Modern white high gloss kitchen with gray center

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The kitchen is made at the Dariya furniture factory. We chose white glossy furniture for the main quality - the visual expansion of the room. It is always light here, because any light (electric, solar) increases, reflecting from furniture surfaces.

Made by company Daria,
G. Ulyanovsk

White glossy kitchen

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The corner set, as it were, dissolves in the area of ​​​​the room, creating the illusion of free space. The radiant kitchen with no-frills fronts up to the ceiling looks very impressive, despite the fact that it has strict and simple forms, a neutral color palette.

Facades MDF gloss

Furniture facades are made of MDF 19 mm thick. They are strict and concise, they shine at different angles, which makes the headset seem wider and more spacious. Such cabinets are characterized by durability and practicality, for a long time they will not lose their qualities.

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Facades to the ceiling

The shelves under the top modules are backlit. This detail enlivened the strict line of furniture sections, becoming a kind of accent. In addition, the idea is quite practical and helped to unload the countertop a little.


Integrated handles in the color of the cabinets do not detract from the beauty of the glossy facades, do not violate the integrity of the furniture surface and are best suited for a minimalist interior.

Built-in hood

The tabletop is light stone, it has a built-in undermount sink. A wall panel in gray stone imitation, it has become a central element of the design, uniting the furniture sections and the table top. The design looks like a single whole, but at the same time, each zone is clearly distinguished and has its own boundaries.

White stone worktop

Such a contrast of textures (matte stone and shining gloss) in a single color turned out to be very harmonious and the only one suitable for a desaturated monochrome interior.

Integrated handles

I managed to pick up all household appliances (refrigerator, oven, microwave oven) of the same gray-milky color. The technique looks good in a bright environment, without being a foreign stain, as is usually the case.

Light household appliances

Technological and practical Blum fittings are the best fit for a modern headset. Mechanisms work flawlessly, clearly and smoothly.

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