What washing vacuum cleaner to buy

Difficulties in the choice of washing vacuum cleaners in the need to take into account not the general characteristics, but specific ones, which are held back by the item card. First, what happens when the vacuum cleaner rolls over. The Internet is replete with reports of such cases. For example: the hostess knocked over a washing vacuum cleaner, quickly turned off, restored and pressed wet filter. Writes that when turned on the device hums. And no wonder. If the water does not cause any serious damage, the wet filter is buzzing. Let the cloth dry completely. You see, the question of choosing a washing vacuum cleaner is not as trivial as it seems initially.

Cleaning the house with a washing vacuum cleaner

How to understand what the cleaning vacuum cleaner

can do We go to the Eldorado website, download the LG instruction courtesy provided in electronic form, we read. It is written how to use a bag for dust in the mode of dry cleaning, where to pour the shampoo, how to start washing the carpets properly. This is extremely important, but what is the feature of the model. If you take an expensive Zelmer, the description indicates that:

  1. The container has a water sensor that does not allow the tank to overfill when collecting liquid and detergent from the floor.
  2. Built-in overflow alarm and protection that turns off the engine when the water reaches the threshold level.

These are not the only advantages, but they are crucial. When a customer looks at a new model, he knows little information, therefore, set key advantages in the foreground.

We recommend in advance to download the instructions in electronic form, if possible. Brochures are regularly laid out on Eldorado, mcgrp.ru, a number of official websites of manufacturers. If the paper is clear, readable, the use of a vacuum cleaner will please.

Vacuum Cleaner

First tip: if you do not understand the technique, do not listen to the seller and download the instructions. At home, specify the disadvantages and advantages of technology. Pay attention to the cleaning area without changing the water. Sometimes the number is small, depends little on the level of pollution, rather, is determined by the period of work. At Zelmer, it is not for nothing that a water level sensor is installed, rising during the suction of the detergent. The area will be, for example, 16-18 square meters, which is not enough by Russian standards.

Please note that the nozzles are produced for carpets and parquet floors. Depending on the coating characteristics change. The difference between washing vacuum cleaners and devices with a bag is the constant suction power. Regardless of the amount of dirt collected in the container.

Cleaning Technology Vacuum Cleaners

The washing vacuum cleaner is based on an aqua-filter. Among them today clearly stand out cyclone models. It has already been written on the portal that if a liquid gets inside the cyclone Dyson, it will probably settle in the container( but the vacuum cleaner must be turned off immediately).Manufacturers have decided the same, but the user already pours water into the filter. Due to this, the dust settles inside. Filters differ in the number of stages and structure.

The second type is evolutionary first and is a plastic box with water. The jet flies inside, whirls with a reflector and hits the water surface. Part of the air goes under the water in the form of bubbles. As a result of this operation, most of the dirt settles at the bottom, but small particles are thrown out. Containers of varying complexity. There are models where the jet at the entrance to the body meets a kind of shower. Beats, more often, simultaneously from different sides. This maximizes hydration.

Vacuum Cleaner Kärcher

Kärcher vacuum cleaners demonstrate injection water filters. The difference in entering the jet vertically into the water. The pipe is immersed and the volume goes to the bottom. The special design will not allow water to splash out, but the seething in the cleaning process looks funny. It is believed that such aqua filters are of the highest quality. The first question: how to distinguish standard schemes from injection and cyclone. We suggest to visit Yandex Market first.

Navigation in the Yandex market, varieties of aqua-filters

At first they will offer to choose the Filter type and the Type of cleaning, we do not recommend to set marks. You will quickly understand what's the matter if you choose the Wet and Cyclone filter in series. Several incomprehensible robots will be displayed. The above-mentioned Samsung washing with a cyclone camera is classified as Dry and Wet. We do not recommend to deal with the concepts of Yandex Market, better click Show and go to the parameters.

There it is proposed to set up models of four types:

  1. Vertical.
  2. Normal.
  3. Robot.
  4. Manual.

Washing Vacuum Cleaner and Robot Vacuum Cleaner

We explain that the models are added up, view the models of all groups, or weed out the robots, leaving three daws. By type of cleaning, we explain that some models of robots can only clean floors. This is called wet cleaning. In other cases, when the vacuum cleaner is still able and dust to clean, choose dry / wet. Not found on the Samsung washing site. It turned out that despite the form with a pronounced cyclone effect, washing vacuum cleaners are uniquely attributed to the aqua-filter family. The question is why a combination of a cyclone chamber and dry / wet cleaning is allowed? Probably looking forward to the future.

Consequently, when choosing a model, it is a good idea to look to the manufacturers. On the official website of the corporation, there were washing vacuum cleaners abreast. This will help to navigate what models are found. And an in-depth search will already help to reach the desired. Please note, not any vacuum cleaner with aqua filter washing. Put both daws in the parameters:

  1. Aqua-filter.
  2. Dry / Wet.

For Dry / Wet cleaning and so vacuums with aquafilter, do not confuse. Stressed twice, coming from all sides. Yandex Market will not allow you to choose from three types of aqua filters, go to E-katalog. We regret to state the same fact. It remains to call the manufacturer to find out the details. We remind you that the injection aqua filter is considered the best, but the energy for the passage of water is spent more.

How to make the air in the hose move if there is a water block on the way. In the case of a vacuum cleaner there is a collector engine that creates a vacuum( words from advertising).If you apply the pressure difference to the water plug, the bar will flow into the motor. What can not be allowed.

The engine should probably be in front of the container. In this case, it will not be possible to cool it with passing air, as is usually done. And the turbine compartment will be sealed. This is done in a number of Kirby models. And the air for cooling is taken separately through the slots of the case. In this case, the concept is realizable. Boiling water will clear the passing air. No need to expect a small price from such a complex structure. It is even more difficult to find the right one on the market that is infested with innovations.

They did not show how to buy a washing vacuum cleaner with the required type of aqua-filter, but they gave readers an idea of ​​the models and proved that the primary choice is easier to do with electronic catalogs( Yandex-Market, etc.).It is easier to call from the house to the manufacturer's toll-free number in order not to take the cat in the bag. Pay attention, from this point of view it is better to buy the washing vacuum Zelmer. The instructions of the company clearly indicate what is happening inside the case.

Conclusion: in order to buy a good washing vacuum cleaner, sort things out what is going on inside. Otherwise, just get a box with water. Put it inside a regular vacuum cleaner and get something like that. To understand the internal processes, ask for instructions or call the manufacturer’s technical support.

What happens if a washing vacuum cleaner turns over

Fully telling us that Thomas’s cleaning vacuum cleaners, being turned upside down, then buzz for a while. But there are no official comments on this account. Since the filter inlet and outlet is not able to hold water, the question interested. We decided to ask Samsung for technical support by phone, they replied that it "could lead to a malfunction of the device."It is impossible to predict what will break, but it’s enough to dry the washing vacuum cleaner to restore its working capacity.

Better technique not to overturn. But the possible consequences in most of the operating instructions are not written. For this reason, do not trust the cleaning process to children. And do not forget to remember the service workshops. It is better to take a model more expensive, with a nearby service point. We hope that helped to resolve the issue of what kind of washing vacuum cleaner to buy.

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