The best electric sheet: rating, how it works, how it warms, is it safe, rules for choosing and operating, TOP 5

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The best electric sheet is a technological marvel whose main function is to provide comfort to the person who gets into bed. The technician, who came up with a special design, gave salvation to all people of the northern latitudes. Today it is sold in any specialized store. Understanding the features of its functioning, technical features will facilitate the selection of a suitable model.

The content of the article:

  • What is an electric sheet
  • The best electric sheet
    • Unusual scope of use
  • What to look for when choosing an electric blanket
    • First criterion
    • Second
    • Third criterion
    • Fourth criterion
    • Fifth criterion
    • Sixth criterion
  • Basic rules for the operation of electric sheets
  • Top 5 electric sheets
    • Electrosheet Medisana HU 670 (150 x 80)
    • Electric sheet Pekatherm U210DF
    • Safe Sleep electric sheet
    • Electrosheet Inkor Premium ONE-4-100/220
    • Electric sheet Adler AD 7425 150×80 cm

What is an electric sheet

On cold days, you have to overcome unpleasant sensations: the bed is cold, undressing, you feel uncomfortable for the first few minutes, until the body warms up a small area of ​​the bed. You can completely get rid of this if you buy an electric sheet.

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This is a device consisting of several canvases of dense fabric. Wires are embedded and insulated in them, through which current flows to the heating elements. They are evenly distributed over the canvas, the designers have provided for their twisting during application. Carbon microfiber cords won't tangle, kink or tear. Breakage is impossible with proper use.

When the device is connected to the mains, the surface of the fabric is gradually and evenly heated to a temperature comfortable for the human body.

The man who invented the device is Sidney I Russell. In 1912, he worked as a doctor and observed the suffering of patients in need of additional heating. Industrialists took notice of a practical invention: the first electrically heated sheets began to be produced for consumers in 1930.

The Great War prevented the development of production. To this day, technology is being honed in the direction of safe operation of the device. In hospitals, it was used under the strict supervision of nurses. Since the invention, materials have changed, safe wire insulation has appeared, power supply has has become stable, so today it has become safe and convenient to use the electric sheet on your own even at home.

girl on the mattress

The best electric sheet

Previously, any heating device was a source of potential fire or electric shock. But progress created the prerequisites for the development of technologies, the improvement of products, making them safe and convenient.

Today, the German manufacturer Medisana is considered the leader in this direction. He uses the finest fabrics to make electric sheets. They breathe, are pleasant to the touch, look beautiful, perfectly absorb moisture. Sleeping on them will be comfortable. The heating elements passing through them are thin, barely palpable with your fingers.

Manufacturers use double processing, wire insulation. However, their flexibility is not reduced. And all because silicone is used as an insulator.

Medisana models are equipped with a cable that can be easily removed. Before going to bed, a person turns on the wire, goes to bathe in the shower, the sheet slowly heats up. The fabric then continues to retain heat while the consumer falls asleep.

In addition to the removable cable, there are other protection systems. Among them:

  1. Impregnated fabrics that prevent the spread of open flames.
  2. Sensors built into the control panel that respond to power surges, capable of automatically turning off the current supply in the event of an emergency.
  3. Overheating protection relay set for a certain time period (it differs for different models) - for someone it is 60 minutes, for someone 180 - after they are completed, the device turns off automatically mode).

The best electric bed has all 3 protection systems. Their presence allows the consumer to use the device and sleep, enjoying comfortable warmth.

There is a direct indication for buying an electric sheet - this is a mature age. Elderly people are constantly cold. Almost all nursing homes are equipped with such devices. There are they in hospitals, in sanatoriums. You can choose and purchase electric sheets for the home.

It will help those who are in the rehabilitation stage after receiving complex mechanical injuries. The device is able to replace a medical heating pad and provide the patient with “dry” heat. They warm up both the diseased area itself and the whole body, enhancing the effect of the treatment procedure.

The electric sheet will speed up the process of recovery from colds and seasonal diseases. It helps patients suffering from insomnia, mild mental disorders, depression. Heat reduces muscle tone, which is also useful for those suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

An ordinary healthy person living in the cold regions of our country or in regions with unstable heating will appreciate the choice of an electric sheet.

Its use does not dry the air, and this is an indulgence for allergy sufferers. "Dry" heat enhances blood circulation, improves metabolic processes, which is useful for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

But it is important for people with chronic diseases to consult with their physicians before buying an electric sheet. The heat produced by an electrical appliance is not suitable for persons with a predisposition to the formation of tumors of various etiologies.

You can not warm the legs with varicose veins, with the presence of prostate adenoma, uterine fibroids. There are no contraindications for the use of the device by a healthy consumer. To appreciate all the delights of comfort, you need to choose the right model.

The best electric sheet

Unusual scope of use

The electric sheet is sometimes used by a person in an unusual way. It can be spread on the floor and the child can sit on it.

Some gardeners have adapted the device for growing seedlings. It acts as a greenhouse. There are waterproof products available. For the intended purposes, they fit perfectly.

Electric sheets are an indispensable attribute for beauty salons. Dry heat is applied during the wrapping procedure. It enhances its effect, as it helps to open the pores and increase blood circulation.

Read also on the site - how to choose the right towel warmer.

What to look for when choosing an electric blanket

When buying, it is important to remember that this is not a part of a bed set, but an electrical appliance. Save and choose a cheap model is not worth it. Only a well-made device can ensure the safety of use. You will have to pay for this.

The design is plugged into a regular 220 V socket. A note about this should be in the technical passport of the product.

First criterion

It is better to give a choice in favor of devices with 3 protection systems: from power surges, overheating, spread of open flame.


Manufacturer's warranty. If a brand declares a guarantee for its product for only a few months, this raises questions related to the quality of workmanship.

Turkey and China give 12 months. A lot or a little can be understood by comparing the products of "Asians" with "Europeans". Electric sheets of the latter are much more expensive, but they have a 2-year warranty. Medisana offers 200% more - 36 months. This can be trusted: "German" saves reputation.

Third criterion

Value for money electric sheets. The buyer does not want to overpay, but wants to find the best model. The quality of electric sheets is determined by two indicators: convenience and safety. Many choose the device, based on the comfortable feeling of the fabric. The softest cotton ever. But it quickly loses its shape with repeated washes.

The addition of synthetics eliminates this shortcoming, but it is a highly flammable material. Turkish electric sheets are completely made of polyamide. This is also synthetic, but it does not burn, but smolders. It is safe, the fabric does not wrinkle, does not fade, and retains its presentation for a long time. But the use of an electric sheet made of polyamide at maximum temperatures creates a greenhouse effect. A person sweats, while moisture is poorly absorbed by synthetics.

European manufacturers of electric sheets have found a happy medium. The basis is cotton, synthetic threads are added to the structure of the fabric. The tandem of naturalness and artificiality made it possible to create a foundation that “breathes”, absorbs sweat well, and its texture is pleasant to the touch.

The technical stuffing must also be impeccable. Therefore, we turn the product over and look at the level of insulation of the electrical filling, the quality of tailoring. For insulation, all manufacturers use silicone.

But only European brands make sure that all wiring is completely covered with it. Turkey prefers to make only a substrate from the insulator: the wiring is half closed with it, they are covered with a cloth from above. The possibility of breakage (kink) of the wiring increases, the electric sheet quickly fails.

Fourth criterion

Power. When it is small (low), it contributes to the safety of the application of the model. But it leads to the impossibility of uniform distribution of heat over the surface of the product.

There are models with a power of 100-110 watts. Such an electric sheet should have the most complete set of security systems (complete insulation of all wires, automatic shutdown in case of overheating, work limitation timer). If you get an electric shock, a discharge of 110 W will not kill a person, but it will not be pleasant. Therefore, if there is a desire to purchase a powerful model, you need to give preference to European brands.

Fifth criterion

Convenience of operation of an electrosheet. Inside it there are sensors, thermostats. Their absence will not allow you to regulate and choose a comfortable temperature for yourself. Their presence provides the ability to select the heating mode.

Inexpensive models have only one heating mode. It is impossible to regulate its degree. This often leads to overheating.

Two, three modes increase the degree of comfort of using the device. The more modes, the higher the price. High costs are justified in the presence of therapeutic indications. The person himself regulates the body temperature and controls the rehabilitation process.

Sixth criterion

Device size. Electric sheets come in different widths and lengths. There are for sale single samples (130x70 cm), large double sets (200x170 cm), lorries (150x80 cm).

The consumer should be aware of one feature of the large model: it consists of 2 parts - each has its own heating control (remote control, thermostat, cable).

Electric sheet

It is important to pay attention to the possibility of washing the product. Manufacturers claim that this can be done by removing the connection cable. If it is removable, it can be washed. If not, you can't. The technical data sheet of the product lists the features of the operation of the device. When washing is permitted, it must be done by hand. Then the device will last longer.

When choosing an electric heated sheet, study the quality of the stitching, a good manufacturer achieves the integrity of the fabric with heating elements. The presence of a timer is welcome: it will provide more operation and will not allow unnecessary spending on electricity.

Basic rules for the operation of electric sheets

Compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations increases the life of the device:

  1. Before use, unfold the electric sheet on the mattress so that it is at the level from the shoulders to the legs. The heating pad should not lie under the head.
  2. A sheet cannot work at maximum mode for a long time - it quickly fails. The choice of strong power is justified when you need to quickly heat the bed (10-15 minutes). Then it is better to switch to another mode, less weak.
  3. After sleep, the sheet should not work: “idle” work quickly disables it.
  4. Do not wash the electric sheet in the washing machine, then iron it with an iron.
  5. It is important to avoid puncturing the canvas with sharp, cutting objects.
  6. It is best to store the device in its original packaging.
  7. Before use, study the instructions for use.

More detailed information is set out in the instructions that are attached to each product. It is worth refusing to purchase if it is not in the technical passport of the product.

Top 5 electric sheets

Any electrical appliance must be carefully selected, since not only big money is at stake, but also your own safety. Good materials, high-quality insulation, ease of operation and use - all have such qualities. models presented in the review of the top best devices from European, Asian and domestic manufacturers.

Electrosheet Medisana HU 670 (150 x 80)

The German manufacturer should rightfully take first place in the review of the best models. The brand was founded in the eighties. All released products are of high quality, the effectiveness of their work has been proven by time. The devices are easy to operate, the price pleases.

Electrosheet Medisana HU 670 (150 x 80) is the best confirmation. It is designed for a half-meter bed. The design is well thought out and excellently executed. It can be used at home, in nature, if there is a battery device nearby.

The size of the electric sheet is optimal for one. It is made of microfiber, soft and slightly fluffy. The fabric breathes, does not lock moisture, perfectly absorbs it. There is no greenhouse effect. Its density is increased: the heating element is reliably protected and poorly felt by hand.

There is one feature - the heating section: the legs and the shoulder area are heated in different ways. Stronger at the bottom, less intense at the top. The presence of 4 connection modes allows you to choose the most comfortable combination for yourself.

Technical parameters of the electric sheet:

  1. Auto-off function (120 minutes).
  2. Overheat protection.
  3. Temperature control (acoustic and visual).
  4. The thermostat is removable with a two-sided indicator.
  5. Power 100W.
  6. Cable length eighty meters.
  7. The weight of the electric sheet is 1 kilogram.

The technical passport of the product says that it can be washed in a machine at a temperature of 30 degrees.

Among the advantages:

  • manufacturer's reputation;
  • high quality;
  • fast heating:
  • separate heating zones;
  • convenient packaging;
  • folds easily.

The only drawback is the high price. The average cost in the country is 4400 rubles.

Electrosheet Medisana HU 670 (150 x 80)

Electric sheet Pekatherm U210DF

On the second line of the rating is the product of the Spanish manufacturer. The dimensions of the canvas are 150x160 cm. A cable is attached to one of the 4 edges, which, if desired, can be unfastened or removed. At competitors, the cable is located exactly in the middle of one side of the perimeter of the heated sheet. Consumer feedback often indicates that this placement of the connection point is inconvenient.

The heating elements inside the canvas are qualitatively insulated. They are placed in such a way that the 2 halves of the electric sheet heat up unevenly. Like the leader of the review, the legs are heated here more strongly, the chest area is weaker. The minimum heating mode is 30 degrees, the maximum is 35 degrees. You can use the timer to choose and set the heating temperature that is comfortable for you.

The auto-shutoff will prevent the cords from overheating. The control panel has a built-in microprocessor that tests the heating system for serviceability until it is turned on. If there are malfunctions, the electric sheet simply will not turn on. If the user forgets and leaves the Pekatherm U210DF turned on for 12 hours, the device automatically turns off. There are 2 fuses with different degrees of sensitivity. They enhance the safety of the product.

Another feature of the product is the fast speed of heating the surface of the canvas. It only takes 1 minute to feel the first warmth. The indicator distinguishes Pekatherm U210DF from competitors. The presence of a sensitive climate control system helps to maintain the set temperature regardless of environmental changes.

For tailoring of an electrosheet natural cotton without synthetic impurity is used.

Several canvases are interconnected and stitched with a double seam that securely holds well-insulated heating elements inside. The seams are of high quality, so the design keeps its shape even after several washing cycles. The functionality of the device is not affected in any way.

The production of the product meets strict European requirements, as evidenced by quality certificates.

5 reasons to buy Pekatherm U210DF electric sheets:

  • fast heating;
  • absolute security;
  • the highest quality;
  • durability of use;
  • low electromagnetic radiation.

The technical parameters of the product are described in detail in the passport:

  1. Two heating zones (the maximum temperature of one side is 50 degrees, the other 38 degrees).
  2. Heating power - 150 W.
  3. Double model.
  4. Cable length - 2 meters.
  5. The average price in the markets is 10,000 rubles

No deficiencies were found by the buyers.

Safe Sleep electric sheet

The device differs from competitors in that it has an infrared heating method. Here the fabric itself heats up (there are no wires inside), and the body reacts comfortably to such heat. There are 9 modes, the degree of heating is from 35 to 55 degrees. Heating is controlled by the control panel.

The electric sheet is connected by means of a cable to a regular socket, designed for 220 volts. It needs only 12 watts for normal operation, a special adapter makes up for the big difference. The canvas gains temperature gradually, evenly distributes it over the area. There are no separate areas with their own heating zone.

The infrared light helps form the carbon fibre. It is distributed over a length of 1.5 meters. It is not recommended to warm the head with infrared radiation.

The size of the electric sheet is 200x90 cm, only 2/3 of the volume radiates heat. This is enough to relax the back, arms, legs, gently warm the desired part of the body.

The device automatically turns off after 4 hours of continuous operation. The connection cord can be detached if necessary. Elastic bands are sewn along the edges of the fabric, so the fixation of the electric sheet on the mattress is reliable. The manufacturer gives a 24-month warranty for its product.

Among the advantages:

  • a different way of heating;
  • lack of heating elements inside the sheets;
  • power - 12 volts;
  • many heating modes;
  • good protection system;
  • price - 4900 rubles.

Customer reviews reveal product flaws. The Safe Sleep electric sheet has a short connection cord - if there is no outlet nearby, you have to use extension cords. The automatic shutdown system, which works every 4 hours, does not allow you to use the gadget throughout the night.

Safe Sleep electric sheet

Electrosheet Inkor Premium ONE-4-100/220

The product of a domestic manufacturer in the list of the top best electric sheets did not appear by chance. Its technical characteristics make it easy to compete in the market and offer customers an excellent quality import substitution product.

The company has been on the market since 1994. Electric sheets from the "Premium" series are designed for lower heating. They allow you to maintain a comfortable body temperature for the entire duration of sleep.

The heating element is hydrocarbon fiber, a flexible material coated with silicone rubber. When connected, it does not form a magnetic field, does not ignite with strong heating, does not break with frequent bends, and easily withstands temperature changes. Over time, the technical characteristics do not change - this means that the product lasts a long time.

Models from the Premium series have a feature - the "sleep" mode. When it is turned on, after 90 minutes of continuous operation, the system will automatically lower the heating temperature to the optimum. And if the room at the same time cools down and the air in the bedroom becomes cool, the system will again turn on the mode selected by the person before going to bed. This algorithm supports work for 8 hours.

The device is equipped with 9 heating modes. The maximum mode (heating up to 50 degrees) allows you to fight against bed mites. The minimum setting is 35 degrees. There is protection against overheating, short circuit, temperature timer.

The dimensions of the product are designed for a single bed (160x150). Weighs 1.5 kilograms. Made from high quality cotton. The color of the fabric is non-staining burgundy. The service life, according to the manufacturer, is 5 years.


  • functional;
  • comfort;
  • quality;
  • infrared heating;
  • the price is slightly more than 3000 rubles.

Disadvantages - the wire cannot be disconnected.

Electric sheet Adler AD 7425 150×80 cm

Closes the top 5 best models - Chinese goods, the most affordable. It costs an average of 1700 rubles. For such a price, the buyer receives a gadget with a good bundle. The size of the canvas is one and a half (150x80 cm).

The sheet is sewn from 2 materials: top - fleece, bottom - polyester. The non-slip backing will prevent the sheet from moving on the mattress. There are 4 levels of heating, a good protection system. Warranty - 12 months.


  • detachable power cable;
  • machine wash;
  • intuitive control;
  • good power (60 W).

Among the shortcomings is the quality of execution. When compared with European models, you can see a big difference. The official guarantee is low. There is only one heating zone.

The review of the presented models was formed taking into account the certification of the brand, the opinions of customers. It will help you decide and order an electric sheet on the Internet, based on the descriptions of the models.

Have you used an electric blanket? What brand? Share your impressions in the comments. Bookmark your rating.

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