Modern gray and blue kitchen with wooden center

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The most important "attribute" in the kitchen, of course, is its functionality - there is no doubt about it. Sometimes it happens that one line of upper cabinets in a small area is not enough. And then there is the feasibility of equipping a two-level kitchen.

Made by company real furniture,
G. Moscow

Grey-blue kitchen with wood

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Today, two-level sections of different depths are more popular than ever. We also used the opportunity to place everything you need on one plane in a small straight headset. The furniture set seems to be built into the wall, merging with it together, only the working area is highlighted.

Gray-blue facades from MDF

At the same time, there is still enough space on the spacious tabletop. This kitchen is very convenient to use. The light center creates a voluminous space, which in itself is an interesting solution.

Oak veneer fronts

Combined facades: MDF with matt enamel and MDF with oak veneer. The color of the main sections is blue gray. The wood texture brings warm notes to the cold minimalist interior, making it warmer and more inviting.

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The contrast of gray-blue with light wood creates a very successful combination. A special space was formed, stylish and unusual.

The tabletop is made of artificial stone, Souffle color. The Modern-3 sink is integrated into the countertop. It was possible to choose such shades that seem to be a continuation of veneered oak.

Table top, soufflé color

Wall panel in the color of the facades (MDF oak veneer). Recessed lighting under the upper tier makes an additional accent on the wooden panels.

All household appliances are built-in and located very ergonomically: microwave, oven, refrigerator, extractor hood, hob. The upper modules successfully hid the hood and ventilation duct.

Gray-blue facades from MDF

Handles are matt black overhead. They are practically invisible against the general background, but they are no less convenient than the staples we are used to.

The headset has a practical sorting and storage system - the lower cabinets contain actual items, and high and deep mezzanines are designed for rarely used items.

Blum pull-out and lift mechanisms are distinguished by their well-thought-out functionality and ease of use. In hinged wardrobes - Blum hinges with closers. The drawers close effortlessly and very smoothly.

Grey-blue kitchen with wood

The Blum Tip-on (push-to-open) system provides convenient access to the contents of the cabinets, just reach out. Facades with the help of lifts easily rise to the required height.

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