Modern loft style kitchen with wood slabs

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The WoodMood carpentry workshop produces designer furniture from natural wood slabs. Slabs made of precious wood are a new trend of our time. They are environmentally friendly (only natural oils and resins are used in processing, without any chemicals) and able to bring warmth to any interior, especially the cold and industrial setting of a loft or hi-tech. Laconic and simple items of the kitchen interior look modern and do not go unnoticed. Each piece of interior is exclusive, with "live" textured edges and a unique pattern. Such a kitchen looks incredibly stylish, and it is very comfortable to be in it.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Wood Mood

G. Rostov-on-Don

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Slab countertop

Wall panel from the massif of elm (31 thous. per sq. m) against the background of calm dark gray cabinet panels creates an interesting contrasting effect. Karagach, translated as "ebony", is a type of elm. They have a pronounced core of the same color and a lighter underbore, and sagging when sawing form a beautiful pattern. The wood is additionally treated with Leinos tinted oil, which protects the surface from moisture.

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Wall panel made of elm slab

Wall panel with preserved natural edges and beautiful natural wood texture instantly becomes the main accent of the room. And it is immediately clear where the main and favorite place is in the kitchen. And if you install artificial lighting near the solid wood, then in the evening the recreation area will turn into an incredibly cozy corner, a real family hearth.

Slab wall panels

The bar counter has long ceased to be just a multifunctional piece of furniture, successfully replacing tables and chairs and dividing the room into zones. The high-mountain elm bar counter will easily transform the kitchen into stylish and original. It is desirable that the appearance of the bar counter is in harmony with the entire furnishings. Built-in tabletops made of a solid saw cut look especially interesting (36 thous. per sq. m without a river).

Alpine Elm Bar

A table made of solid elm slab in combination with transparent polymer cannot be called boring and ordinary. Solid wood is framed by a polymer filling made of liquid glass - a fashionable and modern design move. A table like this, combined with well-chosen wooden floors and an apron, will never go unnoticed. The furniture does not seem bulky thanks to the elegant metal legs.

Slab and resin table

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