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Recently Redmond pleased with the new cyclone vacuum cleaner. Model gathered, presumably in China and masquerading as an American, it is equipped with a unique feature - reverse blowing. Thereby making it possible to use a hair dryer for pets, clean benches and paths of leaves. We do not recommend it in damp weather, because the body of the cleaner worth 9000 rubles is not protected from the weather. Suitable for home vacuum cleaner is to choose the criterion of popularity of different segments.

Cyclonic vacuums container

Cheapest Dyson costs 15,000 rubles, not everyone has the opportunity to pay a similar amount for the product. It invited to consider the model has not yet entered the market. Samsung Air Track SC 4520 pull out a 3000 rubles. This is five times cheaper than modestly from Dyson body structure. Wireless and vertical vacuum cleaners are also released, but it's a different story.

Samsung Air Track SC 4520 is deprived of the power control operates on A +. The cyclone type filter is simplified without a camera. Air enters the middle, is twisted in a small cylinder and dust emits transparent outer cylinder by centrifugal force. Dust settles down, and the greater the flow does not disturb the deposit of useless resources. Do not attempt to drop the vacuum cleaner or to overturn it "on the back", it will negatively affect the cleaning process (dust gets into the rushing stream is entrained in the direction of filters and clogs).

water vacuum cleaner

Samsung Air Track SC 4520 is assigned the second class of electrical protection (double, increased insulation or equivalent), so that the technique does not require grounding, as well as hand tools. Floating brush on four wheels slips easily over the floor, and a scraper made of plastic, glass-like, easily collect dirt from hard coating. It is a versatile vacuum cleaner, but it lacks aquafiltering. It is not intended to collect liquid. If liquid gets into the motor, it does not happen to anything.

A pair of pads made of microfibre contribute to a smooth move. No brush for carpets, but visible bristly nozzle for hard to reach places. It is good to clean the car interior or clean the cobwebs. It helps collect dust, where other devices do not reach. Suitable for the keyboard. To be honest, we do not understand such a move. It turns out that this is a vacuum cleaner for flat surfaces: dust from carpet fluff can not get, it's a fact.

The suction power is high, it is not advertised in the guide, which indicated consumption of 1600 W, but it is visible to the naked eye, that the vacuum cleaner is good. It comes extenders pair of metal. Given that they can be cleaned with wall hangings and collect cobwebs from the ceiling. Samsung traditionally gives an extended warranty. Weight 4.3 kg. Could not find the suction power - 350 watts. This is the best vacuum cleaner with a container for the money paid.

Vacuum cleaners for the home

Vacuum cleaners washing

A good vacuum cleaner is equipped with a steam generator aquafiltering. Tell us about an interesting device. It has a water filter and a wet vacuum, but still the product is able to conduct the steaming, it already does best steam cleaner. The unit is called ACH Aquilon Suite. We do not believe that this is the best cleaning with a vacuum cleaner aquafiltering. Just hit the amazing abilities.

The unit of complex clearing looks absurdly high housing, but resembles a professional steam cleaners model. Why decide that it is better, if the device is available to buy 2 in 1. The ferry is allowed:

  • clean grease filters kitchen hoods and jewelry;
  • disinfect the sink;
  • defrost the refrigerator;
  • scour pollution;
  • wash the windows.

This is the best vacuum cleaner with aquafiltering in terms of functionality. But it is worth 82700 rubles. The device is designed for professional maids or employers. It looks awkward model for the high cost of a small apartment. It is not recommended to use the unit for public facilities and restrooms, as the plastic body is vulnerable. But for large houses - what you need. With a long cord and a delicious soft chairlifts wheels AKO Aquilon Suite easily glides on carpets without messing up the pile.

This device for internal rooms unlike steel professional steam cleaner. Convenient steam needle and a nozzle for cleaning of pipes, which eliminates clogging in the shell and simultaneously conducting disinfection. Putrid odor generated by bacteria destroys move hot vapor. As I understood from the promotional materials from the unit built a special compartment for the cleaning fluid, spray contamination, for easy removal. AKO Aquilon Suite is equipped with a bunch of nozzles for wet and dry cleaning.

You can use this as a detergent cleaner steamer. Strange looks opportunity to iron clothes, but there is. Simply apply a special nozzle which is not used for floors. Clean windows with a special brush with rubber scraper, using steam. An additional feature is called ionization, aromatization and air purification.

Vacuum cleaner for powerful home

The manufacturer claims that the device is used as a steam cleaner. To this end, the bundle includes a brush with steel bristles. We believe that it is not hygienic to wash the tiles on the porch and inside the room with one instrument. Then it is good enough to make and two sets of wheels, so as not to spoil the interior. This is the best washing vacuum cleaner, but not recommended to be used for the removal of dirt. The cost is high because the device replaces many devices.

Options - dry and wet cleaning, disinfection, removal of blockages, cleaning various objects, washing windows and mirrors, ironing. It is used for harvesting and cleaning a vehicle engine. Do not think that nabivsheesya oil is good under the hood. Impairs heat transfer, resulting in a fire. The described detergent cleaner better, but, unfortunately, not specified working steam pressure. Assume that the value lies in the region of 4.5 bar.

robot Vacuum Cleaner

In this segment, the advantage of the US firm iRobot, have released devices for dry and wet cleaning, carpet and linoleum, respectively. Called the Roomba and Scooba. A new model of hybrid Braava altogether.

Computer mini vacuum cleaner

At a meager 7.6 cm height you done easily under furniture. In the device appeared infrared radar to help navigate the room. Builds a map and removes the same place twice, returns to the starting point.

two nozzles are attached:

  1. For wet cleaning of disposable cloth or microfiber.
  2. For wet cleaning using water from the nozzle of the tank.

The robot vacuum cleaner three buttons, easy to deal with him. No special video camera orientation needed navigation cube bundled. Without it, the best robot vacuum cleaner as no eyes! It is interesting to watch how Braava subscribes pretzel while cleaning. Dry runs along the meander, and written out in wet path resembles the letter Y. The robot vacuum cleaner does step forward and to the right on a smooth arc, then the starting position. Then follows the repetition path to the left. And the return to the starting point. Then the robot vacuum cleaner is moving forward.

The manufacturer claims that it is now more than 10 million. People choose products iRobot. Given this fact, we believe that the answer to the question of choosing a vacuum cleaner robot.

Vacuum cleaners for cars

Plenty of models, but before you take the device working with 12 V cigarette lighter, look at the domestic models with battery. Characterized by reduced operational requirements, to carry it constantly troublesome - will become worthless. But to capture the road in emergency cases possible. Driver Zootaksi know that without vacuum cleaner car difficult to manage. Best car vacuum cleaner has two qualities:

  1. Briskness, to get through the gap.
  2. Capacity, not to have to clean your hands.


The article does not create a list of the best vacuum cleaners. Readers choose their own device based functionality and design. We can help the general council and tell how the device should be to earn the right to bear the proud name - the best vacuum cleaner. Not everyone can afford Dyson for 35,000 rubles, and then better cyclone model - Samsung Air Track SC 4520.

Recommend to look at the foreign rating sites, there are interesting models, for example, Bissell products for cleaning animals.

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