How to clean leather shoes - the recommendation for the 5 types of products


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    • 1.2 Cleaning 5 kinds of shoes
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You do not know how to properly care for leather shoes? If this is not done, the products lose a beautiful view, and the service life is significantly reduced. To this did not happen, I'll tell you what and how to clean leather shoes.

How to clean leather? The main thing is not to substitute them under running waterHow to clean leather? The main thing is not to substitute them under running water

Features Footwear

Before you clean your leather shoes, you should remember that the material can be:

  • with the finish processing;
  • without treatment;
  • white;
  • color;
  • lacquered.

Each of them needs special care.

Skincare depends on the material from which it is madeSkincare depends on the material from which it is made

Information on the material of the shoes are made, can be found on the box of them or check with a consultant at the store.

Preliminary preparation

Shoe leather shoes starts with pre-processing. With these actions we will remove surface dirt residues and prepare the shoes for full care. scheme of action is as follows:

  • Take a brush with soft bristles, It can help remove surface residues accumulated dirt.
  • Dry cloth to remove the remaining particles dust, typing while walking.
  • Slightly damp sponge treat the most stubborn dirt.
  • Wait until your shoes or boots are not completely dry. Put the shoes away from direct sunlight, a radiator.
it must first prepare before the main Footwearit must first prepare before the main Footwear

With advanced training all cleared up, now I'll show you how to properly clean the shoes, depending on the treatment of the skin.

Cleaning 5 kinds of shoes

It would seem that the issue of how to clean leather shoes, there is nothing particularly difficult. But still need to follow the clear instructions and recommendations:

Illustration instruction
View 1. With the finishing treatment
  • In soft cloth apply a small amount of a special cream corresponding shade shoe.
  • Carefully treat the surface of the product, without losing a single place.
  • Wait until the cream has dried.
  • A soft brush, buff the shoes.
  • Sprinkle the surface of some water shoes.
  • Re-polish.

To your boots, shoes or boots retain their original appearance, do not be lazy, repeat this procedure every day.

View 2. without treatment

Shoe Shine without finishing is reminiscent of the procedure care products that have passed it. But there is a slight difference.

Once you have used the cream, apply a soft cloth with a few drops of mink oil and walk it over the surface of the product.

View 3. White skin

Caring for white skin is really simple. Resort to special dyestuffs in the home is only necessary in case of cracks or overwritten.

To protect the leather from damage, use a water-repellent sprays, aerosols or cream.

colored skin

Bright shoes, as in the photo, is no different from the usual leather in its properties. And that means, and the care she needs an appropriate (for him, I wrote above).

The only difficulty that may arise in your process - the need to accurately predict tinged with shoe polish.

View 4. lacquered shoes

The main tool for the care of such products - velvet fabric. Lacquered shoes will look even more brilliant:

  • Soak the sponge in water.
  • Light neat movements they walk on the surface of the shoe. Be extremely careful - the fine particles of sand or dust may scratch the material.
  • Thoroughly rub the product with a piece of velvet fabric.

Recommendations and cleaners

To protect the leather and keep them neat appearance, it is not necessary to use special tools, the price of which can reach space heights. I know of a few much more affordable means of:

Picture Means and method of application
Vegetable or castor oil

It can be used if the skin on the shoes dry. Oil perfectly soften the material and return it a natural shine.

Linseed oil

Several times they lubricate the surface of shoes along the seams. So they will be virtually waterproof.

Coffee grounds

It can be used if necessary to clean the shoes of a dark color.

petroleum jelly

After the rain, your shoes are hardened? Lubricate it with vaseline, it will eliminate the problem.


It is used to remove grease stains on leather products. In half a glass of water Dissolve a teaspoon soda box.

Hand made solution treat the contaminated area until foaming. ash residues were removed with a clean cloth.


Now you know not only how to clean a particular type of leather shoes, but also being replaced special cleaners in their absence. With the information obtained, you will be able to extend the life of your shoes and provide them with the perfect look.

I recommend you watch the video in this article - there you will find visual information. And how do you brush your shoes? Share their secrets in the comments.

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