Dishwasher without running water

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In your apartment for a long time "registered" a useful household appliances, such as a dishwasher, and you wanted to buy it for a summer residence? Do not always want to fork out for expensive options, and high power and impressive size - not quite a dacha option. There is one more "but" - not every village has centralized water supply. Then you can buy a model without connecting to a water pipe.

How realistic is the autonomous PMM, you will learn in the review.

Autonomous dishwasher: myth or reality

Content of the material:

  • 1Autonomous dishwasher: myth or reality
  • 2How to choose a dishwasher for cottages
  • 3How to connect PMM without water supply

Autonomous dishwasher: myth or reality

What does a dishwasher look like and work that does not require connection to the water supply? Are you already in the anticipation of a colorful review of a huge range of models? There are such machines, and they are really autonomous. But whether they are dishwasher - it is necessary to find out. Experts are called them not machines, but "adaptation."

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Autonomous dishwasher: myth or reality

Autonomous dishwasher: myth or reality

To start the sink in the bunker, water is poured manually and the detergent is poured in. Next, you need to twist the handle - like a meat grinder. This manual labor with only one difference from the usual washing - hands remain dry.

You can note the advantages of these "machines

  • saving resources;
  • partial absence of manual labor.


  • assortment of hand-held dishwashers is small, the price is overstated, the demand is low;
  • the washing bin can hardly accommodate one set of dishes;
  • the gulf and drainage of water occurs manually;
  • the quality of washing is not ideal.

To use the miracle of technology is unprofitable and irrational - you will spend more time and effort on searching and buying than using the device. We suggest solving the problem of connecting the machine in the absence of water. We will help you choose the right model and give instructions on how to connect.

How to choose a dishwasher for cottages

You have already realized that a hand-held dishwasher is a complete farce, and autonomous work is inconvenient for the user. A portable machine is suitable for camping enthusiasts, and for a dacha you need less spartan conditions and a higher quality of washing. Any PMM can be connected to water - for this it is necessary to supply water under pressure, -1 MPa.

In principle, the model of the dishwasher is suitable either - let it be large or compact. It is necessary to filter out the water, pour into a suitable container - a barrel or a reservoir - and then ensure the connection. You can also choose a model with a water tank, but the essence does not change.

How to connect PMM without water supply

How to connect PMM without water supply

There is a non-standard, but simple way to connect in the absence of water supply. And the machine will work no worse than under standard conditions. The main advantage of this method of connection is a minimum of costs for consumables and parts. For the installation you need:

  • canister of plastic at least 10 liters, hermetically sealed;
  • ¾ union, nut with gasket;
  • tubeless tire valve;
  • , -meter piece of irrigation hose;
  • clamps - pair, winding, auto-sealer;
  • a pair of corners of steel;
  • board length 80 cm, width 3 cm;
  • an autocompressor and a starting charger for 18A.

For connection in conditions without pressure of water, the following tools will be needed: pliers, drill and set of drills, a knife and a small adjustable wrench.

After collecting consumables and tools, start work:

  1. Transfer the machine to where it plans to use it - put it near the wall in the vicinity of the outlet.
  2. To the left and higher than the PMM housing, place the corners on the wall and put a crossbar on them, so that it resembles a shelf.
  3. Drill in the lid a hole of a suitable diameter and install the valve from the tire, pour the joint with a sealant.

How to connect PMM without water supply

  1. In the bottom of the tank, make a hole in which to put the union - so that the thread goes inside, lay the gasket inside and tighten the union using a nut.
  2. From the outside on the union, install a piece of hose, sealing its connection with a clamp.
  3. Connect the other end of the hose to the MMP inlet valve or to its original filler hose. It is important to make all connections sealed.
  4. Fill the container with water, screw the lid and install the can on the improvised shelf.

How to connect PMM without water supply

  1. Now connect the autocompressor to the starter, and screw the compressor hose onto the valve. Apply pressure to the point" so that the can is not spilled apart.
  2. Remove the compressor pipe and run the dishwasher.
  3. If water has gone to the PMM, you did everything right. If water does not flow, you need to increase the pressure slightly by using a compressor.
Important! To ensure that the tank does not explode from high pressure, home craftsmen are advised to put an additional valve or immediately buy a high-capacity container.

Now the question of how to wash dishes in the country in summer and winter, you will not arise. You have found out whether it is possible to use a conventional dishwasher in country conditions. If you still think about a hand-held autonomous car - we warned you that it will not please the performance and quality of washing.

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