dry wet shoes or nubuck boots near the battery.. The consequences of improper drying fix yourself almost unreal.
Drying shoes with a battery is a bad thing for most materials.Drying shoes with a battery is a bad thing for most materials.
  1. It is necessary to handle accessories with an aerosol in advance, and not 5 minutes before going out. Give time to the facility so that it has just managed to dry. Otherwise, a lot of dust and dirt will stick to the material, and the boots themselves will lose their well-groomed appearance.
  2. Wet weather is the main enemy of nubuck. So, in the rain, it is better to put on shoes something simpler (rubber boots, for example).
How does a wet nubuck look like in the photo?How does a wet nubuck look like in the photo?

Follow these guidelines, and shoe care will be much easier. The process of continuous processing of nubuck consists of several stages:

  1. The first thing is to walk a dry brush over the surface, removing from it the remnants of dirt and dust. It is important to use a special brush, as it does not harm the material and will be able to remove dirt even in the seams.
  2. Spread the spray evenly over the entire surface. Choose the product that best matches the color of your shoes.
  3. Wait until the substance is completely dry.
Nubuck cleaning is impossible without a special brushNubuck cleaning is impossible without a special brush

Tip 2. Cleaning dirt

Even if you know how to wear shoes very carefully, accidental pollution cannot be avoided. In such situations, you should resort to the following manipulations:

  1. Before you update your favorite shoes, it must be dried naturally (no batteries, remember?).
  2. Rub the point of contamination with an eraser. Someone says that you can do the usual clerical, but I would recommend to buy a special one. Still, with him calmer.
Eraser will help to cope with some pollution.Eraser will help to cope with some pollution.
  1. Treat the surface with a special rubber, plastic or metal brush.
  2. If the eraser did not help, it's time to resort to using a cleaning shampoo or foam.
  3. In the case when even the shampoo does not help, you need to go to the least - the use of paint, aerosol or a similar means to restore color. Remember, the spray is simply sprayed onto the surface according to the instructions, and the paint is applied first to the sponge, which is then treated with nubuck.
  4. After drying, walk on the surface of the shoes with an aerosol to protect against moisture.
When the brush can not cope, will help more radical means.When the brush can not cope, will help more radical means.

Tip 3. In extreme situations

If the nubuck is very dirty, or you have damaged it after improper care, then the usual care product alone will not save the situation. In this case, you can resort to additional methods:

  1. To begin, you will need to dilute a few drops of ammonia in a glass of water. Dampen a soft sponge with liquid and gently wash the surface of the shoe with it. The presence of alcohol in the solution will help return the nubuck to its original appearance.
  2. You can resort to another method. You need to hold nubuck shoes over water vapor, then comb it with a metal brush. After allowing it to dry and process as described in the section on daily care.
Ammonia can help in the process of shoe careAmmonia can help in the process of shoe care

More tips

All the above recommendations would be enough to ensure that your shoes do not lose their presentation. As a supplement, I will point out a few more nuances that all owners of nubuck shoes, shoes or boots should know:

  1. Never clean wet nubuck.
Cleaning the nubuck in the wet state will damage itCleaning the nubuck in the wet state will damage it
  1. Do not use to care for them standard cream for the care of leather products.
  2. Do not wash nubuck with soap or even soapy water. From this material simply spoil.
Soap solution of artificial and natural nubuku contraindicatedSoap solution of artificial and natural nubuku contraindicated
  1. For seasonal storage of such shoes do not use ordinary plastic bags. It is better to wrap it in cotton fabric and hide it in a box.


Caring for a nubuck can hardly be called an easy task, but it also cannot be considered impracticable. After reviewing all the above recommendations, you will definitely be able to extend the life and perfect look of your shoes for a long time. Even more useful tips - in the video in this article.

I hope your nubuck shoes will be provided with proper care, because this material is definitely worth it. If after reviewing the material provided, you still have questions on the topic of the article - ask them in the comments.

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